"It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't know what one can do" (Jim Davis)

Who's Who at Consequences A

John "Have Dice" Amos
Tabletop Whiz

Been playing or refereeing since the ole red box came out over here

So long ago I can't remember the date EX Rpga bod Co-Organiser of Conception Writer, head playtester, DM, player of anything

Quote - Don't worry John'll run that even though he doesn't know the rules Seriously ask Alison about the Planescape scenario

She should remember

Graham Arnold
GM for: The Man In Black, Diamond Geezers

Nickey "Nickey" Barnard
GM for: Best of the Wurst

Nickey Barnard

I've been gaming for about 20 years now. Freeforming for about 10. I've helped write numerous Peaky games, and Toy Story, and was also on the GM team for Siege of Troy. Despite this, I still don't feel I know what I'm doing :) All I know is that, dammit - we need more plot! We always need more plot...

Steve "Steve" Bassett
GM for: SPQR

Voted: Most Likely to Smile while stabbing you in the front.

Dream Batty
BidCom Member and Contessa de Cocktail

I've been gaming for more years than I'd like to admit to and most of that has been free forming. In the past I have organised cons and used to regularly GM and write for Vampire Masquerade. These days I'm mostly involved with system free material and play as many games as I can get access to.

Oscar "athanateus" Clark
GM for: The Drow Ball

A true veteran of games both table-top and computer - indeed in my professional life I was the creator of the games service on the mobile operator 3; and sometime before that I managed Europes largest Online games service (Wireplay) for BT, where I paid for Counterstrike's 4th(?) Beta release; the developers had just run out of money!

I'm also known for creating a semi-freeform game called WestPoint:ExtraPlantary Academy which ran at GENCON UK from Camber Sands to Earls Court; and toured many other conventions. I've created many more games since then, but none that memorable ;0)

Now I'm one of the Stormlantern Game Design Group which debuted at Conception in February 2007 with 3 40 person LARPS and much fun to be had.

Oh! and I still have volume 1 edition 1 of the Prestel Directory alongside my original edition of Traveller (isn't that dedication for you)

Jonathan "Jon" Cloutman
Grand High Vizier. GM Liason.

Strangely enough Jon started freeforming/larping doing what he had dreamed of being since a small boy - being a flunky for the KGB and helping with the kneecapping of a nightclub singer and in a strange reflection of real life a recent character was a cannibal, wife murdering, drug taking drunkard, undercover copper, who went mad in the war.

Jon would like it known that not all of the above is true.

Jon also has dice old enough to vote but not yet old enough to buy viagra. Thankfully.

John "Womble" Gathercole
GM for: The Drow Ball

John was born on an autumnal day in 1966. unless something radical has changed in between him writing this and you reading it, he's still alive at the moment.

In his spare time John does stuff - mostly snoring, to be honest; but gaming stuff as well.

He's been playing games for nearly 30 years, and been LaRPing (freeform and the rubber sword stuff) on-and-off for about 17 of them. He met up with Oscar and Ian (other members of Stormlantern) in the late 80s, and has played and run many games with them in the meantime.

John finds the playing of LaRPS fun and stimulating, and the running of them hard work but rewarding. If at the end of a game people have been entertained and are are happy (in Johns opinion the most important factors), then John's happy.

Jason Gorringe
Member of Bid Committee

Have been gaming for many years, but only LARPing for 4.

Ran the Junta game at Conception in 2006.

Melanie "mel" Harper
GM for: Veni, Vidi... Bassethwaite?, Interr'd With Their Bones

Part of the Epic Experience (usually the part seen swearing at technology and/or sat up late the night before the game runs)

Alex "Tylorva" Helm
GM for: A Time for Madness, Escher's Revenge

Mad, female, undead-obsessed Evil Overlord. Been writing games for years with varying success. I like to think the newer ones are better than the old ones!

Was originally one of the founders of 'Tangent Bunny Productions', but split off in 2004 due to 'creative differences'. Formed Wylde Deluzion with Rich and have done some super cool stuff since then.

Mo "Mo" Holkar
Master of the Infinite Web of Possibility
GM for: Veni, Vidi... Bassethwaite?, Interr'd With Their Bones

Member of the Epic Experience team, purveyors of fine freeforms for the discerning since 1993.

Martin "Martin" Jones
GM for: Best of the Wurst

Who are you?

Born in a land far, far away (Stoke-on-Trent) long, long ago (1966), and have been GMing for most of those years. Discovered freeforms a few years ago, and recently helped write Best of the Wurst at Peaky '07.

What do you want ?

Mine'll be a half of Coke please. Oh and a bag of peanuts.

Sue "Queenortart" Lee
GM for: Railways and Respectability, Diamond Geezers, SPQR

Bid Chair, Tiara Wearer and ultimate Cat Herder, procurer of frockage.

Product of a mixed marriage (Yorkshire Mother and Lancashire Father) She grew up in the land of red roses, chip butties, and e-by-gum mail. Her mother sent her to elocution lessons to stop her getting a Lancashire accent and it was probably this that fuelled her aspirations to be someone else.

Tony Mitton
GM for: Survivors of the Naronic, SPQR

... is hoping to successfully miss the deadline for Bios.

Tym Norris
GM for: Diamond Geezers

Alison Rider Hill
Accommodation Tsar
GM for: Railways and Respectability

Hi y'all... I hate these things... You either know who I am or you have yet to find out.

As for what I do... well at Consequences anyway, I'm allocating accommodation and I'm co-GMing R&R with a fine selection of social arbitors.

Richard Salmon
Web Factotum

Long time role-player and freeformer. Part of the writing team for The Siege of Troy.

Andrew "AJ" Smith
GM for: SPQR, Railways and Respectability, The Man In Black

AJ is a Bid Committee muggins, GM-for-Hire and occasional Plot Doctor. (He doesn't usually refer to himself in the 3rd person).

Mike "Mike(y)" Snowden
GM for: Best of the Wurst

Co-writer of the "Best of the Wurst" at Peaky 07. I'm the one with the beard and without the corset. My other Peaky games include "Carry on at Camp David";

Player of many freeform games
Gofer for The Management
Maker of strange noises on varying musical instruments
Lover of cold beer, good wine and an occasional cocktail or four...
Source/Receiver of hugs

Gary "GaryT" Tierney
GM for: Green Death, Blood Manor

I'm Gary, husband/chauffeur/slave to DMWCarol - I'm good at doing what I'm told and bumbling around in a generally helpful sort of way. I also chase Scoobies while dressed as a monster, well you gotta have a hobby.

I've been writing and running LARPs for longer than I remember, mostly the hitting things with latex weapons type, but I've dabbled

David Townsend
GM for: Survivors of the Naronic

Anonymised User
Tabletop Master's Gimp

Have been tabletop roleplaying since a young teenager, nearest I've been involved in a LARP is several visits to Labarinth at Chiselhurst Caves back in the late eighties.

Usually found behind the desk at conception, where I'm likely to be found at consequences.

Like running D6 systems; WEG Star Wars, Feng Shui etc. Enjoy playing anything fast paced.

Anonymised User
Queen of horror

Member of the bid committee for Consequences. One half of Mystery In Mind. Warcrack addict. Horror addict. Frocking addict.

Anonymised User
Mistress of the Arts

Only in today's age of modern technology can you have a convention in the UK and have your artist living in New York. I was delighted when Sue asked me to help design Consequences' artwork. Thankfully, working remotely is something I have down to a science since I have worked with the Boston Intercons for 7 years. Inspiration is always the hard part in creating art, but with all the games being run at Consequences, there is no lack of “Amazing” freeforms to spark my imagination.

Sadly, I won't actually be able to be at the convention in person but I will be there in spirit. Don't worry, I will be over for 1897 to see all the lovely folks I know on your side of the pond soon enough. Instead, as you read this, I will be in Egypt, land of Anubis and Bast. So if anyone does the hand puppets at the con, think of me fondly.

My big goal of the Egypt trip is to come home with some amazing cabaret dance costumes so someone please write a Middle Eastern game so that I have the chance to wear them. Besides, what trip is complete without frock shopping to make up for not being at the convention? Wish me luck in finding some shiny frocks with beads, coins and sequins.

Anonymised User
Tabletop Side Kick!

Persephonie - The Untold Story

Persephonie was born in the not so distant past of 1978 so is actually a newbie to this world we call Roleplaying. She started playing D&D First Ed in 1997 in a campaign that lasted nearly 2 years, playing a paladin! She then decided to attend her first convention, which just happened to be Conception, with two very drunk friends and a sick day at work! She had a bloody fantastic time and hasn't looked back since. Larping started the same year with a game called Chulthu.

Married with a 19 month old son Persephonie (better know as Sarah!) doesn't get a lot of time to do much, but still plays on a regular Tuesday night with her Roleplaying Group, which at present is on D&D 3.5 but her real joy is in larping and costuming, which she always tries her hand at, if sometimes unsuccessfully!

Very organised and too efficient for her own good, Persephonie works for a Local Housing Association but dreams of being a teacher, if not an actress!!!! She loves rock music and Clive Barker Books, with a smattering of fantasy on the side!!!

Although she is pretty much up for anything, she cant spell for toffee and is not sure why she is writing this in the third person..... and thinks it should stop!!!

Thanks for Listening!!!

Persephonie aka Sarah

Anonymised User
Trade Dominatrix

Owner, manager and general dogsbody of Pagan Angel.
Keeper of The Boy and the Small Child obsessed with tentacles.
Morbid fear of Fish Restaurants after an incident involving both the above offspring, a crab mallet and a fish platter replete with baby octopus.

Most honoured to be asked to be the friendly and approachable Trade Liaison for Consequences (and also for Conception 2008 - that will teach me to stay drinking in the bar on the last night of a con!) Will do my best to be friendly and approachable and wear PVC.

Have been known to play the odd TTG and also agree far too easily to being ritually sacrificed after a few beers.

Anonymised User
Queen of All She Surveys

Anna comes from the land of opportunity, where the streets are paved with cheese and guns can be bought in every corner store. Oh right. Anna comes from Boston Massachusetts, New England, United States of America. Before that she lived in Moscow Russia. There is no gaming in Russia. In Soviet Russia, games play you. For Consequences, she is on BidCom, trying really hard to keep her Intercon ideas slightly toned down.

On her own side of the body of water, Anna was the ConChair for Intercon G, and is the BidChair for Intercon H. She is also a Software Engineer, a gamer, a geek, a GM, a SCAdian and a whole lot of other things.

She is also the Queen of all she surveys.

Anonymised User
GM for: Blood Manor, Green Death

Firstly, I'm no good at these bio things - so if there's something you want to know about me just ask - the email's shown above and I don't bite unless you ask really nice and sign the consent forms.

In general terms, I can tell you that I have been writing and running LARPs and tabletop RPGs for over 15 years now and playing in them for even longer.

The writing began with a simple weekend long murder mystery for 25 people and it all went downhill from there. Now I write several games a year and play in as many as I can.

Usually I do most of the writing myself, but I have the luxury of access to various other deliciously twisted minds to bounce ideas off, and the owners of these minds even help run the games with me sometimes so I don't feel 100% to blame.

I'm a pagan of the Heathen flavour (or should that be chocolate flavour?) and have a bit of a thing for tentacles, I also feel that LARP is supposed to be fun. Whether that makes any difference to the games I run I'll leave you to decide.

Anonymised User
GM for: Blood Manor

Anonymised User
GM for: Blood Manor

Anonymised User
GM for: Bring 'Em Back Alive Haggle

Anonymised User
GM for: Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste, Return to the Mary Celeste

I attended my first LARP Halloween weekend of 1992. It was a mistake. I thought I was going to a murder mystery weekend, I had no idea what I was doing. It was the best mistake of my life. I found a hobby, a large group of friends and my future husband that weekend. Not bad for a mistake eh?

Since then I have helped to write and run many different LARPs at the various Intercons in The USA as well as stand alone games. This is my first ever international LARP experience and I'm really looking forward to it.

Anonymised User
GM for: Survivors of the Naronic

Oops.... 30th September, you say?

Anonymised User
GM for: The Drow Ball

Hi Folks Have been gaming for more years than I can remember doing a mixture of tabletop games, role-playing games, Larps and Freeforms in many forms. I have been a GM for many years too, running long campaigns in such games as Warhammer RPG and Ars Magica. In my younger days I helped to form the Alder Valley Games Club in Aldershot which is still going strong to this day. I now concentrate my time on Larps and Freeforms attending events throughout the year (esp. “Curious Pastimes”) and designing and writing games which include the “Junta Game” (with John Gathercole and Jason Gorringe) which ran very successfully at Conception 2007 (designing all the Props and doing storyline design and Gm) This was run very successfully last year at Conception and I hope to have a similar success with next years games which I am working on at the moment. I'm one of the Stormlantern Game Design Group (being a close friend of both Oscar and Johns for many years) which debuted at Conception in February 2007 with the 3 x 40 person LARPS. I play many types of characters within the Larps genre and I am a member of the infamous “Scooby Gang” that debuted at Conception 2007 ( I played Fred) which involved the characters out of Scooby Do as real people (great fun). I have met very many good folk at these events and always look forward to seeing friendly faces again each year.

Anonymised User
GM for: Return to the Mary Celeste, Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste

My game, "The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste", is vastly more well known than I am; the game having run on 5 (possibly 6) of the 7 continents. So, if you know of me at all you probably have some misconceptions. "The...Mary Celeste" is not the only game I have ever written; since 1989 I have been head writer(or only writer) for 16 games. Despite the popularity of "Mary Celeste" I did not popularize or perfect the 4 hour mini-game format, and I certainly didn't invent it (I stand on the shoulders of giants here). And while the popularity of 4 hour mini's rose with the success of "Mary Celeste" I take no responsibility for the decline of the weekend long game (that's not my fault and you aren't going to hang that on me!). I am, however, as short as you may have heard that I am.

I will probably be hopelessly jet lagged through the convention, and I hope that GMs and players alike will be kind to me.

Anonymised User
GM for: Railways and Respectability, The Man In Black

Oh, I hate these. I'm the short, round one - postponing my usual Winter state of hibernation to help out with Railways & Respectability and The Man In Black .

Anonymised User
GM for: Zombies on Ice I: We Came Back From Dead Man's Curve, Zombies on Ice I: We Came Back From Dead Man's Curve

Ben Llewellyn (Zombies on Ice), from Washington, DC, has written a dozen freeforms over the years, including Appalachian Wedding, which ran in Slough, in May of 2003. He is presently working on Milan Rouge, a game set in the fashion industry, which he hopes will bring in the costume freaks enthusiasts. For those who don't care a whit about the fashion industry, he offers the roles of detectives, reporters, drug dealers, mafiosi . . .

Anonymised User
GM for: Blood Manor, Green Death

Long time roleleplayer (since a friend bought the D&D Basic set in the 80s), and almost as long time LARPer (of the hitting things with rubber swords, shooting things with IR, variety), thanks to University.

My on-line nick came out of a longrunning game, and has nothing to do with my sense of humour.

Away from gaming (can you get away from gaming?) I'm a professional geek and amatuer sound tech, with a slowly-growing collection of tech-toys.

Gaming highlights include:

Apparently my mind is deliciously twisted.

Anonymised User
Keeper of Tentacles

Brian Williams
GM for: The Man In Black

Brian has written and run (usually with the able help AJ Smith) many successful 4-hour freeforms both here and in the US at Intercon. This includes the Council of Fennas Drunin, House on the Hill and Cardolani Succession. For some reason both Graham Arnold and Jane Winter have volunteered to help him and AJ run The Man in Black this time around.

Janet Young
Finance Consigliere

Janet is In Charge of Finances.