"Gothic… hidden… behind the veneer of virtue." (Edgar Allan Poe)

Gothic Consequences, November 21–24, 2013, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Gothic Consequences starts in -3105 days, -15 hours and -10 minutes!

Who's Who at Consequences G

Nickey Barnard
GM for: Hope Springs Eternal, M*A*S*H: Brothers in Arms

Played my first freeform 16 years ago and have been writing them ever since the Peaky writing weekend first began, which was... a while ago now. I like a nice solid traditional freeform but my fellow writers keep making me experiment against my will - they're tricksy like that :) I am neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring, but I do know that Vikings go with everything!

Steve Bassett
First amongst equals
GM for: Ops!

Con chair 2012-13

Andrea Civiera
GM for: The Maid, The Pickpocket, The Assassin and the Lover

Dream Cloutman-Green
Bid Committee Chair and Contessa de Cocktail

Most people think that Dream is a professional organizer!

This is not true she has retained her amateur statues in the hope that organisation will be named as an event in the 2012 Olympics.

In the last few years she has been in rigorous training with exercises such as wedding planning, property acquisition, game writing and an exhaustive resistance training regime masterminded by her head coach and husband Jon Cloutman-Green and facilitated by her two assistant coaches Colin Wallace and Andrew The Ditch Ditchburn.

When asked what the future holds for this up and coming organisational star she said I'm hoping to work closely with professional Organisarians such as Sue and Nickey ... maybe in some kind of writing capacity. Whatever Dreams future holds she is definitely one to watch.

Jon "Jon" Cloutman-Green
Grand Panjandrum

Dave "Dave C" Collis
GM for: The Maid, The Pickpocket, The Assassin and the Lover

Quietly snoozes his way through life and games. Has recently spoken with one of the Oracles and was pleased to discover that the omens are good this year.

Natalie "Natalie" Curd
GM for: M*A*S*H: Brothers in Arms

This is only my second Consequences and if you had told me last year I'd be returning as a GM I wouldn't have believed you. I'm coming to the end of my first year in the freeform/larping community, it's been a really enjoyable time and I have been honestly touched by how welcome everyone has made me feel. I have made lots of great friends too. Jointly writing M*A*S*H Brothers in Arms was my first attempt at writing a game and I thoroughly loved every minute of it. Peaky was a fantastic experience. I am so excited to see how the players take to the characters we have written and bring them alive. I am also really looking forward to playing in all the games I have signed up for and catching up with some great people.

Nick "Nick" Curd
GM for: Dr. Nefarious and the Paradise Project, Sword Day

After last year I'm running more games, playing in less (for sanity sake) and have been bribed with free [s]fruit[/s] chocolate to spend time on the Ops desk first thing in the morning. Looking forward to seeing many people I don't get to see anywhere near as often as I'd like to.

John Davies
GM for: Star Wars 6.5: The Last Orders

Lise Fracalossi
GM for: Clockwork Cafe, Cracks in the Orb

(from the unpublished works of Paarfi of Roundwood)

What can be said of Lise Fracalossi that has not been written about extensively, by far better biographers, in the Intercon M program booklet? She had been LARPing for a mere three years before she determined, with a certain naivety -- but purity of purpose -- to write her first LARP, League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students, with her husband Matt. This game, you will note, is not this game; this game, Cracks in the Orb, was conceived as an homage to the biographer, and, more distantly, his translator into this frustrating language, Steven Brust.

I am flattered to admit that given leave, Lise would talk at great length about my homeland of Dragaera, all the while apologizing for her effusion. She likes to fancy herself a Dragonlord, and has taken to referring to herself as e'Fra'calossi, pretending it is a little-known scion of the line of Kieron the Conquerer. In truth, Lise is is simply a short-lived Easterner, but an Easterner with traits found in some of our great Houses, which elevates her above that hairy mass.

Lise claims to be mostly evil. But this is a conundrum, is it not? For would not an evil woman describe herself as good--good and evil, as the philosopher Daridd would remind us, being but points of view? Also, if she claims to be of the House of the Dragon, we might expect their honorable nature to be in conflict with said malfeasance. We are forced to conclude that she is simply confused, which is a regrettable but entirely understandable state for an Easterner.

Roger Gammans
GM for: Old Nick's Game

Clare Gardner
GM for: The Deliverance

Jason Gorringe

Hanbury Hampden-Turner
GM for: James Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts

Hanbury was born, at an early age, in California. He was stolen from a medical research laboratory to live in an earthquake zone, where he promptly developed an interest in entymology, rocketry, and positive thinking. He then moved to Europe, where he was carefully trained in riding, fencing, glass blowing, firearms, aerial navigation, the double bass, survival, and unarmed combat and began infiltrating the british aristocracy. Cunningly disguised as a TV celebrity, he has brought down six companies into bankruptcy or takeover, and continues his mission by posing as a writer of freeforms. He is believed to be partly responsible for at least six freeforms, and a number of rubbersword LARPs and tabletop games.

Rachael "Rei" Hampden-Turner
GM for: James Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts

Rei was born in a vast industrial wasteland where the sky glowed burnt orange at night and the odd explosion rocked the nearby houses. She is descended on one side from a mysterious orphaned farm boy, which may explain her suspiciously hobbit-like traits, and on the other side from a fierce war veteran matriarch. Her early diet consisted almost entirely of books, and her pre-school years included a number of run-ins with both adults and peers, who persistently and perplexingly reacted badly when she helpfully tried to correct them. Her school days saw her inducted into a mysterious local group listed in the phone directory only as a satanic cult, where she learned to wage war and perform magic while hordes of young men insisted on giving her expensive pieces of cardboard. She finally escaped, and ran away to spend the next few years in an ivory tower to study the workings of imaginary universes, thankfully well populated with books and fellow cult members. Rei now spends her weekdays disguised as a mnild mannered insurance risk mathematician, and her evenings and weekends learning how to fly, poledancing, climbing silks, studying whichever subject strikes her fancy this month, making music, sailing, riding, diving, and occasionally hitting people with things, although sometimes she gets confused and turns up at work in silly costumes. She uses her time machine to fit in freeform writing into her busy schedule, which is the only explanation for the 5 freeforms, several combat LARPs, a couple of tabletops, and a number of play-by-e-mail games that she has nevertheless managed to churn out. Her concentration span is often ooh shiny.

Graham Harper
GM for: Come Die With Me

Mel "Mel" Harper
GM for: Come Die With Me

Part of the Epic Experience. I would say "the one most usually found swearing at technology" but I think Graham's taken over that job this year...

Liz Hayward
GM for: The Final Cut

After helping DC and Ben with small parts of Amber last time this will be my first time helping write the game too - here goes...

Alex "Tylorva" Helm
GM for: The Clockwork Convergence, Black Legacy


Also some nice tea and chocolate cake please. :)

Mo "Mo" Holkar
Webslinger Ordinaire
GM for: Come Die With Me, The Outsiders

Mo is part of the Epic Experience collective, who recently celebrated our twentieth year writing freeforms.

Lately he's been writing stuff with other people too, including some experimental-style bits and bobs at this Consequences. Watch out!

Mo is also responsible for maintaining and upgrading the Consequences website and database system.

Thora Ingvarsdottir
GM for: A Night at Ravioli Manor

Thora was raised on a small windswept rock in the Arctic Ocean by a clan of polar bear hunters. Seeking a life beyond the tedious bloody slaughtering of her family's furry arch enemies, Thora set off in a small rowing boat armed only with a hunting knife and a book of humorous Russian poetry in search of civilization. Unfortunately she was a little off course and hit England instead, where she now puts her skills to good use fighting bridezillas.

From an early age Thora found roleplaying games of every sort to be a good diversion from the life- or-death battles, bloody conflict, and mindless violence of her everyday occupation (and previously to that, from the polar bear hunting). It only took one casual invitation to an event that was "kind of like tabletop roleplaying but in costume and in character the whole time" (Thora likes costumes) and she was hooked on freeforming. She has played numerous games and written and run several of her own, although A Night at Ravioli Manor will be her first game at Consequences.

Kevin Jacklin
GM for: Hollywood Lives: Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll

Kevin has been playing in, writing, producing and promoting freeform games for more than 20 years. A successful trilogy of co-written games, beginning with Home of the Bold in 1992 were the mainstay of the Convulsion convention, and introduced many stalwarts of the UK Freeforms group to the genre. Kevin produced the first UK weekend-long game of Cafe Casablanca under the Convivium banner in 1995. Kevin also enjoys boardgames, and it is through his association with designer Reiner Knizia that he has devised Hollywood Lives, which aims to meld together the constructive anarchy of freeforms with the world of high-pressure movie production and finance in an entertaining way.

Christian "CJ" Jensen Romer
GM for: Scheherazade, Something Wicked; A Gothic Melodrama set in Old London Town

CJ ("Christian Jensen Romer" was a fantastic pierce of baptismal bluff by his parents to make him sound more interesting than he really is)is a ghosthunter, psychical researcher and research parapsychologist in the 'Real World'.

In the world of games & conventions he is a fairly average kind of chap, who enjoys talking too much, playing boardgames and has written a number of RPG books for several systems, but most recently his contributions have mainly for Ars Magica 5th Edition. Or so he would have you believe...

CJ was a teenage Goth, and went on to a university career where he aspired to becoming "The Byronic Man", and succeeded only in becoming "mad & bad" but is rarely "dangerous to know". A debauch'd seducer of ladies,his wicked heart and sinister demeanour hide only macabre ancestry and terrible secrets. Gothic Consequences is the kind of place where innocent maidens and stout-hearted youths must use all their wiles to avoid his baleful influence.

Su Jolly
GM for: Dr. Nefarious and the Paradise Project

Helen "Oh Exalted One" Jones
GM for: Hope Springs Eternal

Martin Jones
GM for: The Deliverance

A not-so-closet gamer ever since your early youth, you discovered 'freeforms' about a decade ago. You have since been involved in writing Best of the Wurst, Veterans Day, Lists of Avalon and The Deliverance.

Having successfully infiltrated a satellite construction facility your plans for subverting the orbital mind control device and using it to 'liberate' the world are one step closer.

For some reason currently unclear to you, you have recently taken to referring to yourself in the 3rd person.

Quotes: "Angst! - We Need More Angst!"

Heidi Kaye
GM for: What Happened in Blackpool, Allís Well That Ends, The Day the Music Died

You were born in America, but have spent your entire adult life in Britain. Having been introduced to freeforms at the first Convulsion twenty years ago, you have written quite a few yourself over the past fifteen years. Your secret identity as the Stuart heir to the throne has not yet been revealed, so you must be on your guard against agents of the Germanic line of the family. Your abilities include fast talk, carrying a big stick, and immortalising your cats in games. Your main goal: run All's Well That Ends to build up your loyal following so that you may at last rightfully take the throne from the usurper.

Karim Kronfli
GM for: Scheherazade, Dulce et Decorum est

Gamer, Actor. Voice About Town.
Karim has been playing and running live action games since 1987.
Been there, seen it, and bought too many t-shirts for his own good.

Sue "Queenortart" Lee
Frockage Facilitator and Procurer and stuff
GM for: Time Travel Review Board

OMG I've not written my game. ARGGGGGGH!!!!!!

Oh hang on....

I'm not writing a game for this year's con. It's all good. I'm running someone else's. Yay!

And I get to go shopping for swag

Matthew LeVan
GM for: Clockwork Cafe, Cracks in the Orb

fiona "gwaunquest" lloyd
GM for: Scheherazade

I think I am the oldest attendee - I certainly feel like it

Having writed a game by accident and then had to alter it into another game I thought I should probably write a proper one.

I have written for the stage a lot and dabbled in story writing and done lots of GM writing for TT and some for LARPs. I have only one objective with games and that is to have as much fun as possible - with a bit of angst thrown in for balance.

I live on the Time/space rift so life is always a case of jumping from ledge to flagpole whilst dodging the flying mutants and solving a 3D puzzle whilst stopping for the occasional Tequila.

Alli "Alli" Mawhinney
GM for: The Deliverance, Hope Springs Eternal

I've been freeforming for a hmmmm ... few years now and recently dipped my toe into writing through the Peaky weekend! Happy to chat to anyone in and out of game!

Tony Mitton
GM for: The Omega Delivery

Tym "Das Beanmeister" Norris
Das Printmeister

Alan "BenthamFish" Paull
Boardgame Wrangler
GM for: Old Nick's Game

Charlie "SunLion" Paull
Boardgame Wrangler
GM for: Old Nick's Game, Sword Day, Scheherazade

Alan & I bring and run the boardgames library at Consequences. We're happy to teach, play or lend boardgames at any time. We have a wide range from absolute beginner to genuine geek and all stops in between.

I also write, run and play freeforms. This year I'm running our new game Old Nick's Game as well as Sword Day and playing in a few others.

Richard Perry
GM for: The Deliverance

Alison Rider Hill
Accommodation Tsaritsa
GM for: Dulce et Decorum est, M*A*S*H: Brothers in Arms

Richard Salmon
Web Factotum
GM for: Time Travel Review Board

Richard has been playing freeforms for rather too many years now

In 2004 he was part of the writing & GM team for Siege of Troy and has been hindering Consequences since its inception by providing the platform upon which Mo works the magic of the web site

Having still not managed to write or help write a game of his own, this year he is helping with the Time Travel Review Board

Andrew "AJ" Smith
GM for: The Omega Delivery, Allís Well That Ends

AJ long ago decided that his best way to get into Brian's games was to help run them. More recently, he extended this policy to Tony's games. So far, this strategy is working well ...

Mike "Mike(y)" Snowden
Herr Cocktailmeister
GM for: Dr. Nefarious and the Paradise Project, Time Travel Review Board

I'm the one with beard, glasses and an armful of props, and hopefully a pint. OK, that's half of the con. Replace "prop" with "PA", and I'm more easily identifiable.

I'm an experienced writer and player; Previous games include "Come Hel or Hiawatha", "Small Town Folks", "Veterans Day" and "Carry on at Camp David". "Dr. Nefarious and the Paradise Project" is my last offspring from the Peaky writing weekend.

Lucya Szachnowski
GM for: Star Wars 6.5: The Last Orders

Daniel "Tynam" Taylor
GM for: Dr. Nefarious and the Paradise Project

A long-standing gamer and tabletop GM, Daniel is making his re-entry to freeform writing after a fifteen year gap caused by the universe conspiring against him. But he will have his revenge. Oh yes. The world will pay.

Cat Tobin
GM for: The Outsiders

Cat has been playing games for a while now and sometimes writes them, too. She likes coffee, hates mornings and is not a secret agent.

David Townsend
GM for: The Final Cut

Anonymised User
GM for: Time Travel Review Board

Anonymised User
GM for: Space Shuttle Diplomacy

Now existing almost entirely on a diet of strong black coffee and hand-rolled cigarettes. LARPing for 20 years give or take a few. (If you can remember the LARP, you weren't there man, you weren't there). Recently came to the worrying realisation that he can no longer tell the difference between his ironic interests and the ones he enjoys in earnest. Is not a hipster, despite the claims of churls and charlatans. Way more mellow then he used to be. Likes writing in soundbites.

Anonymised User
Mistress of the Arts

More art from across the pond. This year with gothic flair.

Have a great con!

Anonymised User

Well what to say...been around a long time, made some fantastic friends out of the hobby and really believe this is one of the best ways you can spend your time on. Done everything from boardgames to Live action roleplays and Freeforms, and im always pleased to try something new. Come and have a natter -games, beer, and good company and friendship. What more could a person want!!

Hugh Wake
GM for: Something Wicked; A Gothic Melodrama set in Old London Town, Scheherazade

Traci Whitehead
GM for: What Happened in Blackpool

Brian Williams
GM for: Cracks in the Orb, Clockwork Cafe

Another year, another Consequences, another blurb...

What I am doing this year? Someone remind me...

Oh yes, The Clockwork Cafe...

I've given AJ the day off this time around, so this year I'm joined by Matt and Lise, who've come all the way from the US just to help me run The Clockwork Cafe! Well, that and to run their own game (Cracks in the Orb)... But mostly to run The Clockwork Cafe, obviously.

(I may be guilty of a tiny, tiny exaggeration in the above paragraph. Just a tiny one).

See you in November, Brian.

Richard Wood
GM for: Black Legacy, The Clockwork Convergence

Janet Young
Finance Consigliere
GM for: The Day the Music Died

I like writing and playing freeforms and when I grow up I'd like to work with animals and help bring about world peace - please.