"I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted, I am only very, very curious." (Albert Einstein)

Submitting a Tabletop Game

We are seeking out a diverse selection of tabletops.

We encourage new authors to submit games as much as we recruit experienced authors, but we would suggest a maximum of two games in this case.

If you are an established GM we would welcome a maximum of three submissions, in the initial stages.

We'd like to give lots of people a chance to run a game, we're interested in what you have to propose.

I want to submit a game!

Please fill out the submission form with as much information as possible.



What kind of games are you looking for?

When do I have to get my game submitted by?

What happens when I submit my game?

Why submit early?

What do I have to know if I become a GM at the con?

Con GM Policies and Services

Submission Deadlines

It is Consequences’ goal to have a great schedule of games up as early as possible.

Games submitted before the following deadlines will be evaluated in a timely manner.

Round Bid Deadline Decision Date
First: April 15th April 19th
Second: July 15th July 19th

Consequences actively solicits submission of games in the months leading up to the convention. As the convention attendance grows, based on registration numbers, we may need a third round.

Why Submit Early?

There are several great reasons to get your game submission in early:

  • You're likelier to get the time slot you desire. As the schedule fills, the prime time slots fill up.
  • Your game gets more publicity and advertising.

This will not stop you from turning up with a game on the day and running it. It just means that you won’t get advanced publicity for it.

If you have any questions, please ask our Bid Chair: dreamchilde AT gmail DOT com