"Gothic… hidden… behind the veneer of virtue." (Edgar Allan Poe)

Gothic Consequences, November 21–24, 2013, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Gothic Consequences starts in -3856 days, -3 hours and -56 minutes!

The Deliverance

Discovery of ancient technology enabled the leading nations of the world to develop space travel. A shaky peace holds in Europe as the nations race to stake their claim to the “New Worlds” but old prejudices die hard. In space the old social barriers have started to break down to the extent that is now not unheard of for women to travel the stars working alongside the men.

A nation mourned…

Captain Cavendish Hamilton, hero of the Battle of Ceres, was lost with his ship, the Vanguard, on a routine mission to Mars.

A daring mission funded by a wife who refused to give up and captained by a man desperate to sail the stars again joined by a rag tag collection of old friends and comrade in arms. The mission is a success - but at what cost?

The Deliverance is only a few hours out from Earth, all the crew are gathered together for the first time but what secrets do the survivors know of the fate of the Vanguard and what does the future hold for all of them?

Author(s):Clare Gardner, Martin Jones, Allison Mawhinney and Rich Perry
Game EMail:sailpunkgames AT googlemail DOT com
Clare Gardner    cgardner2511 AT gmail DOT com
Martin "Martin" Jones    mlj AT sabreit DOT co DOT uk
Alli "Alli" Mawhinney    allison AT freki DOT co DOT uk
Richard "Gladiator" Perry    rperry80 AT sky DOT com
Lead GM:Clare Gardner
Information for Players:Costume is light regency – for men casual “pirate/flouncy” shirts, trousers, boots - if you wish to wear more formal clothing you may, but this is not a naval ship so uniform is not necessary.

For women – there will be at least one female character dressed similar to the men and at least one character fully frocked up. Everyone else can costume somewhere in between the two.

This is a fantasy space game it includes themes of romance, relationships conflicts, angst, difficult decisions and dark themes, someone may even die!

Male Players:Min: 6 / Max: 6
Female Players:Min: 4 / Max: 4
Neutral Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Total Players: Min: 10 / Max: 10
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Gardner, Clare

Jones, Martin

A not-so-closet gamer ever since your early youth, you discovered 'freeforms' about a decade ago. You have since been involved in writing Best of the Wurst, Veterans Day, Lists of Avalon and The Deliverance.

Having successfully infiltrated a satellite construction facility your plans for subverting the orbital mind control device and using it to 'liberate' the world are one step closer.

For some reason currently unclear to you, you have recently taken to referring to yourself in the 3rd person.

Quotes: "Angst! - We Need More Angst!"

Mawhinney, Alli

I've been freeforming for a hmmmm ... few years now and recently dipped my toe into writing through the Peaky weekend! Happy to chat to anyone in and out of game!

Perry, Richard