"The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts." (Henry Miller)

Heroic Consequences, November 20–23, 2014, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Heroic Consequences starts in -1914 days, -3 hours and -25 minutes!

Consequences Contacts

The following people are in charge of various aspects of the Consequences H convention:

Con Chair Steve Bassett info@consequences.org.uk
Advertising Steve Bassett info@consequences.org.uk
Game Bids Sue Lee gamebids@consequences.org.uk
GM Coordinator Jon Cloutman-Green gmliaison@consequences.org.uk
Site Liaison Alison Rider-Hill accommodation@consequences.org.uk
Operations Steve Bassett info@consequences.org.uk
Outreach Steve Bassett info@consequences.org.uk
Registration and
Event Signup
Steve Bassett info@consequences.org.uk
Trader Liaison Jon Cloutman-Green traderliaison@consequences.org.uk
Boardgames Charlie and Alan Paull boardgames@consequences.org.uk

Introducing the Committee

Steve Bassett

Con chair 2013-14

Sue Lee

Frocktastic - that's all you need to know right now

Jon Cloutman-Green

Alison Rider-Hill

Charlie and Alan Paull

Alan & I bring and run the boardgames library at Consequences. We're happy to teach, play or lend boardgames at any time. We have a wide range from absolute beginner to genuine geek and all stops in between.

I also write, run and play freeforms. This year I have bid Old Nick's Game a cheery little number from the deepest pits of Hell.

The Bid Committee:

Mo Holkar

Mo spent twenty years writing freeforms as part of the Epic Experience collective.

Lately he's been writing stuff with other people, including some experimental-style bits and bobs at this Consequences, influenced by Nordic larp and by story games. Watch out!

Mo is also responsible for maintaining and upgrading the Consequences website and database system.

Sue L – Frocktastic - that's all you need to know right now

Richard Salmon

Richard has been playing freeforms for rather too many years now

In 2004 he was part of the writing & GM team for Siege of Troy and has been hindering Consequences since its inception by providing the platform upon which Mo works the magic of the web site

Having still not managed to write or help write a game of his own, this year he is helping with K300: Nyet SOS!

Tony Mitton

Jason Gorringe

Anonymised User – Well what to say...been around a long time, made some fantastic friends out of the hobby and really believe this is one of the best ways you can spend your time on. Done everything from boardgames to Live action roleplays and Freeforms, and im always pleased to try something new. Come and have a natter -games, beer, and good company and friendship. What more could a person want!!

Dream Cloutman-Green – Most people think that Dream is a professional organizer!

This is not true she has retained her amateur statues in the hope that organisation will be named as an event in the 2012 Olympics.

In the last few years she has been in rigorous training with exercises such as wedding planning, property acquisition, game writing and an exhaustive resistance training regime masterminded by her head coach and husband Jon Cloutman-Green and facilitated by her two assistant coaches Colin Wallace and Andrew The Ditch Ditchburn.

When asked what the future holds for this up and coming organisational star she said I'm hoping to work closely with professional Organisarians such as Sue and Nickey ... maybe in some kind of writing capacity. Whatever Dreams future holds she is definitely one to watch.

Andrew Smith – AJ long ago decided that his best way to get into Brian's games was to help run them. More recently, he extended this policy to Tony's games. So far, this strategy is working well ...

Richard Wood

Dave Collis – Normal service will be resumed in 2015 until then you'll just have to make do with Dave C not so much a legend in his lifetime as a quiet noevlla in his lunchtime.