"I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted, I am only very, very curious." (Albert Einstein)

Who's Who at Consequences C

John "Have Dice" Amos
Tabletop Whiz
GM for: The Destiny of Dhoesone, Who's that Knocking?

John is one the original founders of the Have Dice roleplaying club, back in the days when Attacks of Opportunity were merely the stuff of a madman's dreams. The club ran in John's secluded home village of Wimborne St Giles for many years, and the club's move to Poole both amazes and frightens him, as he explores the wonders of the Pelican crossing and the horseless carriages that thunder down the bustling highways. If you want to play a tabletop game go to the admin desk and ask what is available you may be amazed that is what we'd like to think anyway. If you've brought ad-hoc games with you please let the desk know. Perhaps we can find gamers who want to play, if you can't find what yiou want I'll run something anyway and you can play that if you wish. Whoop - whoop - elderly gamer coming through!!!

Anon Anon
GM for: Grand Master & Overlord of the Universe

Nickey "Nickey" Barnard
GM for: Toy Story

Steve "Steve" Bassett

Dream Cloutman-Green
BidCom Chair and Contessa de Cocktail

Mrs Dream Cloughtman-Green is the cap stone of the great pyramid that is Evil Twin Incorporated. She has been a player, GM and general gamer for many years and her most recent credits include the acclaimed ‘Destination: Parts Unknown!’. Dream has just finished organising and running the ground breaking extravaganza ‘The Cloutman-Green Wedding: Take the centre piece, but please don’t remove the Elder signs!’ this was a one off game never to be run again and happily no Elder Gods were released in its running… though the best man did sell his soul to Asaroth for a couple of the jokes in his speech.

It is often said that “behind every great man is a greater woman”, a little known saying is that “behind every great man is a ninja waiting to strike” thankfully Dream is the master of 7 different forms of hand to hand combat so her new husband, Jon, has nothing to fear… except leaving the toilet seat up.

Jon "Jon" Cloutman-Green
Grand Pooh-bah. GM Liaison.

Lord of all he surveys (when the curtains are drawn) Jon will be acheiving an unbroken record 3rd time as GM Liaison at Consequences a record so far unbeaten by any challengers.
Despite this Jon won't be letting any of this power go to his head and will be serving those hard working GM's who have worked so hard to run games this year.

Having run a game last year as part of Evil Twin inc (we'll be back with more games next year) Jon really does appreciate the work that goes into running a game so if you have any requests or problems just seek me out no matter what I'm doing and I'll see what can be done to help.

In RL Jon will also be loooking forward to his first gaming con as a married man and will be accompanied by his blushing bride, Dream.

Stephen Ellis
GM for: Battlestar Galactica Board Game

Clare Gardner
GM for: Veterans' Day

John "Womble" Gathercole
GM for: A Matter of Providence

"I'm alive; everything else is subject to negotiation"

I've helped run some games, and played some more. For me, the first and only criteria to judge if a freeform larp is successful is if the players had a good time. Everything else is essentially secondary.

Jason Gorringe
Member of Bid Committee

Long time tabletop games (started in 1982/83) but have only nbeen LARPing for about 5 years.

Have written/run Junta at Conception and Last Days in Peking last year.

Graham Harper
GM for: Air Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Graham is bag carrier, IT support and occasional proofreader and NPC for the Epic Experience.

Melanie "mel" Harper
GM for: Air Today, Gone Tomorrow?, The Quest for El Dorito, Almost Crazy

Usually to be found writing games in a hurry, and/or swearing at technology.

Alex "Tylorva" Helm
GM for: State of Aggression, Fury's Vengeance

Future Overlord of the entire world GALAXY!!!! Down with the Emperor!!!

Also one half of the Wylde Deluzion writing group. This year we are running Fury's Vengeance, a game set in the Warhammer 40K universe, and State of Aggression, another game set in the utterly awesome (imho anyway) Landston game setting.

Is still offering her soul up for chocolate.

Mo "Mo" Holkar
Master of the Infinite Web of Possibility
GM for: Air Today, Gone Tomorrow?, The Quest for El Dorito, Almost Crazy

Member of the Epic Experience team, purveyors of fine freeforms for the discerning since 1993. At previous Consequenceses we've run Veni Vidi Bassethwaite, Interr'd with Their Bones, Over the Edge and The Show Must Go On.

Mo also administers the Consequences website.

Martin Jones
GM for: Veterans' Day

If I made a truly awful pun in this Bio would that make it a Biohazard?

Sue "Queenortart" Lee
GM for: Victoria Junction - All Change Please!, The Ghosts of Urquhart, All's Well That Ends

Purveyor of frocky gamey goodness and all round cat herder and cake pusher.

I'm GMing AWTE, JV ACP, and GoU, and whilst I do like a nice abbreviation, I accept that it is entirely possible that none of the above are a nice abbreviation.

I never ever chose death when cake is the other option and I'll fight to the death if necessary to enforce that.

Peter "IndieRPGPete" Miller
GM for: Transhuman Space: Islandia Nights

Inveterate procrastinator, will get to this later.


Oh dear.

Tony Mitton
GM for: Careless Talk, The Ghosts of Urquhart

Tym "Tym" Norris
GM for: Victoria Junction - All Change Please!

Georgina "gegi (pronounced G. G.)" Okerson
GM for: Transhuman Space: Islandia Nights

Mik "w00hoo" Reed
GM for: Lamposts in Bloom, The Stars Weren't Right, Weasels Razors Ride Again!, Any Old Port!, Don't Rest Your Head

Nathan Richards
GM for: Careless Talk

No, I am not 'that' Nathan! Who am I? Well, that is the great question, isn't it. You want what? My credentials? I'm don't want another credit card, thank you. How many years have I been playing games? Have you been talking to my boss? As a gamer? I'm not telling anyone that! It would make me sound positively geriatric. Yes, I know I am 40 years old this year, thank you very much! Why does anyone want to know anyway? Because I'm running a game? I am? I promised Tony Mitton last year that I'd help him run 'Careless Talk'? I must have been drunk. No, I'm not normally drunk.. only most of the time. How many games have I played? I don't remember. No, it's not because I was drunk in all of them! Only some of them. The bad ones. Well, there was this murder mystery game at Gencon one year where my character was one line: "You are the French chef. Did you kill him? No". Some went bad, some went mad and some ran away. No, I'm not talking about the characters, I am talking about the players. Which one did I do? You be the judge of that. I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way, ha ha. I am more sinned against than sinning! All right, yes, it is a lie. No, seriously, I have a certificate to say I am absolutely sane. I can produce a dozen witnesses to say the Doctor did not sign it under duress. Games I have written? Well, there was one. It had Brad Pitt in it. No, the film of the nearly same name, not the game! Talk in rhyme? All the time. Careless Talk? No, I thought about it very carefully, actually. Oh, the game? No, I did not write it but I wish I had written it. Of course, if it goes well, I'll claim I wrote it but if it goes badly then it's all Tony's fault. Have I run it before? No. All right, yes. Maybe. I don't remember. The nun in the leather raincoat with the beard? No, I am pretty sure I didn't snog him.. I think I would have remembered that!! Oh, you said 'Surely I didn't 'miss' him?'. I thought you said.. something else anyway. Are we nearly there yet? I need the toilet. Can I go now? I can? Goodbye.

Alison Rider Hill
Accommodation Tsaritsa
GM for: Dance and Danseability

You mean last year's Bio doesn't just get copied over? Oh, goodness, well... me... I allocate accommodation at Consequences. Accommodation Tsaritsa - why Tsaritsa - well it was a game.... of course it was a game... And also this year, I'm teaming up with AJ to do a session on Sunday afternoon of Consequences

Dance and Danceability: A quick and dirty introduction to some very very basic historical dance (ie country dances and the-waltz-for-everyone-who-can-count-to-six... well three twice if that helps you ... after all, on the Sunday afternoon of Consequences can you guarantee to count to six?

Looking forward to great games and lots of catching up ...

Richard Salmon
Web Factotum
GM for: Careless Talk

I've been playing in freeforms since 'Home of the Bold' at Convulsion in 1992.

In 2004 I was part of the writing and GM team for 'The Siege of Troy' (well we ran it in 2004, we started writing it it 1999!)

I played in 'Careless Talk' at Gencon, had a great time and have been hassling Tony to run it again. Last year Nathan and I offered to help GM it if he would submit it - I think the phrase I'm looking for is 'hoist on my own petard' . . .

Adrian Smith
GM for: Veterans' Day

Andrew "AJ" Smith
GM for: Dance and Danseability, The Ghosts of Urquhart, All's Well That Ends

AJ wishes to apologise for the many liberties taken with Elizabethan history during the creation of All's Well That Ends. However, he was telling the truth when he said that the game has:

In fact, in a dim light, it could almost be mistaken for history. From afar. With one eye closed. While asleep.

Mike "Mike(y)" Snowden
006 - licensed to gopher
GM for: Veterans' Day

Psst - Want a dodgy cocktail mixed, some malt whiskey, a PA system? How about an Excel Spreadsheet to mail merge your ability cards? I'm your man.

Now step this way and I'll make you see stars....

Mark Steedman
GM for: Victoria Junction - All Change Please!

I been writing and running tabletop games for more years than i care to admit to.

I have been playing freeforms for a while... and thanks Peaky had a hand in writing a few.

David Townsend
GM for: Toy Story

Anonymised User
Mistress of the Arts

So once again, it’s another bio and another year that I can’t make it across the pond for Consequences. Though, never fear, I will be over for Sharp & Sensibility.

As Mistress of the Arts, I’ve designed the look for the convention. It’s always my pleasure to share my talent with the convention.

Have fun at C and have a pint for me.

Anonymised User
Tabletop Side Kick!

Hi all

For those that don't know me I'm the one that keeps changing her hair colour!!

I'm Persephonie, I'm 31 years old and I feel like a spring chicken!! I have a nearlly 4 year old boy and a 5 week old baby who thankfully loves to sleep at night :)

I love larping and roleplaying, but I don't get to do it as often as I'd like.

Far too busy for most things but I seem to fit a full time job, part time training consultant on the side and a mother and wife in the mix, surprised my husband hasn't had a nervous break down yet! - Then again he has his Rock Band!

Hope to see even more people at Consequences C - Hoping to pop down for the day on Friday - so everyone better be there!!!

Waiting for Bad Girlz to write Blood Manor 2!!!

If there is anything you wanna know about me that you don't know just ask :)


Anonymised User
GM for: Watching, Realm of the Munchkin

Official Bad girl - the non-techie one who does most of the typing and uses that as an excuse to add extra evil twists to our writing. Lover of larp, corsets, chocolate, mead and bpal - not necessarily in that order.

Anonymised User
Tabletop Master's Gimp

Duncan has been tabletop roleplaying since a young teenager, while the nearest he's been involved in a LARP is several visits to Labyrinth at Chiselhurst Caves back in the late eighties.

He is usually found behind the desk at Conception, Consequences and Indiecon and likes running D6 systems; WEG Star Wars, Feng Shui etc. and enjoys playing anything fast paced.

He also owns a wide range of medieval and Roman weaponry and armour which he teaches Living History in, though this fact has no connection whatsoever with his money collecting duties...

The sight of a D20 Star Wars rulebook makes him explode with rage, for no apparent reason.

Anonymised User
Bid Com member
GM for: A Matter of Providence

Hi Guys. Been gaming for more years than i care to remember. Now on the Consequences Bid com. Now roleplaying just for the fun of it all. Enjoy writing side of the larps being a member of "Stormlantern", "Rapier Media" and now the new "Strawberrydragon" groups who have or who are running some of the larps.

Really enjoy seeing old friends again at these events Ian G

Anonymised User
GM for: Watching, Realm of the Munchkin

Ah, a fresh, new bio page, a blank sheet upon which to work my magic... That'd be easier if I could make it make a noise or blow up.

The techy part of Badgirlz LARP, I've been involved in various kinds of roleplaying for longer than I'd care to think about, but at least it keeps out of trouble. Or at least in the sort of trouble I can cope with.

Professional geek, and amature sound-tech, though wishing that was the other way round, I'm currently plotting how to make things even more spectacular on a very small budget.

Anonymised User

Anonymised User
GM for: Watching, Realm of the Munchkin

Age 40
Part of the bad girls writting team and general walking chaos machine.

End bio

if you need more ask people that know me.

Anonymised User
GM for: State of Aggression

I'm the Swede! Oh, you want more? Damn. I'm twenty-four (twenty-five by the time of Consequences), and I grew up and live in Sweden. I was dragged into the british RP scene by happenstance and Alex Helm, who is a force of nature of her own. I study acting while lazying about with games and writing, and I hope one day to be an awesome person who isn't awkward at all! I also seem to collect half-finished projects.

Anonymised User
GM for: A Matter of Providence

Never quite sure what to write on these things...

...is this thing on?.... ...guess so....

...I've been involved in running games of one type or another for more years than I care to remember. No plan survives contact with players is an axiom I try to run every game by and the most important criteria is STILL that everyone enjoys themselves :)

Anonymised User
GM for: Watching, Realm of the Munchkin

Anonymised User
Resident Ulsterman

I'm the bloke who lurks about the place ranting about how the Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker metric solutions to Einstein's Field Qquations of General Relativity don't take into account the space-time bending presence of the Great Old Ones.

Alternatively for those of you inhabiting Minkowski spacetime, if you talk nicely to me, I'll cook for you. Maximum levels of Garlic and Chilli compulsory.

Brian Williams
GM for: All's Well That Ends

I wrote one of these last year... I wonder what it said? Perhaps I should look it up and type it in again...

Richard Wood
GM for: Fury's Vengeance, State of Aggression

Janet Young
Finance Consigliere

Just the money. I play the games and I take-a da money. Capish?