"What is drama, but life with the dull bits cut out?" (Alfred Hitchcock)

Dramatic Consequences, November 18-21, 2010, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

Davy Jones' Locker

Author(s):Mark Schaefer
Game EMail:mo AT freeformgames DOT com
Steve "Steve" Bassett    stevebassett AT gmail DOT com
Mo "Mo" Holkar    mo AT epic-experience DOT org DOT uk
Lead GM:Mo Holkar
Organization:Freeform Games
Game System:N/A
Information for Players:The character sheets are fairly large, but they're aimed at novices so explain everything from scratch. Experienced freeformers won't find them too much to take in.
Home Page:http://www.freeformgames.com
Male Players:Min: 5 / Max: 6
Female Players:Min: 3 / Max: 5
Neutral Players:Min: 2 / Max: 4
Total Players: Min: 10 / Max: 15

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It is 1785, and the Caribbean is a hotbed of violence, treachery, the occult and, of course, piracy. Tortuga, an island off the north coast of Haiti, is home not only to peaceful plantations, but also to thieves, gypsies, scavengers, voodoo queens and grave robbers. Tortuga is also a pirate stronghold and a frequent port-of-call for the most feared pirates in the Caribbean.n

nAbel "Blackheart" Read, the Caribbean's most nefarious pirate, had wrought havoc for many years throughout the region – but now his reign of terror is over. First, Blackheart and the Pegasus, his ship, was captured a month ago – and then two weeks ago Blackheart's second-in-command, Calico Jack, ran his ship (the Orion) aground off Tortuga's rocky north coast. With these two pirates (and their ships) out of business, the waters of the Caribbean are much safer.n

nThey have also created a power vacuum in the pirate world – one that will no doubt be filled before too long.n

nTonight, the Libra, a retired warship converted for commercial use, departs from Tortuga on its journey to St. Augustine, Florida. For some of its passengers, this will prove to be a profitable journey. For others, Tortuga may be the last dry land they ever see…

Bassett, Steve

Pack animal extraordinaire.

Holkar, Mo

Part of the Epic Experience collective, writing and running fine freeforms since the distant days of 1993.

In what we laughingly refer to as "real life", Mo is still a game designer, publishing murder mystery party games with Steve Hatherley under the Freeform Games banner.

Mo is also responsible for the maintenance and development of the Consequences website software.