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The Quest for El Dorito

Author(s):Mo Holkar and Mel Dymond Harper
Game EMail:info AT epic-experience DOT org DOT uk
Melanie "mel" Harper    mel AT herald DOT co DOT uk
Mo "Mo" Holkar    mo AT epic-experience DOT org DOT uk
Organization:The Epic Experience
Home Page:http://www.epic-experience.org.uk
Male Players:Min: 5 / Max: 5
Female Players:Min: 5 / Max: 5
Neutral Players:Min: 5 / Max: 5
Total Players: Min: 15 / Max: 15

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Legends tell of the fabulously wealthy South American city of El Dorito, its streets paved with chips of gold. Many have sought riches and glory questing to find it – and perished in the attempt. The ill-assorted crews of conquistadors aboard the /Soplar Fuerte/ and the /Cuadro de Cerebro/ must each, no doubt, have their own ambitions for how to spend the treasure, should they succeed in locating El Dorito and claiming its prize. But can they set aside the quarrels and differences of the voyage, and of their pasts, to face the challenges of the quest together? As the old Spanish proverb says – those who can't hang together, will surely be massacred by justifiably peeved natives.

Harper, Melanie

Usually to be found writing games in a hurry, and/or swearing at technology.

Holkar, Mo

Member of the Epic Experience team, purveyors of fine freeforms for the discerning since 1993. At previous Consequenceses we've run Veni Vidi Bassethwaite, Interr'd with Their Bones, Over the Edge and The Show Must Go On.

Mo also administers the Consequences website.