"I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted, I am only very, very curious." (Albert Einstein)

Don't Rest Your Head

Author(s):Mik Reed
Game EMail:w00hoo AT yahoo DOT com
Mik "w00hoo" Reed    w00hoo AT yahoo DOT com
Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 2 / Max: 6
Total Players: Min: 2 / Max: 6

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System: Don't Rest Your Head
This will be a classic running of the Indie game 'Don't Rest Your Head'. Characters will be created at the table with Madness Talents picked randomly from 'Don't Lose Your Mind'

Once created we'll draw the skills, paths and 'what just happened' scenes of the characters together with the intention of building a fun and involved game seeing how the characters lives progress in both the City Slumbering and the Mad City itself.

No prior knowledge needed, just enthusiasm. Maturity required as it is highly likely the game will move in dark directions.

Reed, Mik