"It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't know what one can do" (Jim Davis)

Tabletop games

These are the games we have so far:

SLOT No TIME EVENT Author Referree/Keeper
Thurs November 15th 2007
SLOT 0 0900-1300 SETUP    
SLOT 1 1400-1800 Star Wars D6 Duncan Rust Duncan Rust
    Ultraviolet - Buffy Rules w00hoo w00hoo
    Witchcraft - Investigations Better Shared Mark Steedman Mark Steedman
SLOT 2 1900-2300 Star Wars D6 Nimrod Jones Duncan Rust
    Divided Loyalties Morgoth Morgoth
    COC - TBA Kevin Dearn John Amos
Fri November 16th 2007
SLOT 3 0900-1300 Feng Shui Duncan Rust Duncan Rust
    Call of Cthulhu John Amos John Amos
    Witchcraft - Investigations Better Shared Mark Steedman Mark Steedman
SLOT 4 1400-1800 Call of Cthulhu John Amos John Amos
    Shadows over Lankhmar Rob Nott Rob Nott
SLOT 5 1900-2300 DND Forgotten Realms Morgoth Morgoth
    Fudge - Another Fine Mess w00hoo w00hoo
    Star Wars D6 Duncan Rust Duncan Rust
    Shadowrun - A Missing Persons Mystery Mark Steedman Mark Steedman
Sat November 17th 2007
SLOT 6 0900-1300 Best Friends - Time of our lives w00hoo w00hoo
    Jorune John Amos John Amos
    Ars Magica - Mystery in Novgorod Mark Steedman Mark Steedman
SLOT 7 1400-1800 COC - The Dark Planet Part1 Morgoth Morgoth
    TBA Chris Swainston John Amos
SLOT 8 1900-2300 COC - The Dark Planet Part2 Morgoth Morgoth
    TBA Chris Swainston John Amos
    Cold City - Intrigue w00hoo w00hoo
Sun November 18th 2007
SLOT 9 0900-1300 Cursed Empire - When Dark Waters Stir Morgoth Morgoth
    Call of Cthulhu John Amos John Amos
    d6 Star Wars - A Family Affair Roger Gammans Roger Gammans
SLOT 10 1400-1800 Deadlands 1st Edition w00hoo w00hoo
Call of Cthulhu Mark Baker John Amos
SLOT 11 1900-2300 Party Time Mine's a Pint To all concerned

If you have a tabletop game you want to run please contact tabletop@consequences.org.uk.

Game descriptions

Investigations Better Shared -- Thursday 1400, Friday 0900, Mark Steedman

The Withcraft game from Conception. A bit of investigative work in the world of Witchcraft. What strangeness will our four investigators find, who can tell? So the trouble is better shared.

Fronti Nulla Fides -- Thursday 1400 w00hoo

It's nine years since the Code V's last raised their ugly heads and the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith is facing budget cuts under the labour government. So is this yet another routine accidental homicide that's arrived on the bosses desk for checking, or is there more to it than meets the eye? Fronti Nulla Fides is a game for 6 players based in the world of the Channel 4 cult TV show Ultraviolet and using the Eden cinematic system.

Divided Loyalties -- Thursday 1900 Morgoth

Harper Headquarters, Twilight Hall, Berdusk, Highharvestide 1372 DR Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming in at short notice.

We have a situation which we need you to handle. One of our most senior agents was sent to infiltrate one of the new settlements in the Silver Marches a couple of months back. You know the ones - ex-Zhent soldiers and other refugees from the Moonsea supposedly (ha!) in search of a new and peaceful life.

He was checking up on these settlements and reporting back on the presence of any Zhentarim spies. But he's two weeks overdue in reporting. We're afraid that something may have happened to him, so we need you to go to his last known location, a settlement some miles east of Sundabar, and find him. We'll get you to Sundabar by portal,but beyond that, you're on your own.

This mission is doubly important because he was carrying Janthra's Harp. Yes, that harp. You can imagine the stink if some filthy Zhentarim gets his hands on it. So for Milil's sake, find that harp!

You had better pack quickly because Lady Cylyria is taking a personal interest in this mission and she wants action on it pronto! Oh, it's cold up there this time of year, so take some extra clothing as well!

Shadows over Lankhmar -- Friday 1600 Rob Nott

Lankhmar, never the safest or most peaceful of cities in Nehwon at the best of times, is currently a city in crisis. A serious grain shortage has seen the price of bread skyrocket since recent shipments were lost at sea in mysterious circumstances involving horrible sea monsters (or so the ignorant rumours suggest). For the first time in living memory the citizens of Lankhmar are rioting and squabbling in the market place over the few highly priced sacks of grain still available to buy. Nothing persuades a Lankhmarite to cause trouble more than an empty stomach. It is now possible for example to procure the services of three prostitutes for an evening of debauchery in exchange for a loaf of bread. And we’re not talking about the ageing prostitutes with missing teeth that you get in the Silver Eel tavern either, but rather the better quality ones, who bathe at least once a week, that you find in the Golden Lamprey Inn.

The dithering City Overlord, Glipkerio Kistomerces, (all praise his benevolence and wise rule) urges patience as he assures the population (from behind the safety of his heavily guarded palace walls naturally enough) that fresh supplies of grain are on their way to the city even as he speaks! Everything that can be done is being done, so please do not panic! All remaining emergency grain supplies in the city store houses are being distributed fairly and equally by the City Guard to everyone, irrespective of status. Civil disorder, he reminds the citizens of Lankhmar, will be dealt with harshly and thoroughly through the professional application of extreme violence.

But as the tension builds within the city, the wealthy nobles take the sensible precaution of upping their personal security. No one likes a hungry mob rampaging down the streets following vague rumours of stockpiles of food, especially when everyone knows that nobles generally never go hungry. And after all, only a deluded fool would trust his safety to the corrupt rabble that makes up the bulk of the Overlord’s city guard.

And so it is that Hisvin, one of the richest and most highly respected grain merchants (who of course ISN’T stockpiling grain reserves), has employed a group of experienced swordsmen to safeguard the person of his precious young daughter, the Demoiselle Hisvet, during these troubled times. No doubt the next grain shipment will arrive at the city docks safely any day now, despite the last two shipments being lost at sea in tragic circumstances (attacked by pirates, or so the ill-educated rumours suggest), in which case the duty should be a simple enough assignment for such brave rogues such as yourselves. The Demoiselle will be attending the Overlord’s masked ball, but other than that she mostly confines herself to the house gardens, with the exception of an occasional shopping trip, accompanied by her indentured maid, Frix. An undemanding job: easy money, and all the bread you can eat (from Hisvin’s personal ration - he certainly isn’t stockpiling supplies of grain...). Why, you’ve never had it so good!

Another Fine Mess -- Friday 1900 w00hoo

The Master is missing and it's up to you to find him. A motley crew of dogs, birds, a cat, a horse, a raccoon and a ferret have to venture in to the unknown on their very own rescue mission. I'll tell you one thing Skippy, he's not down the well! Another Fine Mess is a fantasy based commercial Fudge scenario for 6-8 players.

Shadowrun - A Missing Persons Mystery -- Friday 1900 Mark Steedman

Mr Johnson wants a word, he wants you to meet him and your proposed employer for dinner.
Well that's unusual, but there has got to be a reason. What follows will no doubt entail the usual amount of shadowy endeavours, risks and loot in the shadows of the city of Seattle or will it, only time will tell as always...

Outward Bound -- Saturday 0900 w00hoo

Every summer all you gals meet up for a week of fun and frivolity. You've gone shopping in Paris, Cruising around the Med, Tanning in Ibiza and Roller Coasting in Florida. Now you are off for a week of adventure in the Massif Central. Outward Bound is a modern day Best Friends scenario for 4-6 players.

Ars Magica - Mystery in Novgorod -- Saturday 0900 Mark Steedman

The Gencon UK 2007 scenario. This is for 6 players and runs at around 3 1/2 hours. Player minimum is realistically 3.
A group of young magi set out to investigate rumours of old ruins and mysterious disappearances than may indicate mystical places and therefore power.
A mystery, intrigue and Magic in Mythic Europe for experienced fans and those new to Ars Magica alike.

The Dark Planet -- Saturday 1400, 1900 Morgoth

"Sierra-Echo-Fourty-Niner to Control, I'm at the back door of the property, no sign of a break-in... *burst of static* the back door is unlocked, I'm entering the property... *burst of static* this place is a mess, definite signs of a struggle... *burst of static followed by a high-pitched scream* Oh my god! what have they done to her? She's.....eviscerated! its everywhere! The walls! the writing on the walls! Control, they've... *long burst of static followed by silence...* A two-part Modern Day Call of Cthulhu scenario strictly for grown-ups only. Bring your sanity - you'll need it.

Still Waters -- Saturday 1900 w00hoo

In the divided city of Berlin the Reserve Police Agency, formed by the four occupying powers, fight a secret war. They hunt down monsters left from sinister experiments and twisted technology. Things from beyond our space and time. Strange creatures altered by bizarre machines. Decaying corpses of undead soldiers and the things that hide in the darkness. Still Waters is a Cold City scenario for 5 players.

A Family Affair -- Sunday 0900 Roger Gammans

'A Family Affair' is a game where the PCs are a family whose parents are undercover agents for the Rebel Alliance. The characters are the Mum, Dad, Son, Daughter, the Droid and the family pet (alien student of the force).

Iron Horses and Covered Wagons -- Sunday 1400 w00hoo

At the end of a long and eventful rail journey a group of gunslingers, spell throwers, preachers and mad scientists hitch up wagons and head for adventure out west. Iron Horses and Covered Wagons is a 1st Edition Deadlands scenario for 6 players.

Who's Who at Consequences A tabletops

John "Have Dice" Amos
Tabletop Whiz

Been playing or refereeing since the ole red box came out over here

So long ago I can't remember the date EX Rpga bod Co-Organiser of Conception Writer, head playtester, DM, player of anything

Quote - Don't worry John'll run that even though he doesn't know the rules Seriously ask Alison about the Planescape scenario

She should remember

Mik "w00hoo" Reed

Mik Reed has been playing tabletop RPG's since 1981 and has been GMing them for just as long in the vain hope that others will get the hint and run some for him to play in return! Despite being in the hobby for decades he is a relative newcomer to conventions in general and while this is only his second year GMing at cons he feels that the 6 years spent researching how it's done hold him in reasonable stead. That and occasionally players come back for a second game which suggests he is doing something right.

In common with most gamers Mik owns more gaming books than he could ever hope to use and is attempting to make the habit look more like forward planning than plain addiction by running a variety of games at the Con.

It is rumoured that Mik can be bribed with fruit.

Anonymised User
Keeper of Tentacles

Anonymised User
GM for "Shadows Over Lankhmar"

Being a keen wargamer as a kid, I discovered the relatively new hobby of RPGs through early Games Workshop adverts (when it consisted of a single shop in London with the licence to reprint AD&D books) in the pages of 'Military Modelling' magazine in the late seventies. My first purchase was the Tunnels & Trolls system in 1980 (it was cheaper than AD&D) as a diversion from studying for my mock 'O' levels. Soon branched out into AD&D, then Traveller, then Runequest and related spin off variants (Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer).

fter placing an advert in the classified section of issue 18 of White Dwarf I formed my first RPG group and never looked back. During the 1980s I published an RPG fanzine (28 issues of 'the Lankhmar Star Daily which, despite the title, had nothing to do with Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar other than the fact I was a fan of his books) that was a staple part of the '80s fanzine scene, and had some work published in various pro RPG magazines such as 'Imagine', 'Adventurer' and 'Fantasy Chronicles'.

My first experience with LARPs was at Labyrinth in the late eighties.

In addition to RPGs and wargames, I'm obsessed with comics (mostly Marvel and DC) and music (Prog Rock, Psychedelia, Kraut Rock, Classic Soul, Indie and New Wave). My RPG influences are mostly 'old school' writers: Michael Moorcock, Fritz Leiber, Jack Vance, Roger Zelazny, Robert E Howard, HP Lovecraft, and (the not so old school) Bernard Cornwell (for his Dark Age books).

I currently write for the monthly magazine, 'Comics International'.

Anonymised User
Tabletop Master's Gimp

Have been tabletop roleplaying since a young teenager, nearest I've been involved in a LARP is several visits to Labarinth at Chiselhurst Caves back in the late eighties.

Usually found behind the desk at conception, where I'm likely to be found at consequences.

Like running D6 systems; WEG Star Wars, Feng Shui etc. Enjoy playing anything fast paced.

Anonymised User
Tabletop Side Kick!

Persephonie - The Untold Story

Persephonie was born in the not so distant past of 1978 so is actually a newbie to this world we call Roleplaying. She started playing D&D First Ed in 1997 in a campaign that lasted nearly 2 years, playing a paladin! She then decided to attend her first convention, which just happened to be Conception, with two very drunk friends and a sick day at work! She had a bloody fantastic time and hasn't looked back since. Larping started the same year with a game called Chulthu.

Married with a 19 month old son Persephonie (better know as Sarah!) doesn't get a lot of time to do much, but still plays on a regular Tuesday night with her Roleplaying Group, which at present is on D&D 3.5 but her real joy is in larping and costuming, which she always tries her hand at, if sometimes unsuccessfully!

Very organised and too efficient for her own good, Persephonie works for a Local Housing Association but dreams of being a teacher, if not an actress!!!! She loves rock music and Clive Barker Books, with a smattering of fantasy on the side!!!

Although she is pretty much up for anything, she cant spell for toffee and is not sure why she is writing this in the third person..... and thinks it should stop!!!

Thanks for Listening!!!

Persephonie aka Sarah