"Have you noticed that life, with murders and catastrophes and fabulous inheritances, happens almost exclusively in newspapers?" (Jean Anouilh)

Fabulous Consequences, November 22–25, 2012, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Fabulous Consequences starts in -4205 days, -9 hours and -16 minutes!

All Rite on the Night

The venerable Bassethwaite Occult Society is preparing to hold its traditional combination Annual General Meeting and Winter Solstice Rite. If previous years are any indication, this promises to be a good excuse for drinking, genteel theological debate and maybe some giggling over the intended usage of certain suggestive arcane objects. However, perhaps this year will be a little different what with the influx of new members, the recent curious weather and a lunar eclipse predicted to coincide with the rite?

Author(s):Graham Harper, Mel Dymond Harper, Mo Holkar
Game EMail:info AT epic-experience DOT org DOT uk
Graham Harper    gjh AT servalan DOT net
Mel "Mel" Harper    mel AT herald DOT co DOT uk
Mo "Mo" Holkar    mo AT epic-experience DOT org DOT uk
Lead GM:Graham Harper
Organization:The Epic Experience
Game System:None
Information for Players:To follow.
Home Page:http://www.epic-experience.org.uk
Male Players:Min: 4 / Max: 5
Female Players:Min: 4 / Max: 5
Neutral Players:Min: 4 / Max: 5
Total Players: Min: 12 / Max: 15
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Harper, Graham

Harper, Mel

Part of the Epic Experience. I would say "the one most usually found swearing at technology" but I think Graham's taken over that job this year...

Holkar, Mo

Mo is part of the Epic Experience collective, soon to be celebrating our twentieth year writing freeforms.

To show he is still foolish, if not young any more, he's running four games at Consequences this year. And hoping to play a few too.

Mo is also responsible for maintaining and upgrading the Consequences website and database system.