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Dramatic Consequences, November 18-21, 2010, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

The Highgate Club

Author(s):Adrian Smith, Steve Hatherley, Cat Tobin, Alan Paull, Mark Steedman, Philippa Dall
Game EMail:fon AT thefon DOT net
Alan "BenthamFish" Paull    alan AT alanpaull DOT co DOT uk
Adrian "fon" Smith    fon AT thefon DOT net
Mark Steedman    mark DOT mist77 AT ntlworld DOT com
Lead GM:Adrian Smith
Game System:Rules-light Freeform
Information for Players:Small character sheets, and no background required. No combat expected.
Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 12 / Max: 13
Total Players: Min: 12 / Max: 13

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There are gentlemen's clubs. There are clubs for estate agents, engineers, policemen and lawyers. There are the Masons. Then there is the Highgate Club, which caters for those who live extra-ordinary lives.

The Highgate Club overlooks Highgate cemetery, and membership is by invitation only. Its membership supposedly includes witches, warlocks, immortals and vampires - but nobody really knows for sure. (It is considered impolite to inquire.)

The club is presided over by three senior members, Commodore Ed Crouch, Kensington Hammersmith and Tris St James and, generally known as the “inner circle”. Other senior members are known affectionately as the “outer circle”. Anyone else is an ordinary member.

Tonight the auction for “the Volcano” is being held. The Volcano, and its remote Pacific island (which has been named St Martin’s-in-the-Pacific). The Volcano has been left to the Highgate Club by the will of the previous owner, Mycroft Holmes, a reclusive dark magician and member of the club. According to the Rules of Holmes’ will, a committee of three Executors (Kensington Hammersmith, Sam Bexley, and Gabe Islington) will sell the Volcano in accordance with certain rules. These rules are known to include a sealed bid auction, as well as certain other requirements currently known only to the committee. The island is expected to sell for at least £100 million.

Paull, Alan

Alan Paull, alias BenthamFish. I am a game designer and player. I have been playing games all my life and designing them for over 40 years. I mainly design board games, with a current prediliction for Euro games.

I live in Forest Green, Stroud, England, and play in three main gaming groups, Mondays (mainly miniatures and board wargames), Thursdays (mainly board games) and bi-monthly historical wargames. I also inhabit BrettSpielWelt and Yucata (handle is BenthamFish).

I am one of the two main designers and directors of Surprised Stare Games, a small design and publishing company in the UK.

Published games include:

I play or have played a wide range of games, including RPGs, CCGs, free forms, war, board, card, classic and megagames.

Smith, Adrian

Steedman, Mark


Well i've been reffing tabletop games for longer than its probably better to admit to. Been running things at Conventions for a while, GenconUK at Loughborough was the start if memory serves, um thats a while...

I've been playing freeforms for a while, and more recently run some and attended the wonderful mayhem known as Peaky that helps fill out the schedules here.