"What is drama, but life with the dull bits cut out?" (Alfred Hitchcock)

Dramatic Consequences, November 18-21, 2010, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

Who's Who at Consequences D

Anon Anon
GM for: Les Invités Non Invités

Ancient GM . . . blah blah . . . Phoenix Games Club . . . blah blah . . . Ex-Kult of Keepers . . . blah blah . . . Secret Submarine . . . blah blah!

Kath Banks
GM for: The Day the Music Died

Nickey Barnard
GM for: Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair

Steve "Steve" Bassett
GM for: Davy Jones' Locker

Pack animal extraordinaire.

Dream "Dream" Cloutman-Green
Contessa de Cocktail: Bid Com Chair and GM Liason's right hand woman
GM for: Destination: Parts Unknown!, Time for Tea, An Ecumenical Matter, Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair

What can be said about Dream that isn't covered by the Official Secrets Act or the Geneva Convention? Well thanks to the freedom of information act, quite a lot actually.
But your not here for anything that dull, are you? Really? Well tough.
Dream is Chair of the bid committee and the GM Liaison's owne.... right hand woman.
Got an idea for a game at Consequences E? She's the woman to see, just head for the crowd of adoring serfs or listen for the screams of those who have defied her.

She loves you all.

Jon "Jon" Cloutman-Green
THE Emperor
GM for: Destination: Parts Unknown!, Time for Tea, Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair, An Ecumenical Matter

Raised by Hamsters and fed on tea from an early age Jon was brought forth into the light to take up the position of GM Liaison as foretold by the mystic ferrets of Naish. Or so he tells himself.
Jon can't think of any reason why a sane man would have said yes to the job and the above seemed to make sense the morning after.

This is the 4th Year Jon has been GM Liaison and it's your job to make sure it's a quiet one.
Jon has been Freeforming/LARPing for the last 7 years and has been roleplaying long enough for his dice to be able to legally buy a drink in America. He's also feeling quite old after typing that.

Dave "Dave C" Collis
GM for: Blood on the Carpet, Conduct unbecoming a gentleperson

Dave C is far too English to be able to write anything in this bio about himself. Seriously I find it embarrassing and awkward. Have a look at the documents we've posted and make your own decision. Additionally you could always ask Miss Lee, Mr Snowden, Young Master DT or Malk Williams any of whom I am sure would give you an honest appraisal.

Ps for real honesty get Malk to do his Yorkshire businessman shtick it is at least entertaining.

Andrew Ditchburn
GM for: Destination: Parts Unknown!, Time for Tea

Mathew Freeman
GM for: A Simple Transaction

I've been playing RPGs for the last twenty-odd years, and running them on-and-off in the last ten. I've played all sorts of games, but my main watchwords are this:

Games should be fun for everyone Players should be inspired to do what they like, and mechanically encouraged by the rules The pace should be quick

(and specific to Feng Shui)

Lots of stuff should blow up.

I'm looking forward to running a game at Consequences for the first time!

Roger Gammans
GM for: Siege Mentality

Clare Gardner
GM for: Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair

Jason Gorringe

Have been roleplaying for many years but LARPing for around 5.

Ran Junta at Conception and Siege of Peking at Consequences but currently taking a break from writing/running games

Graham Harper
GM for: B.A.D. Books, Loft Treasures, The Fall of the House of Basset

Mel "mel" Harper
GM for: B.A.D. Books, Loft Treasures, The Fall of the House of Basset

The member of Epic Experience most likely to be found swearing at technology.

Ben Harvey
GM for: Blood on the Carpet

Alex Helm
GM for: The Quality of Mercy

Mo "Mo" Holkar
Webslinger Ordinaire
GM for: B.A.D. Books, The Fall of the House of Basset, Loft Treasures, Davy Jones' Locker

Part of the Epic Experience collective, writing and running fine freeforms since the distant days of 1993.

In what we laughingly refer to as "real life", Mo is still a game designer, publishing murder mystery party games with Steve Hatherley under the Freeform Games banner.

Mo is also responsible for the maintenance and development of the Consequences website software.

Kevin Jacklin
GM for: Hollywood Lives

Kevin Jacklin has been playing and producing freeforms for the last twenty years. He helped introduce the weekend freeform game to the UK, by producing such games as Café Casablanca and King's Musketeers. For the Convulsion conventions he has co-written three fantasy freeforms, including Home of the Bold. In Hollywood Lives, Kevin co-operated with renowned boardgame designer Reiner Knizia to bring a set of compelling game mechanics alongside the freeform elements of movie-making.

Su "Su" Jolly
GM for: Siege Mentality

Formerly Gunbunny Girlfriend Frock Fairy and Ornament, now a veteran of several Peaky's, I've written or run a game or two.

Heidi Kaye
GM for: The Day the Music Died

Sue "Queenortart" Lee
GM for: Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair, Slash!, Taste For Murder

Is contemplating changing her job title to Frockzilla, or maybe Mary Sue Sue!!!!!!

The games she is running this year involve dodgy pr0n, 1930s country houses, and Cake.

There is always Cake.

Tony Mitton
GM for: The Linfarn Run, Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

I never seem to make the deadline for submitting my bio for some reason.

Alan "BenthamFish" Paull
GM for: The Highgate Club

Alan Paull, alias BenthamFish. I am a game designer and player. I have been playing games all my life and designing them for over 40 years. I mainly design board games, with a current prediliction for Euro games.

I live in Forest Green, Stroud, England, and play in three main gaming groups, Mondays (mainly miniatures and board wargames), Thursdays (mainly board games) and bi-monthly historical wargames. I also inhabit BrettSpielWelt and Yucata (handle is BenthamFish).

I am one of the two main designers and directors of Surprised Stare Games, a small design and publishing company in the UK.

Published games include:

I play or have played a wide range of games, including RPGs, CCGs, free forms, war, board, card, classic and megagames.

Charlie "SunLion" Paull
GM for: Night Train

The dotty old woman with the cats.

I am part of a small, but beautifully formed, boardgames design and publication company, Surprised Stare Games. I designed and ran my first tabletop campaign in the early 80s. I've been playing freeforms for nearly 5 years, but Night Train is the first I've had a hand in writing.

When not playing or GMing freeforms I'll be with Alan at the boardgames library. Please come and play boardgames when you have some spare time. We will have as much variety as we can fit in the car.

Mik "Mik" Reed
GM for: Les Invités Non Invités, Nature Ramble, Nobody here but us chickens, Ribbon Drive, Slash!

Mik Reed has been around for ages, he has written and co-written a number of SFLRP games and some freeforms along with writing and running numerous tabletop games. He sometimes talks when it would be better for him to shut up, he often doesn't talk then wishes he had later. Some people seem to quite like him, draw what inferences from that that you will.

Alison Rider Hill
Accommodation Tsaritsa

If you have any queries about accommodation, or need someone to talk to Naish on your behalf, please speak to me.

I'm not very good at these bio things, but I've been involved in Consequences since their conception and I've been a freeformer for a number of years.

I'm looking forward to meeting you if I don't know you and seeing you again if I do.

Richard Salmon

Adrian Smith
GM for: The Highgate Club

Andrew "AJ" Smith
GM for: The Clockwork Café, The Linfarn Run, Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

AJ has been told, most firmly, that D is for Dramatic (rather than anything rhyming with Fire). He has agreed that it's in his best interests to comply.

Mike "Mike(y)" Snowden
Herr Cocktailmeister

Fixer, gopher and general dogsbody....

I'm not actually running anything I have written this year, but have a number of games to my name, including "Carry on at Camp David", "Best of the Wurst" and "Veterans Day".

Mark Steedman
GM for: Investigation’s Better Shared, The Travels of Lady Du Fort, The Highgate Club


Well i've been reffing tabletop games for longer than its probably better to admit to. Been running things at Conventions for a while, GenconUK at Loughborough was the start if memory serves, um thats a while...

I've been playing freeforms for a while, and more recently run some and attended the wonderful mayhem known as Peaky that helps fill out the schedules here.

Anonymised User
Insight into Persephonie

Hi I'm Sarah although you may know me better as Persephonie

I'm 31 years old, married to Jason (Plan B) who will hopefully be running games this year, I have two children Aiden (4) and Yvaine (Evie) (4 Months)

I love Larping, I roleplay weekly and I am a huge fan of the new Battlestar Galatica!

I'll help with anything if I can be of assistance, so just ask. Although now having had two children my brain is not what it use to be - not that it was much to start with!!

Looking forward to catching up with you all this year.

Pers xxxxx

Anonymised User

Hi, Gaming in all forms has been a part of my life for more years than i care to remember. Im recent times ive been writing and running Freeforms under the guise of "Stormlantern" and "Rapier Media", and part time with "Strawberry Dragon". you name it ive done it..usually badly...

Always believe in the "Have fun aspect" of the hobby although i always seem to get cast as the villan/evil political guy. Dont know why..could be my alter ego. My "doctor" says im ok now and that im cured..again.

Friendship in this hobby is very important to me so when you see me next buy me a pint and im yours...

Ian G

Anonymised User
Mystery In Mind

One half of Mystery In Mind and horror addict.

Anonymised User
GM for: The Day the Music Died

Anonymised User
GM for: Blood on the Carpet

In the trade he'd probably be considered fresh meat, a choice morsel just hanging there from the hook! In a fair world allowed to age somewhat before strips of sweet, sweet flesh could be torn from his flanks to feed the hungry throng... but life just 'aint fair now is it! As it is he seems to have lost a good portion of his sweet meats and his prime cuts are just a few scraps of bloodied flesh sitting over gnawed bone.... err... what was I saying?!

What I mean is, hes a relative newcomer to the Live/Freeform world, and still consider himself a table topper at heart. He's never run a game in his life, although he has assisted in a couple. Hes a fan of post apocolyptia, hard scifi, political shenanigans, zombies, dark fantasy, alternate historys, epic heroics and reserves the right to fall helplessly in love with other genres at the drop of a hat!

That all said Andrew is a bolshy, egotistical, loudmouthed geordie (honest) with a prediliction for lying as if his life depended upon it whilst spreading scurrilous rumors about, and to, anyone he meets!

No seriously!

Anonymised User
GM for: Remnant of the Time War (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space)

Anonymised User
GM for: Blood on the Carpet

Anonymised User
GM for: The Quality of Mercy

Anonymised User
GM for: The Quality of Mercy

Anonymised User
GM for: Haunted - "Revamped", Big Brujah

Captain Chaos. apart from being part of the Bad Girls writing team and monster crew, i am the walking chaos engine, people have been know to run from my very name and the sight of me. i bring fun and laughter and pure evilness to all games. if something can go wrong with a game, it usually will and it is me. if i look crazy to you then i'm doing something right.

Anonymised User
GM for: Haunted - "Revamped", Big Brujah

A new year, a new bio, but the same old stuff.

More years RPG and LARP experience than I'm prepared to own up to have pushed me into writing games. Or perhaps more accurately into coming up with ideas that DMWCarol turns into games, while I try to work out what tech I can use to make the games more fun.

Anonymised User
GM for: Big Brujah

Anonymised User
GM for: Big Brujah, Haunted - "Revamped"

Chocolate powered evil genius and Mistress of the BadGirlz Larp crew

Anonymised User
Mistress of the Arts

"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages." – William Shakespeare, As You Like It

This year, once again, I'm reprising my role as artwork designer for Consequences. Sadly, no bows at the con again this year. Maybe someday...

Colin "Superman?" Wallace
GM for: Time for Tea, Destination: Parts Unknown!

50% of every thing Colin Wallace says is a falsehood…
In order to dispel some of the myths behind the man here is a list of things that you may have heard about Colin that are all untrue.

1) Colin is not the last surviving son of a doomed planet,
2) He did not fire the shot from the grassy knoll,
3) He can not tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi,
4) He did not teach Andre 3000 how to shake it like a Polaroid picture,
5) He is not the Walrus,
6) Coo Coo Ca Choo is not the noise a Walrus makes,
7) He is not dating Smurfette,
8) He did not have anything to do with Dollhouse getting a second series,
9) He does not go to Latin Mass just to stand up in the middle and shout “that’s what she said”,
10) He can not hear your thoughts.

Traci Whitehead
GM for: Night Train

Brian Williams
Another Year, Another Bio
GM for: The Clockwork Café

Well, I know I didn't write anything last year, so I can't copy that...

Richard Wood
GM for: The Quality of Mercy

Janet Young
Finance Consigliere
GM for: The Day the Music Died

I just do money. Gimme the money. Capiche?