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A Matter of Providence

Author(s):Ian Goolding, John Gathercole, Robert Smith
Game EMail:bob_ooc AT hotmail DOT com
John "Womble" Gathercole    trollkin66 AT hotmail DOT com
Anonymised User    anonymised AT ishtari DOT co DOT uk
Organization:Strawberry Dragon
Home Page:www.strawberrydragon.co.uk
Male Players:Min: 17 / Max: 17
Female Players:Min: 13 / Max: 13
Neutral Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Total Players: Min: 30 / Max: 30

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In 1692, in the highlands of Scotland, one clan butchered another in the darkness of Glen Coe. In that same year - in Salem, Massachusetts - another kind of darkness caused a community to turn upon themselves in a frenzy of witch trials. But these were not the darkest deeds to occur in this infamous year. Something else happened; something monstrous.

Now, over 20 years later, the small town of Providence has sent out a call for a Magistrate to investigate and resolve the cases of 4 grisly deaths. Whispered voices in hushed corners speak of curses besetting the small town, of angered spirits & vengeful devils coming for peoples' very souls. The townsfolk quake in fear of who will be next, and cling to the hope that the Magistrate will somehow save them all.

But there are those in Providence who have no wish for justice to dig too deeply. Some here have dark secrets buried in the village; secrets far worse than simple murder…..

Strawberry Dragon presents:

A Matter of Providence:
A LARP set in early 18th century colonial America.
A game of suspicion, accusation and dark revelation.

Gathercole, John

"I'm alive; everything else is subject to negotiation"

I've helped run some games, and played some more. For me, the first and only criteria to judge if a freeform larp is successful is if the players had a good time. Everything else is essentially secondary.

User, Anonymised

Never quite sure what to write on these things...

...is this thing on?.... ...guess so....

...I've been involved in running games of one type or another for more years than I care to remember. No plan survives contact with players is an axiom I try to run every game by and the most important criteria is STILL that everyone enjoys themselves :)

User, Anonymised

Hi Guys. Been gaming for more years than i care to remember. Now on the Consequences Bid com. Now roleplaying just for the fun of it all. Enjoy writing side of the larps being a member of "Stormlantern", "Rapier Media" and now the new "Strawberrydragon" groups who have or who are running some of the larps.

Really enjoy seeing old friends again at these events Ian G