"Gothic… hidden… behind the veneer of virtue." (Edgar Allan Poe)

Gothic Consequences, November 21–24, 2013, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Gothic Consequences starts in -3856 days, -5 hours and -24 minutes!

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A Night at Ravioli Manor
by Thora I
Don Alberto has invited his nearest and dearest (family, friends and business partners) for a quiet dinner party to mark his retirement and to reveal his will. Tonight's menu will feature deceit, duplicity, murder, mystery, passion and pasta, with a side helping of sci-fi ...

All’s Well That Ends
by Russell Harris, Heidi Kaye, AJ Smith, Anthony Winter and Jane Winter
Plague stalks the streets of Elizabethan London. The Swan Theatre has been closed, and tonight’s performance of Kit Marlowe’s well-received Doctor Faustus has been cancelled. Disgruntled patrons and theatre folk alike are crammed into a low tavern, The Final Curtain - the very place that Marlowe’s corpse was discovered just hours previously.

Black Legacy
by Alex Helm, Rich Wood
The Holy Inquisition is the Imperium's most secretive yet powerful organisation. A conclave has been called to pronounce judgement on a former inquisitor turned arch-heretic. It is rare that inquisitors gather in such a way, but how deep does the heretic's web of corruption go...?

Clockwork Cafe
by Brian Williams
It’s 1905. On the shores of Lake Geneva stands the exclusive Clockwork Café. Run by the enigmatic Richard Blanc, it doubles as the secret meeting place of the Society of Lady and Gentleman Adventurers. Here the spies, adventurers, master-criminals and detectives of the Great European Powers meet on neutral territory to exchange tales of daring-do.

Come Die With Me
by Mel Harper, Graham Harper, Mo Holkar
Shenanigans at Bassethwaite's newest (in fact, only) five-star restaurant. A dead restaurant critic on opening night, a mysterious stew and an odd smell in the pantry...

Cracks in the Orb
by Lise Fracalossi, Bernie Gabin, Matt LeVan, Melanie Saunders, Will Fergus
An Imperial court battles to quash a rebellion, while dashing young lords and ladies dance the night away nearby. Enjoy an evening of manners, romance, political intrigue, and military might in the high fantasy world of Steven Brust's Dragaera novels.

Dr. Nefarious and the Paradise Project
by Nick Curd, Clare Gardner, Su Jolly, Mike Snowdon, Daniel Taylor
Deep beneath Paradise Island lies the hidden base of the infamous villain, Dr. Nefarious. From here he commands the terrible superweapons that will bring the free world to its knees. Or they will, if you can just finish building it before he gets back.

Dulce et Decorum est
by Alison Rider Hill
It is late September 1938. You are part of the Atherton family or their close friends and have gathered for a dinner party the night before Bertram celebrates his 21st birthday with the customary Ball.

Hollywood Lives: Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll
by Kevin Jacklin and Reiner Knizia
“It’s a one for the money, a two for the show…” with the words of the King echoing in their ears the moguls of Tinseltown were not slow to put one and two together to get keen youngsters and young at heart to come to the movies. And how do they do that? Why make films that reflect the lives of their hippest young customers. A bit of snarling rebellion here; some dropping out of the rat-race to embrace a cause there; a soupcon of the odd trippy experiment with interesting substances; an exploration of sexual boundaries (not to say taste); and all washed down with a soundtrack provided by the latest pop and rock sensations… Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Hope Springs Eternal
by Helen Jones, Alli Mawhinney, Nickey Barnard, Traci Whitehead, Tym Norris, Su Jolly
It is 1952 and Hope Brothers, Brighton's premier Department Store, is celebrating its 100th year! To mark the event, an extra special Staff Christmas Party is being held in the brand new Daisy Fresh Milk Bar, and the prize for Employee of the Year is a fabulous world cruise! Rumours abound of new developments and old feuds. Is the store expanding or on the verge of financial ruin?

The store has closed its doors for the Christmas break, and the party is about to begin....

James Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts
by Rei & Hanbury Hampden-Turner
A game of intrigue, adventure, and teenage angst, set in the world of Harry Potter 20 years after the books. Will history repeat itself, or will the students find brand new sources of trouble and confusion? Will the school fall afoul of the ever-paranoid Ministry of Magic? Who will win the House Cup or get a place in the Quidditch Team? Will you get a date for the ball, and are you ever going to get that essay finished on time? In a chaotic world of wands and wizardry, discover who your friends really are, and what your destiny truly holds!

M*A*S*H: Brothers in Arms
by Nickey Barnard, Allison Rider-Hill, Tony Mitton, Phillipa Dall, Natalie Spindler
In the 3066th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, set back from the front during the Korean war, moments of terror are interspersed with days of boredom waiting for the wounded troops to arrive. Old rivalries are stirred, outside threats are fought and many terrible practical jokes are played - but in the tenseness of the looming war and in the face of death who will end up perishing and who will have the last laugh?

Old Nick's Game
by Charlie Paull, Alan Paull, Roger Gammans, Nick Hollingsworth
A light hearted and irreverent glimpse of a normal day in hell, a day when Satan is bored. Satan, and the denizens of hell will be portrayed by a cast of gamers. All other characters will be played by members of the cast. Loosely based on Radio 4’s Old Harry’s Game.

by Consequences

by fona lloyd
Scheherazade: The Queen must die!

Nehmera is the Panguin, the wife of Padishah Mahmud, ruler of the great land of Orum and its vassal lands of Chem and Lyria. She has been accused of adultery and if found guilty she will be executed. Her co-accused the Captain of guards Ramuda, has fled and cannot be found. Letters between the two have been produced and witnesses swear to have seen the two meeting in secret in a house just beyond the palace wall. However, since Ramuda cannot be found and questioned, and the two have not been caught together the case remains unproven. Nehmera has invoked an ancient right of Trial by Scheherazade. According to this she can ask that her innocence or guilt be decided by advocates on both sides telling morality tales either in her defence or to her detriment. The court will vote secretly by coloured beads placed in a jar, after each tale is told. Storytellers from all the realm and from neighbouring lands applied to take part, as it is a great honour. Ten have been chosen by drawing lots, five to speak for the queen and five to speak against. In the event of a tie her guilt or innocence will be decided with Trial by Jewel.

Something Wicked; A Gothic Melodrama set in Old London Town
by Chris Jensen Romer
It's a starry night in London Town, and from the highest born gents to lovelorn shopgirls, from match-selling waifs to handsome guardsmen, everyone who anyone has come out to the Common for the Funfair! Some say Saucy Jack is still a rippin', and others talk of another weirder Jack who bounds over houses and breathes fire in a girls face, but all that's just talk. The Monster who pricks ladies with a hatpin, he *might* be here -- but in London all sorts live and love and huddle together, for the tea is cheap and the company loud, so come to the Fair!

Space Shuttle Diplomacy
by Sam Lee
Intergalactic Represenatives coming together to save the universe. Or possibly to insult each other and call it diplomacy. One of the two.

Star Wars 6.5: The Last Orders
by Lucya Szachnowski; John Davies
A Star Wars freeform set just after the events of the third film in the first trilogy. A game of intrigue, adventure and a murder mystery, set in a cantina on a world ruled by the Hutts.

Sword Day
by Mike Cule, Nick Curd, Adrienne Gammons, John Kammer and Charlie Paull
A gritty game of political intrigue and backstabbing inspired by the world of Game of Thrones.

The Clockwork Convergence
by Richard Wood, Alex Helm
Deep in the heart of the Thornwood Forest lies an ancient temple whose doors are said to open upon a grand celestial alignment of moons and planets, a temple devoted to the Maiden of Gears a goddess of Clockwork and Mathematics. The Thornwood is a dangerous place, recent hostilities between the kingdoms of Khador to the north and Cygnar to the south have increased tensions between nations and there are creatures living in the forest that would devour those that encroach on their home.

Armed with Mechanika, weapons and items that blend both science and magic and accompanied by mighty Steamjacks, mechanikal automations that have the strength of 10 men, groups of adventurers and mercenary companies have traveled from all over the Iron Kingdoms, to plunder its riches and discover its secrets. Banding together for protection, tensions are running high in the camp as the appointed hour approaches. Friendships will be forged, secrets uncovered and alliances will be tested to the limit.

The doors to the temple will open, but some secrets are best left buried…

The Day the Music Died
by Jim Ashby, Kath Banks, Jerry Elsmore, Heidi Kaye and Janet Young
by Jim Ashby, Kath Banks, Jerry Elsmore, Heidi Kaye and Janet Young.

The post-awards party aboard the pirate Radio Rebecca ship, after the 1965 FAB Music Awards.

The Deliverance
by Clare Gardner, Martin Jones, Allison Mawhinney and Rich Perry
The year is 1805; imagine an alternate history where space travel was discovered earlier than ever thought possible. You are aboard the Deliverance returning to Earth after the successful rescue of survivors of the Vanguard from one of the moons of Mars. Your metallic sails crackle with energy as you are propelled forward riding the currents of space. But is everything as it appears?

The Final Cut
by Liz Hayward & David Townsend
On the set of the latest Anvil horror film: 'The Blood-drenched Tears of the Vampire Lovers', it seems that not all the blood is fake. As the fog swirls around the ancient castle in the loch, can the cast solve the mystery of the Beast of Balvinnie Castle?

The Maid, The Pickpocket, The Assassin and the Lover
by Dave C, Ben Harvey, Liz Hayward and Dave Townsend
Oberon is dead, the post mortem complete, the will is yet to be read, a casket yet to be picked and if needs must a crown to be seized. Families always have the best of secrets and the worst of relationships.

The Omega Delivery
by Tony Mitton & AJ Smith

Having recently lost some crew members, and in need of business, the light freighter Kestrel takes on a routine delivery to an isolated monitoring station. Unfortunately the situation at Omega Station is far from routine.

The Outsiders
by Mo Holkar and Cat Tobin
Early 1980s, Sheffield. Thatcher’s Britain. Millions out of work. A decrepit block of council flats on the outskirts of the city. One of the flats is vacated – an empty space, in the neutral zone between two territories. Two groups move in on the flat, to try and take it over. This is the story of their encounter.

The Outsiders is an experimental game, and is not designed like a traditional Consequences freeform. Click the game name for more details!

Time Travel Review Board
by John D'Agosta, Susan Weiner, Nat Budin, Josh Rachlin
History will be made (and unmade) as a horde of would-be time travelers descend upon an institutional review board.

On December 1st, the Time Travel Review Board of the NSF will review all applications for time travel permits leaving during the year of 2104.

What Happened in Blackpool
by Mo Holkar, Heidi Kaye, Cat Tobin, Alli Mawhinney, Traci Whitehead
This is a character based game in which all the plot and action will come out of the first part of the session in which the game is set up. No pre-casting, no casting questionnaires, no advanced reading. The game will be generated using a guided workshop.

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