"It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't know what one can do" (Jim Davis)

The Man In Black

Author(s):Brian Williams, AJ Smith
Game EMail:theman AT nnbtv DOT dircon DOT co DOT uk
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Andrew "AJ" Smith    ajathome AT supanet DOT com
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Brian Williams    nnbtv AT dircon DOT co DOT uk
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Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 37 / Max: 37
Total Players: Min: 37 / Max: 37

Many centuries into the future, mankind has settled the stars and the known universe is run by the monolithic, dictatorial United Federation of God (UFG for short). The UFG are dedicated to, well, running the known universe. That's it. No ulterior motive. Honest.

On the fringes of known space lies the Jericho system, a small, backwater place run by the giant White Sands Mining Corporation. In the main spaceport, there is a small bar, The Man in Black, reputedly named after the galaxy's most famous assassin, The Man in Black. For years, The Man in Black has defied the authorities and carried out a string of very public assinations across the UFG. Now word has it that he will be carrying out a hit in the bar this very evening.

Take the part of one of those in The Man in Black during this fateful evening. You can play one of the locals, just trying to get on with their life, or one of the many visitors who have come here for reasons of their own, or just for the assassination (eg The Man in Black Groupies, various law enforcement officers, secret agents, journalists, etc).

You can even play The Man in Black himself or his intended victim!

For more information, please visit http://www.nnbtv.dircon.co.uk/Roleplaying/Games.html

Arnold, Graham

Smith, Andrew

AJ is a Bid Committee muggins, GM-for-Hire and occasional Plot Doctor. (He doesn't usually refer to himself in the 3rd person).

User, Anonymised

Oh, I hate these. I'm the short, round one - postponing my usual Winter state of hibernation to help out with Railways & Respectability and The Man In Black .

Williams, Brian

Brian has written and run (usually with the able help AJ Smith) many successful 4-hour freeforms both here and in the US at Intercon. This includes the Council of Fennas Drunin, House on the Hill and Cardolani Succession. For some reason both Graham Arnold and Jane Winter have volunteered to help him and AJ run The Man in Black this time around.