"Have you noticed that life, with murders and catastrophes and fabulous inheritances, happens almost exclusively in newspapers?" (Jean Anouilh)

Fabulous Consequences, November 22–25, 2012, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Fabulous Consequences starts in -4205 days, -9 hours and -8 minutes!

Hollywood Lives: Date Night Double-Bill

Hollywood Lives at Fabulous Consequences Date Night Double-Bill The romance of the movies… and romance at the movies. Once the lights go down, the excitement and adventure depicted on the screen is echoed – and indeed is often exceeded – by that occurring in front of it. Date movies hold a special place in the hearts (and other places) of movie goers everywhere. They have to be good enough to excite your partner’s interest… but on the other hand they don’t want to be that good… There also needs to be something for the both of you: high-octane action and super special effects mixed with deep emotions and terrible personal conflict. Not every single movie can always hope to achieve this – so what better way to appeal to a couple than a double-bill of movies designed to satisfy both partners?

In the Hollywood Lives Date Night Double-Bill each game round will consist of one movie specially selected to tempt at least one half of a date. The first round movies will all be taken from the vaults of classic Sci-Fi/Horror; and the second round drawn from some of the all-time tear-jerking Romance/Dramas. Of course, the male and female acting leads will have to be able to turn their hands equally well to both genres… so a flexible approach is of the essence.

So, set your lasers to ‘fun’ and swash your buckle! Or is that buckle-up you swash? Whatever, it’s time to grab that bucket of popcorn and settle down with your date in your double-seat for a night that neither of you is going to forget…

For those of you new to Hollywood Lives, this is great way to kick off your weekend at Consequences. Players take the role of actors appearing in two movies. Once you are cast, it’s your task to devise the trailer to that movie – as we know all the really good movies explain everything in their trailers. You get to watch the trailers created by the other teams and then to vote on them in the Academy Awards – so be ready with that acceptance speech! Some players try to become the highest star in the firmament, while others turn movie producer and grab as much cash as they can… but however you play the main goal is to have fun!

Hollywood Lives is by Kevin Jacklin and Reiner Knizia.

  Hollywood Lives Date Night Double-Bill In each round, three or four movie trailers will be produced. Here are some of the most likely titles (although further suggestions are welcome).

Round One: Sci-Fi/Horror • Brains, Brains, BRAINS! • Barbiturella • House of Whacks • Reds from Space • Planet of the Grapes • The Immortals • The Incredible Hunk

Round Two: Romance/Drama • Boy Story • Wuthering Bytes • Keep Calm and Carry On!* • Une Fille et Un Oiseau • The Blue Dahlia • The Incredible Hunk

Props & Costuming: The Hollywood Lives props & hats collection – including the infamous shrunken elephant’s-trunk masks – will be available to players at Consequences to add extra dimensions to you movie trailer. Players are encouraged to bring along with them whatever they think suitable (e.g. space ray-guns, cloaks, masks etc.) – especially if you know which trailer you have a mind to appear in!

*By popular demand, carried over from Consequences E.   Hollywood Lives Date Night Double-Bill Male Casting… • Russell Crowd • Sean Flannery • Vin Gasoline • Albert Hatchplot • Steve McSheen • David Nivea • Leonard O'Dicapuccino • Sir Larry Oliver • Michael Payne • Tommy Schwartzmüller

Female Casting… • Ursula Andrex • Diana Blackman • Jane Fondant • Daley Knightly • Lisa Martinelli • Gwyneth Pilchard • Lauren Sofia • Una Stumps • Kate Wilmslow • Dame Judy Wrench

Extra Casting… • Kim Catnap • Jan Dean • A.A. Eveready • Noel Howard • Pat McNeehan • Lee Marvel • Jean Norman • Chris Plumbline • C.C. Senior • Alex Stout • Chubby Zucchini

Casting: let me know if there is anyone in particular who you would like to portray, and if they are not already taken then I’ll be happy to allocate them to you. But don’t worry if you turn up on the night uncast – you won’t be disadvantaged in any way.

Author(s):Kevin Jacklin & Reiner Knizia
Game EMail:info AT hollywood-lives DOT com
Kevin Jacklin    jacklink AT convivium DOT org DOT uk
Lead GM:Kevin Jacklin
Game System:Generic
Information for Players:Costumes: not required, but please feel free to bring anything along that can be shared as props with the other players. Hats are always useful...
Home Page:http://www.hollywood-lives.com
Male Players:Min: 6 / Max: 10
Female Players:Min: 6 / Max: 10
Neutral Players:Min: 0 / Max: 10
Total Players: Min: 12 / Max: 30
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Jacklin, Kevin

Kevin has been playing in, writing, producing and promoting freeform games for more than 20 years. A successful trilogy of co-written games, beginning with Home of the Bold in 1992 were the mainstay of the Convulsion convention, and introduced many stalwarts of the UK Freeforms group to the genre. Kevin produced the first UK weekend-long game of Cafe Casablanca under the Convivium banner in 1995. Kevin also enjoys boardgames, and it is through his association with designer Reiner Knizia that he has devised Hollywood Lives, which aims to meld together the constructive anarchy of freeforms with the world of high-pressure movie production and finance in an entertaining way.