"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened." (Douglas Adams)

To say nothing of the Groom

Author(s):Roger Gammans
Game EMail:rgammans AT acm DOT org
Roger "Roger G." Gammans    rgammans AT computer-surgery DOT co DOT uk
Su "Su" Jolly    r4venqueen AT gmail DOT com
Anonymised User    anonymised AT ishtari DOT co DOT uk
Home Page:http://www.backslashat.org/tsnotg/castingqs.php
Male Players:Min: 6 / Max: 8
Female Players:Min: 6 / Max: 10
Neutral Players:Min: 3 / Max: 3
Total Players: Min: 15 / Max: 21

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Today is the wedding of John and Juliet . The Rumour is that Juliet's father is to reveal to John the secret Relish recipe today upon which his company is founded. What other family secrets might be revealed on the day?

But like all weddings the curse of family brings together people who in some cases should never meet. Add in a few gatecrashers just for the party and you are sure that sparks will fly and make this an occasion talked about for a long time to come. This could turn out to be the wedding of the century and possible even several centuries.

You wouldn't miss it for the world.

This game is set in the late 1860s somewhere in Yorkshire, be prepared for surprises , and perhaps some mysticism and science.

Gammans, Roger

Has been playing and running tabletop games since 1970-mumble, and been playing freeforms on a causal basis since before aroung 1990.

Roger has finally decided that after doing peaky this year it is time to turn his hand to writting freeforms.

Jolly, Su

Girlfriend and Ornament. I came late to Gaming, but I seem to have taken to it like a duck to water. Famous mostly as a frock fairy, I'm now getting into crewing, writing and helping to run all sorts of things. Be gentle with me!

User, Anonymised

I'm one of the fools that brought you the weekender "Here Be Pyrates" in less than 12 months; (it was fun to do though, most of the time) I have written other rather smaller games and have been a helper and sometime murderer in my husband's murder mystery games. I always have many more ideas in the pipeline than I can actually get time to write down!

I'm also an engineer, a designer, a player, and make endless stuff from fabric, beads, card etc to avoid going doolally when not alo trying to write.