At the current moment, the shop is not open for face-to-face purchases.


However, we do still encourage people to buy uniform and badges from the shop, as it represents a major income stream for the District and the activities and opportunities we offer


If you would like to make a purchase, please email us and we will make arrangements for delivery and payment


We take Credit and Debit Cards for payments



Due to changes by Scout Shops Ltd, District shops are now limited to selling only Uniform items and official uniform badges.


Other items on the Scout Shops website are better purchased directly from their site, as we are unable now to compete with their pricing.


Our District shop sells uniform items for both young people and leaders as well as supplying official uniform badges (including the Banstead District Badge). The advantages of using the District Shop are that you will not have to pay any delivery charges for items and a percentage of all profits is returned to each Group (based on the purchases made by that Group). The shop also makes contributions to the funds for the overall District from any remaining profit. Banstead District leaders are entitled to a discount on personal uniform items that they purchase from the shop.


We hold stock of most youth-sized uniform items (excluding scarves) as well as a selection of common badges for all sections. If you need a specific item, you can contact us at to confirm if we hold it as a stock item.


Orders for non-stock items or larger quantities of badges can either be placed by visiting the shop, or by emailing; any emails received on or before the first Friday of each month will be processed and (supplier willing) will be available for within 5 days. Note that some bespoke items, such as scarves and unit flashes may take 4-6 weeks to supply.