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The Dilithium War

Author(s):Tony Mitton
Game EMail:tony AT tonymitton DOT com
Tony Mitton    tony AT tonymitton DOT com
Andrew "AJ" Smith    ajathome AT supanet DOT com
Mike "Mike(y)" Snowden    mike DOT snowden AT btinternet DOT com
Home Page:http://www.tonymitton.com/
Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 10 / Max: 25
Total Players: Min: 10 / Max: 25

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The Dilithium War

For years the Human Federation has expanded into space, its starship systems powered by processed Dilithium ore. Readily-accessible supplies of the mineral have led to population growth and increasing standards of living for all.

The Human Federation now stretches hundreds of light years across the galaxy. But existing supplies of the precious mineral are being steadily exhausted and exploration within Human space is no longer finding suficient replacement stock.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Heavily-armed, long-range ships have been scattered into unexplored space on an urgent mission to seek out new Dilithium supplies. Many of these ships encounter alien life and unexpected dangers - and fail to return.

One ship has just come into orbit around a planet designated Halthor 7. Scans show it to possess vast Dilithium reserves, scattered as raw ore nuggets on the surface. Yet Halthor 7 is unexplored and may contain unfriendly native species. Also, as an Away Team is shuttled to the planet's surface other, unknown alien ships have also just entered orbit.

Can the Dilithium which Humanity so desperately requires be recovered?

The Dilithium War is a Science Fiction freeform of first contact and resource acquisition. The aim will be to play it outside over a (reasonably) wide area. Nerf guns or similar will represent weapons.

Mitton, Tony

... is hoping to successfully miss the deadline for Bios (again).

Smith, Andrew

AJ is a GM-for-Hire, a Bid Committee Muggins and an occasional Plot Doctor. (He is still referring to himself in the 3rd person. Who knows why?).

Snowden, Mike

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