"Gothic… hidden… behind the veneer of virtue." (Edgar Allan Poe)

Gothic Consequences, November 21–24, 2013, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Gothic Consequences starts in -3890 days, -23 hours and -25 minutes!

Clockwork Cafe

It’s 1905. On the shores of Lake Geneva stands the exclusive Clockwork Café. Run by the enigmatic Richard Blanc, it doubles as the secret meeting place of the Society of Lady and Gentleman Adventurers of Geneva. Here the spies, adventurers, master-criminals and detectives of the Great European Powers meet on neutral territory to exchange tales of daring-do.

1905 is a time of upheaval in Europe. There are revolutions and rumours of revolution; fears that conflict between the Great Powers will plunge the world into global war. There are also whisperings of plots and counter-plots and of strange events from all across the continent.

The world is slightly different from our own, one where fantastic events can happen and where world-changing events are taking place. The clockwork engine is a reality and is rapidly supplanting steam-power as a main energy source in the way that the internal combustion engine did in our own history. Prototypes of clockwork-powered airships and clockwork automatons have already been seen. Across the ocean in America there are reports of vast factories ready to produce a new generation of clockwork machines.

In the early days of the 20th Century, the world is set to change forever.

Author(s):Brian Williams
Game EMail:games AT nnbtv DOT org DOT uk
Lise Fracalossi    elfracal AT electric-monk DOT net
Matthew LeVan    malevan AT electric-monk DOT net
Brian Williams    games AT nnbtv DOT org DOT uk
Lead GM:Brian Williams
Game System:None
Information for Players:The Clockwork Café is a 30-player game set in a pseudo-historical Europe at the start of the 20th Century. The game is pre-cast and all material, including detailed character sheets and a full background/rules booklet will be made available to the players well before the game. Players will be expected to fill out a casting form well in advance of the game and to read the character sheet and booklet before play. Players are free to costume, but as a minimum simple costuming is required (ie no t-shirt and jeans please).
Home Page:www.nnbtv.org.uk/Games/Games.html
Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 30 / Max: 30
Total Players: Min: 30 / Max: 30
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Fracalossi, Lise

(from the unpublished works of Paarfi of Roundwood)

What can be said of Lise Fracalossi that has not been written about extensively, by far better biographers, in the Intercon M program booklet? She had been LARPing for a mere three years before she determined, with a certain naivety -- but purity of purpose -- to write her first LARP, League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students, with her husband Matt. This game, you will note, is not this game; this game, Cracks in the Orb, was conceived as an homage to the biographer, and, more distantly, his translator into this frustrating language, Steven Brust.

I am flattered to admit that given leave, Lise would talk at great length about my homeland of Dragaera, all the while apologizing for her effusion. She likes to fancy herself a Dragonlord, and has taken to referring to herself as e'Fra'calossi, pretending it is a little-known scion of the line of Kieron the Conquerer. In truth, Lise is is simply a short-lived Easterner, but an Easterner with traits found in some of our great Houses, which elevates her above that hairy mass.

Lise claims to be mostly evil. But this is a conundrum, is it not? For would not an evil woman describe herself as good--good and evil, as the philosopher Daridd would remind us, being but points of view? Also, if she claims to be of the House of the Dragon, we might expect their honorable nature to be in conflict with said malfeasance. We are forced to conclude that she is simply confused, which is a regrettable but entirely understandable state for an Easterner.

LeVan, Matthew

Williams, Brian

Another year, another Consequences, another blurb...

What I am doing this year? Someone remind me...

Oh yes, The Clockwork Cafe...

I've given AJ the day off this time around, so this year I'm joined by Matt and Lise, who've come all the way from the US just to help me run The Clockwork Cafe! Well, that and to run their own game (Cracks in the Orb)... But mostly to run The Clockwork Cafe, obviously.

(I may be guilty of a tiny, tiny exaggeration in the above paragraph. Just a tiny one).

See you in November, Brian.