"What is drama, but life with the dull bits cut out?" (Alfred Hitchcock)

Dramatic Consequences, November 18-21, 2010, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

The Day the Music Died

Author(s):Heidi Kaye, Janet Young, Jerry Elsmore, Jim Ashby, Kath Banks
Game EMail:kath DOT banks AT gmail DOT com
Kath Banks    Kath DOT Banks AT gmail DOT com
Heidi "Heidi" Kaye    heidi DOT kaye AT blueyonder DOT co DOT uk
Anonymised User    anonymised AT ishtari DOT co DOT uk
Janet Young    janet-young AT ukgateway DOT net
Lead GM:Ksth Banks
Organization:Peaky 2010
Information for Players:We're hoping people will have fun dressing up in 60s style. There will be a background newspaper sheet to set the scene and help define the morals and scandals of the era.
Male Players:Min: 4 / Max: 4
Female Players:Min: 3 / Max: 3
Neutral Players:Min: 3 / Max: 3
Total Players: Min: 10 / Max: 10

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Welcome to Radio Rebecca, the grooviest radio station in the English Channel.

Hot on the heels of the 1965 FAB Music Awards, we are pleased to host our famous and exclusive post-awards party, only for the hippest in Swinging London.

The results of the awards have just been announced and there is a shock result with the relatively unknown Lovebirds taking first prize. To everyone’s surprise, the immensely popular Hornets and teen heart-throb Rick Bragger did not make the final three.

There are musicians, record promoters and members of the press at the party and fortunes can be made and lost. The party will climax with the winning record being broadcast on the John Corr Evening Show.

For now, turn on, tune in, drop out.....

Banks, Kath

Kaye, Heidi

User, Anonymised

Young, Janet

I just do money. Gimme the money. Capiche?