"What is drama, but life with the dull bits cut out?" (Alfred Hitchcock)

Dramatic Consequences, November 18-21, 2010, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

Time for Tea

Author(s):Dream Cloutman-Green, Jon Cloutman-Green, Colin Wallace
Game EMail:dreamchilde AT gmail DOT com
Dream "Dream" Cloutman-Green    dreamchilde AT gmail DOT com
Jon "Jon" Cloutman-Green    jonathan DOT cloutman AT gmail DOT com
Andrew "Random_Chaos" Ditchburn    random_chaos1 AT hotmail DOT com
Colin "Superman?" Wallace    spoil_it AT hotmail DOT com
Lead GM:Jon Cloutman-Green
Organization:Evil Twin Inc
Game System:none
Information for Players:Come prepared to drink tea
Male Players:Min: 11 / Max: 11
Female Players:Min: 7 / Max: 7
Neutral Players:Min: 4 / Max: 4
Total Players: Min: 22 / Max: 22

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In a future where the British Empire reigns supreme, tea provides moral fibre and gives the Empire it's stiff upper lip that enables it to bring civilisation to the far flung corners of the galaxy regardless of whether Johnny Foreigner aliens want it or not.

The war on the edges of the Empire has been running for over 5 years now and the tea supply has been streached to breaking point. This has caused the price of tea within the rest of the empire to rise to the point where the possibility of riots have been politely suggested if extra tea is not provided soon. Imagine the horror when news reaches the government that the Empires largest tea freighter had been 'tea napped'!

It is essential for the future of the Empire that the tea is returned quickly and so a negotiation team has been sent to the nearest space station in order to ensure its return before the course of war turns irrevocably against the British! However is a Universe where foreigners, aliens, radical Beanists threaten to destroy the true leaf and infusiantistas have started to refute the benefits of the blessed caffine can the negotiations succeed and proper civilised luncheon carry on?

Join Evil Twin Inc for a game of Victorians in space with tea! Muffins to be provided.

Cloutman-Green, Dream

What can be said about Dream that isn't covered by the Official Secrets Act or the Geneva Convention? Well thanks to the freedom of information act, quite a lot actually.
But your not here for anything that dull, are you? Really? Well tough.
Dream is Chair of the bid committee and the GM Liaison's owne.... right hand woman.
Got an idea for a game at Consequences E? She's the woman to see, just head for the crowd of adoring serfs or listen for the screams of those who have defied her.

She loves you all.

Cloutman-Green, Jon

Raised by Hamsters and fed on tea from an early age Jon was brought forth into the light to take up the position of GM Liaison as foretold by the mystic ferrets of Naish. Or so he tells himself.
Jon can't think of any reason why a sane man would have said yes to the job and the above seemed to make sense the morning after.

This is the 4th Year Jon has been GM Liaison and it's your job to make sure it's a quiet one.
Jon has been Freeforming/LARPing for the last 7 years and has been roleplaying long enough for his dice to be able to legally buy a drink in America. He's also feeling quite old after typing that.

Ditchburn, Andrew

Wallace, Colin

50% of every thing Colin Wallace says is a falsehood…
In order to dispel some of the myths behind the man here is a list of things that you may have heard about Colin that are all untrue.

1) Colin is not the last surviving son of a doomed planet,
2) He did not fire the shot from the grassy knoll,
3) He can not tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi,
4) He did not teach Andre 3000 how to shake it like a Polaroid picture,
5) He is not the Walrus,
6) Coo Coo Ca Choo is not the noise a Walrus makes,
7) He is not dating Smurfette,
8) He did not have anything to do with Dollhouse getting a second series,
9) He does not go to Latin Mass just to stand up in the middle and shout “that’s what she said”,
10) He can not hear your thoughts.