"I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted, I am only very, very curious." (Albert Einstein)

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A Matter of Providence
by Ian Goolding, John Gathercole, Robert Smith

A Matter of Providence:
A LARP set in early 18th century colonial America.
A game of suspicion, accusation and dark revelation.

Air Today, Gone Tomorrow?
by Mel Dymond Harper and Mo Holkar
It's chocks away at Bassethwaite International Airport as the world's press assemble to watch the maiden flight of Mammon Inc.'s new luxury airliner. Tickets are like gold dust, but before you board will you be able to cope with stress? drugs? incomparably bad singing? smuggling?... and that's just the pilots. Will the flight lift up, up and away, or will Mammon's hopes crash and burn on the runway?

All's Well That Ends
by Russell Harris, Heidi Kaye, Anthony Winter, Jane Winter, AJ Smith
Plague stalks the streets of Elizabethan London. The Swan Theatre has been closed, and tonight's performance of Kit Marlowe's well-received Doctor Faustus has been cancelled. Disgruntled patrons and theatre folk alike are crammed into a low tavern, The Final Curtain - the very place that Marlowe's corpse was discovered just hours previously.

Almost Crazy
by Mel Dymond Harper and Mo Holkar
It's the Summer of Love, and one small town in northern England isn't going to miss out on the mellow peace vibe. Bassethwaite Music Festival is the cosmic event of the year, particularly for bands who didn't get invited to any of the decent festivals. We follow two such bands of idealistic struggling newcomers, as they chase the dream to become... Almost Crazy.

Careless Talk
by Tony Mitton

A fairly light-hearted game of comedy Home Guard troops, paratrooping nuns and Cthulhoid monstrosities.

Dance and Danseability
by Alison Rider Hill and AJ Smith
Spend an hour on Sunday preparing for Sharp and Sensibility by learning the dances which may be danced at Court, at Almack's and elsewhere... It is also possible that, in this private Dance party, the waltz may be introduced even though the Patronesses have not yet given their Approval.

Fury's Vengeance
by Alex Helm, Rich Wood
The Imperium of Man faces a terrifying threat from ever-ravenous alien invasions. But can the locals work together to stop it, or are they all doomed? This game is based upon the 'Warhammer 40K/Dark Heresy' game setting.

by Sue
Ops Desk

Realm of the Munchkin
by Carol Tierney, Gary Tierney, Andy Brown, Carl Williams

Adventurers wanted to fight monsters, steal treasure and stab your buddy win fame and glory.

State of Aggression
by Alex Helm, Rich Wood, Jenny Andersson
A dark fantasy game of politics and intrigue. A diplomatic meeting is called to try and bring peace between rival nations. However, once again many seek to twist things for their own ends. This is a follow-up to 'Fates in Grey', but new players are more than welcome.

The Ghosts of Urquhart
by Tony Mitton, A.J. Smith and Sue Lee

A rip-roaring game of Victorian science, adventure and interplanetary travel. With gadgets.

The Quest for El Dorito
by Mo Holkar and Mel Dymond Harper
A group of conquistadors seek the legendary City of Gold. But will squabbles and wrangles undo their expedition before it can triumph? (Yes, probably.)

Toy Story
by Nickey Barnard and DT
A game of back-stabbing, intrigue and tea parties. It's not all lollipops and sherbert in Toyland, you know.

Transhuman Space: Islandia Nights
by Peter Miller

Are you human?

The year is 2100. Genetic engineering, AI and mind uploading are commonplace. A wealthy businessman is holding a party on the space habitat Islandia, and you're invited. But are the other guests just here to have fun? Are they all what they seem? And are you?

Veterans' Day
by Clare Gardner/Mike Grace/Alex Helm/Martin Jones/Adrian Smith/Mike Snowden

25 years ago was the age of Superheroes, who saved the Earth from the Alien threat. Today we celebrate the end of the war, and honour their sacrifice, with the last remaining veterans.

You are cordially invited to attend. Formal dress is advised.

Victoria Junction - All Change Please!
by Nickey Barnard, Jerry Elsmore, Alex Jones, Sue Lee, Tym Norris, Mark Steedman
The sleepy junction station at Temple Normaton, where the privately owned Woodthorpe Junction Railway meets the North Midlands Railway, has become a hive of activity today as it prepares for the arrival of Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria.

This is a horde game which will have 6 cast characters who will remain as the same characters throughout the game and then a horde group who will play roles for as little as 30 seconds up to an hour or so, as passengers, hotel guests, and assorted others. We aim for things to stay on track and for no-one to get ideas above their Station

by Carol Tierney, Gary Tierney, Andy Brown, Carl Williams
It's been years since world peace was declared and the heroes were outlawed. People all over the planet have enjoyed a time of great prosperity and harmony. But the peace has been broken, a new super villain has appeared and there is literally nothing to stop him. Nothing except you - the old heroes.

Games will be scheduled on the day -- if you have a request, please talk to the convention's Table Top staff.