"What is drama, but life with the dull bits cut out?" (Alfred Hitchcock)

Dramatic Consequences, November 18-21, 2010, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

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An Ecumenical Matter
by Nickey Barnard, Matt Bull, Philippa Dall, Mike Grace, Steve Hatherley
An Ecumenical Matter is set in the diocese of Peaky-in-the-Sea, following the tragic death of Father Francis. As Father Francis was going to be promoted to the position of Bishop of the Diocese of Peaky-in-the-Sea (Rocky Island, Stony Island and Pebbly Island), this now leaves the position open…

B.A.D. Books
by Mo Holkar, Mel Dymond Harper, Graham Harper
"This afternoon, why not pop down to Bassethwaite And District Books, your premier local independent retailer of reading matter? There's everything from the latest bestsellers to the most arcane literary curiosities. And local girl made good, Paige Turner, will be signing copies of her hard-hitting autobiography Shaking Off My Roots – and talking about how she overcame the disadvantages of growing up in Bassethwaite to become the renowned gardening writer she is today. We here at Basset FM will be covering the event live, so it's also your opportunity to meet me, Jenny Taylor, and the crew.
"In other unrelated news, police have identified the human remains that were recently found buried near the sixth-form clubhouse at Alderman Evans Memorial High School. Inspector Seymor, leading the investigation for Bassetshire Constabulary, announced that the body is that of teenager Barry Cade – a pupil at the school who disappeared nearly twenty years ago. The cause of death has not yet been established, but the Inspector said that 'some sort of ghastly occult ritual' seems to have been involved."

Big Brujah
by carol tierney, andy brown, gary tierney
Are you a creature of the night? Exclusive opening for the right soul - one night only - Interview for a Vampire - Casting Party - Dark Horses Nightclub, First night of the dark moon, after dark.

Blood on the Carpet
by Dave Collis
D, is for drama. We are however thoroughly English and therefore there is no crisis, just the Throne of Amber to be won, the only Throne that counts. The drama though is waiting to happen – lies, death, and an ardent desire to win above all.

Davy Jones' Locker
by Mark Schaefer
Blackheart the pirate, scourge of the Caribbean, is dead. But where is his treasure? And where are his revenge-seeking crew?

Destination: Parts Unknown!
by Dream Cloutman-Green, Jon Cloutman-Green, Colin Wallace
On 28th of October 1910 the Royal Geographical Society placed an advertisement within the pages of both The Inquirer and The Times. On April 15th 1912 as per the last will and testament of the late Catherine Langford, the Royal Geographical Society will be holding an open evening to receive bids for the funding of a global expedition to investigate and research the origins of the Atlantis mythology.

With such an enigmatic and mysterious invitation what manor of daring do gooder will feel compelled to rise to the occasion and what fiendish villains will be tempted to seize this opportunity for their own gains?

The Royal Geographical Society is in mourning after the death of Catherine Langford. The widow Langford is survived by her only daughter Georgina. Both a loving mother and devoted wife she was known to be a forward thinking if not eccentric authority on the origins of civilization, publishing many acclaimed papers and continuing to have an active role in the Royal Geographical Society up until she died peacefully in her sleep.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!
by Steve Hatherley, Tony Mitton

Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel gather in Los Angeles' Caritas Karaoke bar to celebrate the birthday of the world-famous Jonathan.

Haunted - "Revamped"
by carol tierney, andy brown, gary tierney
The TV show "Englands Most Haunted Houses" has gone to visit a remote country house - it had been abandoned for many years until a recent film crew from a rival TV show went in - they haven't been seen since. Uncovering the mystery of what happened to them will make great television!

Hollywood Lives
by Kevin Jacklin and Reiner Knizia
Hollywood Lives by Kevin Jacklin and Reiner Knizia. Become a Hollywood star for an evening of moviemaking mayhem. See such classics as 'The Maltese Pigeon' or 'Gunfight at Tiffany's' come to life before your very eyes. And then vote on the winning movies at the academy awards!

Les Invités Non Invités
by Matt Nixon, Mik Reed & David Kirkham

'Les Invités Non Invités' is A Dark Ages Cthulhu freeform for 15 players blending the political intrigue of humanity with the power struggles of those beyond. Wedding festivities in a provincial duchy are destined to become a day to remember, for those that still can.

Loft Treasures
by Mel Dymond Harper, Graham Harper, Mo Holkar
The excitement is palpable as this month sees Bassethwaite play host for the first time to the hit BSkyBBC show "Loft Treasures". What priceless (or worthless) masterpieces will the residents of this historic northern town unearth from their attics and garages? What wonders will their ancestors have bequeathed to them? Perhaps viewers will even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the legendary Bassethwaite Harness, handed down from ferret-handler to ferret-handler through the generations. And will Basset Hall see the revelation of a well-loved presenter's retirement? Tune in to find out…

Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair
by Graham Arnold, Nickey Barnard, Jon Cloutman-Green, Dream Cloutman-Green, Clare Gardner,Sue Lee
It's December 24th 1933 and tonight is the traditional Christmas Eve party which has been hosted by the Asquith-Jones family of Cerne Abbas, Dorset for at least three generations.

It’s a vitally important event for the family as it is the one occasion every year that the Asquith-Jones use to demonstrate how much taste, sophistication and most importantly money they have in comparision to the St John-Smythe family. Plus they get to show the St John-Smythe family how to throw a party before the St John Smythe's New Years Eve party.

Night Train
by Tony Mitton, Traci Whitehead, Charlie Paull, Su Jolly, Roger Gammas, Tym Norris

It is a perfectly ordinary day when you got on the train. How were you to know all was not quite as it seemed? Your life and your fate are in your hands on the Night Train. You are heading towards your destiny, but where will you get off?

by The Uberfrockmeister Fuhrer and the SOP pixies
Ops, it's not so much a game as a vocation.

Siege Mentality
by J. Tuomas Harviainen, Roger Gammans
A 'traditional' style zombie plague has hit the town, you and a few other people have managed to hole up. Can you survive and get to long term safety?

by Mike Young
Slash is the game of really bad internet fan fiction.

Slash will contain adult themes and situations and is REALLY not suitable for players under the age of eighteen

The Clockwork Café
by Brian Williams, AJ Smith
It’s 1905. On the shores of Lake Geneva stands the exclusive Clockwork Café. Run by the enigmatic Richard Blanc, it doubles as the secret meeting place of the Society of Lady and Gentleman Adventurers. Here the spies, adventurers, master-criminals and detectives of the Great European Powers meet on neutral territory to exchange tales of daring-do.

The Day the Music Died
by Heidi Kaye, Janet Young, Jerry Elsmore, Jim Ashby, Kath Banks
It's 1965 and the FAB Music Awards have just had a shock result with the relatively unknown Lovebirds taking first prize. Join musicians, record promoters and the press at the after awards party aboard Radio Rebecca just before DJ John Corr plays the winning record on his Evening Show.

The Fall of the House of Basset
by Mo Holkar, Mel Dymond Harper
Ever wondered what story lies behind the blackened, ruined mansion on top of Basset Hill? Probably not, because we’ve never mentioned before that there is one. But there is! – and now's your chance to live its legend, in this Gothic-tinged late-Victorian melodrama freeform. Expect port-glugging hedonism, downtrodden millworkers, mysterious forces of the occult, never-darken-my-door disinheritings, atmospheric crashes of thunder, cloaked strangers, sinister circus folk and much, much more in… The Fall Of The House Of Basset!

The Highgate Club
by Adrian Smith, Steve Hatherley, Cat Tobin, Alan Paull, Mark Steedman, Philippa Dall
There are gentlemen's clubs. There are clubs for estate agents, engineers, policemen and lawyers. There are the Masons. Then there is the Highgate Club, which caters for those who live extra-ordinary lives.

Tonight the auction for “the Volcano” is being held. The Volcano, and its remote Pacific island (which has been named St Martin’s-in-the-Pacific).

The Linfarn Run
by Tony Mitton

Five years after the War, unregistered light-trader Kestrel makes a routine run to the Linfarn system with a motley collection of passengers and cargo aboard. It's just another routine trip; just another pay-day.

The Quality of Mercy
by Alex Helm, Jenny Andersson, Rich Wood, Carl Williams
An occupied city is about to undergo a vote to determine its future place in the world. But many across the world may try and influence the vote for their own purposes. Meanwhile, are there far greater issues at stake?

Wylde Deluzion presents a game of dark fantasy politics, intrigue and world-changing consequences. This is third in a series that has run at Consequences over the last few years. Returning players and new players are all very welcome.

Time for Tea
by Dream Cloutman-Green, Jon Cloutman-Green, Colin Wallace
In a future where the British Empire still reigns supreme, tea is all. Tea is the supplier of moral fibre to the human race allowing its continued success through out the galaxy, reguardless of the jolly foreigner races that keep insisting otherwise. The war on the edges of the Empire has been running for over 5 years now and the tea supply has been streached by the need to supply ships so far away in order to avoid overwhelming failure. This has caused the price of tea within the rest of the empire to rise to the point where riots have been politely implied on some planets if extra tea is not provided soon. Imagine the devastation therefore when the Empires largest tea freighter was 'tea napped'!

It is essential for the future of the Empire that the tea is returned and so a negotiation team has been sent to the nearest space station in order to ensure its return. However in a Universe where radical Beanists threaten to destroy the true leaf and infusiantistas have started to refute the benefits of the blessed caffine can the negotiations succeed

Join Evil Twin Inc for a game of Victorians in space with tea! Muffins to be provided

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