"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened." (Douglas Adams)

Who's Who at Consequences B

John "Have Dice" Amos
Tabletop Whiz

Where to start

I'm old enough to know better, but I don't. I'm young enough to care and table top Gaming is my usual choice of fare. I'm 59, male, usually friendly and love anything to do with Gaming. I spend way too much time trying to ensure that everybody has a good time; if they don't I don't.

If you want to play a table top game I'll either help you find what you are looking for or find you another game if I can't.

The club I belong to is Have Dice, Will Travel but these days like most old things I don't travel as well as I used too. Our club has about 30 members; it fluctuates what with Births, Marriages and people moving.

There should be a better than reasonable choice of games for you to select from, if there isn't why not offer to write something for next year. Got gaming buddies, entice them along, you can tell them what they are missing but seeing is a visual thing - they really should see for themselves.

Main stream gaming yes we've got that.

Ad-hoc gaming there should be people running ad-hoc games and often we don't know about these, if you are running anything even ad-hoc let us know it may help to find you the players you need and also the gamers their gaming fix.

What about me - well I'm happy refereeing anything preferably something I know but if you want someone to run a Shadowrun game you've written set in the Forgotten Realms using Dying Earth rules and everybody else chickens out - I'll do it. I'm that stupid.

I like gaming buddies, beer, food and good times.

Graham Arnold
GM for: Diamond Geezers

Nickey "Nickey" Barnard
GM for: Best of the Wurst.

Nickey Barnard

I've been gaming for about 20 years now. Freeforming for about 10. I've helped write numerous Peaky games, and Toy Story, and was also on the GM team for Siege of Troy. Despite this, I still don't feel I know what I'm doing :) All I know is that, dammit - we need more plot! We always need more plot...

Steve "Steve" Bassett
GM for: House on the Hill, Intrigue in the Clouds

Voted: Most likely to smile while stabbing you in the front.

Dream Batty
BidCom Member and Contessa de Cocktail
GM for: Destination: Parts Unknown!, Saints & Sinners

It is said by some that Dream was raised by wolves...but these are silly people.

Dream was stolen from her crib by a giant eagle and abandoned on a high mountain. She was adopted and raised by snow leopards who cared for her and taught her their ways. At age 14 she descended the mountain and was taken in once more by a community of gamers that both feared and adored her.

She currently uses her powers for good, flowing from party to party distributing peach schnapps and apple sourz to those that need it.

But be warned you will rue the day you drank the last of her Todka!

Jonathan "Jon" Cloutman
Das Henchmeister. GM Liaison.
GM for: Destination: Parts Unknown!, Saints & Sinners

Strangely enough Jon started freeforming/larping doing what he had dreamed of being since a small boy - being a flunky for the KGB and helping with the kneecapping of a nightclub singer and in a strange reflection of real life a recent character was a cannibal, wife murdering, drug taking drunkard, undercover copper, who went mad in the war.

Hench references

"When I hired Jon, I knew I was getting the best" - Ernst Stavro Blofeld

"When Jon mentioned the need for hand rails on the Death Star, I should have listened" - Grand Moff Tarkin

"Knows how to keep his trap shut" - Gaius Baltar

"Wouldn't have anyone else pick my volcano base. A shame Mini me's position was already filled" - Dr Evil

"I Wouldn't go into the twilight without him" - Zavulon

"Without Jon, the world would never have heard from me again" - Dr Fu Manchu

"You can always rely on Jon to deliver the right Brain. No more Abby Normal for me" - Dr Victor Frankenstein

"Boy, this guy know how to throw a mean party" - The Patrician

Roger "Roger G." Gammans
GM for: To say nothing of the Groom

Has been playing and running tabletop games since 1970-mumble, and been playing freeforms on a causal basis since before aroung 1990.

Roger has finally decided that after doing peaky this year it is time to turn his hand to writting freeforms.

Clare Gardner
GM for: Diamond Geezers

I’ve been gaming for nearly twenty years, freeforming for the past ten but I am a novice GM and writer. “Geezers” is the first game I’ve helped to write and Consequences B will be my first time GMing.

John "Womble" Gathercole
GM for: The Last Days in Peking

I was born on an autumnal day in 1966. unless something radical has changed in between me writing this and you reading it, I'm still alive at the moment. I currently work in GIS - electronic mapping - and as a consequence (Bizarre or otherwise) at work I'm as happy as a sandboy.

In my spare time I do stuff - mostly snoring, to be honest; but gaming stuff as well. I'm also a Scoutleader; I enjoy camping in wild and empty places, and like nothing better than to be sitting around the campfire of an evening, watching the stars through the smoke and the flames dance. I've backpacked around the Highlands and Islands of Scotland 3 times in the last 10 years, the most recent time reaching both the Hebrides and the Orkney Islands.

I've been playing games for nigh-on 30 years, and been LaRPing (freeform and the rubber sword stuff) on-and-off for about 18 of them. I met up with Ian Goolding in the late 80s, and have played, run and created many games with him in the meantime. I've known Jason & Vickie Gorringe for almost as long, and have spent many a pleasent hour in their front room playing and running games, especially Vampire, 7th Sea and various incarnations of Savage Worlds.

I find the playing of LaRPS fun and stimulating, the writing of them challenging, and the running of them hard but rewarding work. If, at the end of a game, people have been entertained and are are happy (in my opinion the most important factors), then I'm happy.

Jason Gorringe
Member of Bid Committee
GM for: The Last Days in Peking

Have been gaming for many years, but only LARPing for 4.

Ran the Junta game at Conception in 2006.

Graham Harper
GM for: The Climbing Game (working title), The Show Must Go On

Melanie "mel" Harper
GM for: The Climbing Game (working title), The Show Must Go On

Part of the Epic Experience (usually the part seen swearing at technology and/or sat up late the night before the game runs)

Alex "Tylorva" Helm
GM for: Blood and the Sun, Fates in Grey, Squaring the Circle

Mad, female, undead-obsessed Evil Overlord. I am half of the writer/organising group Wylde Deluzion. The other half is Rich!

This year we are trying to branch out into new styles and genres. Fates in Grey is a political fantasy game using a setting that has been under development since late 2006. The setting has been used for tabletop games and has been somewhat acclaimed by various people. Blood and the Sun is a mystery/intrigue game inspired by Feudal Japan.

I will happily sell my soul for any of the following: A winning lottery ticket. The last couple of Wraith books needed to complete my collection. World Domination. Success in the global RPG market. A Dark Heresy game. Chocolate.

Mo "Mo" Holkar
Master of the Infinite Web of Possibility
GM for: The Show Must Go On, The Climbing Game (working title)

Member of the Epic Experience team, purveyors of fine freeforms for the discerning since 1993. We ran two games at Consequences A (Veni Vidi Bassethwaite and Interr'd with Their Bones), and we're running two new ones this time round!

Managed the website for Consequences A, and it didn't break too often! Is currently putting in all sorts of spangly improvements for Consequences B.

Su "Su" Jolly
GM for: To say nothing of the Groom

Girlfriend and Ornament. I came late to Gaming, but I seem to have taken to it like a duck to water. Famous mostly as a frock fairy, I'm now getting into crewing, writing and helping to run all sorts of things. Be gentle with me!

Martin Jones
GM for: Best of the Wurst.

Who are you?

I'm just this guy, you know...

What do you want?

Mine'll be a half of Coke please. Oh and a bag of peanuts.

Sue "Queenortart" Lee
GM for: House on the Hill, Diamond Geezers, Intrigue in the Clouds

Uberfrockmeisterfuhrer seeks minions to sacrifice their lives in the pursuit of world domination. Full training given, benefits include excellent pension plan and full dental. Boiler suit and AK47 provided.

Applicants with dependants need not apply.

Peter "IndieRPGPete" Miller
GM for: Arkham Asylum: What Have We Done?

AKA Indie RPG Pete. A terrible person. Never buys drinks (or anything else if he can help it.) Looks down his nose at D&D 3e, or anything played by more than like 8 people worldwide. Fancies himself a legendary GM but never does any prep before a con, and thus ends up writing in his chalet rather than mingling with the other attendees - fortunately for the other attendees.

Has something mean to say about everybody. Despises smokers (not on health grounds, he's just jealous of their ability to annoy more people than him.) Enjoys fighting with latex swords; his weapon of choice is a cavalry sabre. Describes his moves using fencing terms (wrongly) despite never having done any actual fencing in his life.

Will admit to playing Planescape, Reign, Transhuman Space, Trail of Cthulhu and various obscure games from The Forge, as well as D&D 4e (under duress.) Avoid if at all possible.

Tony Mitton
GM for: The Wreckers, The Dilithium War

... is hoping to successfully miss the deadline for Bios (again).

Tym "Tym" Norris
GM for: Diamond Geezers

I've been a gamer since forever. I get to play with X-Rays and very high voltages, so I can claim to be a genuine Mad Scientist.

Georgina "gegi (pronounced G. G.)" Okerson
GM for: Arkham Asylum: What Have We Done?

I am the developer behind Hanako Games, an indie downloadable PC games site. I'm also an anime fan, a fanfic reader, and an angst junkie. I also have a blog where I whine about games a lot (mostly video games, but sometimes board/tabletop as well). Life outside gaming? What's that?

Mik "w00hoo" Reed
GM for: At Least it Isn't Snowing., Coffee and Sugar, One Good Turn, The Flight of the Coyote, Pond Dipping, Yet Another Day in the Corps

Mik Reed has been playing tabletop RPG's since 1981 and has been GMing them for just as long in the vain hope that others will get the hint and run some for him to play in return! Despite being in the hobby for decades he is a relative newcomer to conventions in general and while this is only his second year GMing at cons he feels that the 6 years spent researching how it's done hold him in reasonable stead. That and occasionally players come back for a second game which suggests he is doing something right.

In common with most gamers Mik owns more gaming books than he could ever hope to use and is attempting to make the habit look more like forward planning than plain addiction by running a variety of games at the Con.

It is rumoured that Mik can be bribed with fruit.

Alison Rider Hill
Accommodation Tsaritsa
GM for: The Wreckers, Best of the Wurst.

At Bizarre Consequences, I'm allocating accommodation and co-GMing The Wreckers, a very good game (well I can say that! I didn't write it - two very fine people, Chris and Beth did the hard work and I had a tremendous time playing it in the US).

Richard Salmon
Web Factotum

Long time role-player and freeformer. Part of the writing team for The Siege of Troy.

Andrew "AJ" Smith
GM for: House on the Hill, The Wreckers, Intrigue in the Clouds, The Dilithium War

AJ is a GM-for-Hire, a Bid Committee Muggins and an occasional Plot Doctor. (He is still referring to himself in the 3rd person. Who knows why?).

Mike "Mike(y)" Snowden
006 - licensed to gopher
GM for: House on the Hill, The Dilithium War

The Oracle is in: 5c per pronouncement (in advance, please).

Also known as "Herr Cocktailmeister". Strong men have quaked as they drown a second (or fourth) flagon of whatever Brew I have come upon that night. Women have turned tail and run.

PS - If you need a PA system in a hurry, come and see me.

Mark Steedman
GM for: Trouble at Wagons Rest, Eco Peace or Eco War, Of Theaters and Stage Magic

Well what is there to say.

I have been playing and running roleplaying games for over 20 years. I have been playing freeforms and LARPS for over ten and writing tabletop games for GenconUK since 2001. I've played many good freeforms, seen what makes them work, and a few bad ones, and then been to Peaky (UK freeforms annual freeform writing weekend, to be recommended).

Gary "GaryT" Tierney
GM for: Samedhi Night Live, Time Warp

I'm Gary, husband/chauffeur/slave to DMWCarol - I'm good at doing what I'm told and bumbling around in a generally helpful sort of way. I also chase Scoobies while dressed as a monster, well you gotta have a hobby.

I've been writing and running LARPs for longer than I remember, mostly the hitting things with latex weapons type, but I've dabbled

Anonymised User
GM for: Saints & Sinners

Other half of Mystery In Mind. We've been around for a while and run some games over the years. After a good break we've been persuaded to do a re-run of Saints and Sinners. Whilst this is supposed to be a re-run I wont be able to help myself in making some changes...

Anonymised User
GM for: Fates in Grey

Jenny was born and grew up in Sweden, through no fault of her own. She lives in a small hovel under a bridge, where she splits her time between eating passing children and writing on the Landston RPG universe. Said hovel also has a very lovely view of the local graveyard, where fiendish experiments take place nightly in order to create more minions for her terrible army of the undead.

She's been playing RPG's for about ten years, and always has way more ideas for games, plots and characters than she can possibly do something reasonable with.

Will also gladly sell Alex's soul for chocolate.

Anonymised User
Resident Ulsterman
GM for: Divided Loyalties

I'm the scary looking Ulsterman with the evil goatee and the shaved head.

You can find me at gaming conventions easily enough since I'm the one all in black.

Gaming wise I tend to end up being stereotyped into playing terrorists or psychopaths though for years I've been struggling to get a Mornington Crescent freefrom off the ground.

I'm also Dorset's leading authority on the Forgotten Realms apparently, and I'll also play any tabletop that has the word "horror" wafted anywhere near it.

I have a boring day job (something to do with those flash calculating machines with lots of flashing lights that a certain Mr Babbage invented) but for fits and giggles I'm also studying for a degree in Astrophysics with the OU. If you need to know anything (or everything) about Active Galactic Nuclei or Accretion in Binary Star Systems then I'm yer man!

Anonymised User
Tabletop Side Kick!

Persephonie - The Untold Story

Persephonie was born in the not so distant past of 1978 so is actually a newbie to this world we call Roleplaying. She started playing D&D First Ed in 1997 in a campaign that lasted nearly 2 years, playing a paladin! She then decided to attend her first convention, which just happened to be Conception, with two very drunk friends and a sick day at work! She had a bloody fantastic time and hasn't looked back since. Larping started the same year with a game called Chulthu.

Married with a 2 1/2 year old son Persephonie (better know as Sarah!) doesn't get a lot of time to do much, but still plays on a regular Tuesday night with her Roleplaying Group, which at present is on Serenity but her real joy is in larping and costuming, which she always tries her hand at, if sometimes unsuccessfully!

Very organised and too efficient for her own good, Persephonie works for a Local Housing Association but dreams of being a teacher, if not an actress!!!! She loves rock music and Clive Barker Books, with a smattering of fantasy on the side!!!

Now 30 Sarah is up for pretty much anything, although she cant spell for toffee and is not sure why she is writing this in the third person..... and thinks it should stop!!!

Oh and she's now Brown not Blond!

Thanks for Listening!!!

Persephonie aka Sarah

Anonymised User
GM for: The Celebrity Big House (working title), To say nothing of the Groom

I'm one of the fools that brought you the weekender "Here Be Pyrates" in less than 12 months; (it was fun to do though, most of the time) I have written other rather smaller games and have been a helper and sometime murderer in my husband's murder mystery games. I always have many more ideas in the pipeline than I can actually get time to write down!

I'm also an engineer, a designer, a player, and make endless stuff from fabric, beads, card etc to avoid going doolally when not alo trying to write.

Anonymised User
GM for: The Last Days in Peking

Anonymised User
Bid Com member
GM for: The Last Days in Peking

Hi Folks Have been gaming for more years than I can remember doing a mixture of tabletop games, role-playing games, Larps and Freeforms in many forms. I have been a GM for many years too, running long campaigns in such games as Warhammer RPG and Ars Magica. In my younger days I helped to form the Alder Valley Games Club in Aldershot which is still going strong to this day. I now concentrate my time on Larps and Freeforms attending events throughout the year (esp. “Curious Pastimes”) and designing and writing games which include the “Junta Game” (with John Gathercole and Jason Gorringe) which ran very successfully at Conception 2007 (designing all the Props and doing storyline design and Gm) This was run very successfully last year at Conception and I hope to have a similar success with next years games which I am working on at the moment. I'm one of the Stormlantern Game Design Group (being a close friend of both Oscar and Johns for many years) which debuted at Conception in February 2007 with the 3 x 40 person LARPS. I play many types of characters within the Larps genre and I am a member of the infamous “Scooby Gang” that debuted at Conception 2007 ( I played Fred) which involved the characters out of Scooby Do as real people (great fun). I have met very many good folk at these events and always look forward to seeing friendly faces again each year.

Anonymised User
GM for: Against the Night

Tall, dark and thirty. I work for the government as a day job and study psychology part-time with the Open Uni.

I've organised 40-ish larps, most recently writing the Ars Magica freeform 'And not to Yield' run at ArsCon last year, Stabcon and Nodal Point this year. I've also being experimenting with introducing the Finnish larp 'Serpent of Ash' to a UK audience.

I was an organiser on the international Dragonbane project, and write articles for the larp books published by the Nodal Point nordic larp conventions. Some years ago I contributed to the Ars Magica source book 'Living Legends.' and the D&D source book 'Relics & Rituals'

This will be my first time at Consequences. It's also the first run of 'Against the Night;' a second run next year at Eastercon is also planned.

Anonymised User
GM for: Samedhi Night Live

Anonymised User
Tabletop Master's Gimp
GM for: Legion on 'The Wall'

Have been tabletop roleplaying since a young teenager, nearest I've been involved in a LARP is several visits to Labarinth at Chiselhurst Caves back in the late eighties.

Usually found behind the desk at conception, where I'm likely to be found at consequences.

Like running D6 systems; WEG Star Wars, Feng Shui etc. Enjoy playing anything fast paced.

Anonymised User
GM for: Samedhi Night Live, Time Warp

Anonymised User
GM for: Time Warp

Anonymised User
GM for: Time Warp, Samedhi Night Live

Long time roleleplayer (since a friend bought the D&D Basic set in the 80s), and almost as long time LARPer (of the hitting things with rubber swords, shooting things with IR, variety), thanks to University.

My on-line nick came out of a longrunning game, and has nothing to do with my sense of humour.

Away from gaming (can you get away from gaming?) I'm a professional geek and amatuer sound tech, with a slowly-growing collection of tech-toys. This is now running back into the gaming world, as I'm the Badgirlz LARP tech-monkey.

Gaming highlights include:

Apparently my mind is deliciously twisted.

Anonymised User
GM for: Saints & Sinners

One half of Mystery In Mind. Warcrack addict. Horror addict. Frocking addict.

Anonymised User
GM for: Time Warp, Samedhi Night Live

Firstly, I'm no good at these bio things - so if there's something you want to know about me just ask - the email's shown above and I don't bite unless you ask really nice and sign the consent forms.

In general terms, I can tell you that I have been writing and running LARPs and tabletop RPGs for over 15 years now and playing in them for even longer.

The writing began with a simple weekend long murder mystery for 25 people and it all went downhill from there. Originally I did most of the writing on my own, but having access to deliciously twisted minds to bounce ideas from makes the process so much more fun, so now as well as writing occasional games on my own, I'm part of the BadGirlz LARP crew and together we write several games a year and play in as many as we can.

We've had enormous fun running games at Consequences and Conception - details of which are on our website .

I'm a pagan of the Heathen flavour (or should that be chocolate flavour?) and have a bit of a thing for tentacles, I also feel that LARP is supposed to be fun. Whether that makes any difference to the games I run I'll leave you to decide.

Anonymised User
Mistress of the Arts

I really must be mad doing art for a convention, I once again can't attend. Take heart though, I am still mad enough to cross the pond again in Feb for the weekend long freeform and I do promise to actually be able come to a Consequences someday.

This year’s artwork was extra special for me to create since I am one of the two biggest Alice fans in the world, the other being Kelly MacDougal who many of you met last year. :)

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can't help that,” said the Cat: “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “otherwise you wouldn’t have come here.”
–Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll

Colin "Superman?" Wallace
GM for: Destination: Parts Unknown!

I have two arms, two legs, a head, a bunch of fingers and toes, hair, eyes, at least half a brain, a superman costume, a massive ego, an allergy to cats, £2.48 in change in my pocket, 3 points on my licence, an inferiority complex, a talent for playing the drunk, mad skills and... and.... what was the question?

Oh I fight crime.

Brian Williams
GM for: House on the Hill, Intrigue in the Clouds

Brian has written and run (usually with the able help AJ Smith) many successful 4-hour freeforms both here and in the US at Intercon. This includes the The Man In Black, Council of Fennas Drunin and Cardolani Succession. Various misguided individuals (Mikey, Sue and Steve) have volunteered to help him and AJ run The House on the Hill and Intrigue in the Clouds this time around.

Richard Wood
GM for: Blood and the Sun, Fates in Grey

Janet Young
Finance Consigliere

Janet is In Charge of Finances and Dice Cake.