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Tales of Pendragon (20th - 22nd February 2009)

UK Freeforms is delighted to announce Tales of Pendragon. a live role-playing game about the telling and retelling of the stories from the Saga of King Arthur, previously run in 2004 in the USA. which will be running at the West Retford Hotel, February 20-22nd 2009.

In this game, you will play an ordinary person who lives in the British Isles during the middle ages. You might be a noble, knight, lady, or commoner. Whoever you are, at the end of the day you like to sit down with your companions or colleagues and tell the stories from long ago, when Britain was emerging from the times of the Roman occupation to become a nation.

You enter Tales of Pendragon as a dweller of those times, someone with mundane hopes and problems. Over the course of the game you will enjoy and suffer the drama, humour, and irony of life that has befallen men and women since time immemorial. But in the course of playing out your life you will need to learn lessons from the old stories. To do this you will take the part of the heroes of those tales and recreate their victories and defeats. Only then will you understand fully why history took its shape, why triumph and tragedy each had their day.

Many tales were told about Arthur, his people, and his kingdom. Some of these tales contradict one another. It is up to you collectively to determine what really happened in the story of the Boy King and his realm.

Everyone will have a chance to play out the tales, taking the parts of fearsome ogres, brave knights, Arthur, Lancelot or Guenevere, and many more.

There is a Yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/talesofpendragonuk

Your confirmed (so far) GM team for ToP will be Brandon Brylawski, Graham Arnold, Nickey Barnard, Jerry Elsmore, Sue Lee, and Janet Young.

Will Lancelot and Guenevere betray Arthur? Will the Round table be broken? Will Mordred come to hate his father? All these will be chosen by you together with your fellow players. As go the people of Britain, so goes the story of her great heroes.


This is an annual event, where game writers, both brand new and experienced come together for a weekend in the Peak district. The aim is for small groups to write short games in the space of around 24 hours. These are then play tested in a safe and encouraging environment the following day.     

The following games, being run here at Amazing Consequences started life at Peaky:

Consequences believe that as an event we should be encouraging people to write games for us to play! Peaky is open to everyone to attend, regardless of experience. It positively welcomes new writers, (including someone who had never even played a freeform on one occasion!)

The next event is being held at: 
http://www.upperrectoryfarmcottages.co.uk/  the weekend of 11th to the 14th of April 2008.

More details can be found at the Peaky Yahoo group:

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