"It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't know what one can do" (Jim Davis)

The Bid Process

Here's what happens once you've filled out the bid form:

  1. The Bid Coordinator will be notified of your bid. The Bid Coordinator will read the information you've supplied. If there are any immediate questions, the Bid Coordinator will contact you, to work with you to clarify your bid.
  2. The Bid Coordinator notifies the Bid Committee of the new bid. The Bid Committee consists of several con volunteers, with a wide variety of LARP experience, at Consequences and elsewhere. The Bid Committee is deliberately large and varied, in order to represent the diversity of people who come to the con. Several people will look at your bid.
  3. The Bid Committee discusses each bid. They'll be looking at the bid for answers to questions such as:

    This may result in further questions back to you. It is why it's so important that you fill in the bid form completely to begin with.

  4. Once consensus has been reached, the Bid Coordinator will let you know what has been decided.
  5. If the bid is accepted, it will be added to the schedule. Announcements about the con will contain advertisements about all the open games in the schedule, including yours! We also encourage you to advertise your game (and Consequences) in your LARP group.

    If the bid is rejected, we'll try to explain why it doesn't meet our needs. If your bid is rejected, we hope you'll still come to the convention, to have a great time in all of the other LARPs.

Still have questions? Please drop a note to the Bid Coordinator. We want to make it easy for you to bid your game.