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Ribbon Drive

Author(s):Joe McDonald
Game EMail:w00hoo AT yahoo DOT com
Mik "Mik" Reed    w00hoo AT yahoo DOT com
Lead GM:Mik Reed (although more a facilitator)
Game System:Ribbon Drive
Information for Players:Contact me for more info if you want to make a CD up for this game, although I'm going to give you the basic details here anyway. CD's should run from 40-80 minutes and need to be able to play in a standard CD player. The mix on the CD should be themed in some way that you think you can represent with a title. For instance, Childhood Lost or The Destruction of Small Things. You will need a print out of the lyrics for each of the first two songs in case the CD becomes the basis for the game.

At the beginning of the game we'll randomly pick a CD from the collection and play the first song while having the lyrics to hand in case they are difficult to comprehend. We'll then discuss the game we're about to play based on ideas and interpretations from the song we've just heard. We'll then follow up with the second song and from the two create the characters in the story we're about to tell, with one of the aspects of each character based on a line of the song.

It's worth having the first two songs be reasonably in depth, while instrumentals work fine later in the CD they'd be a bit difficult as the first two tracks, equally very lyric light stuff could make things harder...

Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 2 / Max: 3
Total Players: Min: 2 / Max: 3

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System: Ribbon Drive
Ribbon Drive is a GMless story telling game about road trips in, pretty much always, America. It uses themed mix CD's in play and while I'll have sufficient with me if you want to bring one along that would be great. You'll also need a copy of the lyrics from the first two songs as they're quite important ones if the game gets based on your CD.

Characters are created at the start of the game, partially based on the songs from a random CD, and every game is different.

Reed, Mik

Mik Reed has been around for ages, he has written and co-written a number of SFLRP games and some freeforms along with writing and running numerous tabletop games. He sometimes talks when it would be better for him to shut up, he often doesn't talk then wishes he had later. Some people seem to quite like him, draw what inferences from that that you will.