"The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts." (Henry Miller)

Heroic Consequences, November 20–23, 2014, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Heroic Consequences starts in -3491 days, -3 hours and -44 minutes!

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by Graham Charles, Natalie Curd, Nick Curd and Tony Mitton
A year after a tragic fire, you and your friends meet up to commemorate those you lost, and face the horror of what happened. Perhaps you will even set things right.

A Deal With The Devil
by Andrea Civiera & Ben Harvey
You are the last remaining souls in Limbo, and the powers of Heaven and Hell vie for possession of your eternal soul. Forced into a game of chance, you will need to play your cards right to escape eternal damnation. If things go very badly, you may even have to deal with the Devil...

A Night at Ravioli Manor
by Thora Ingvarsdottir
Don Alberto has invited his nearest and dearest (family, friends and business partners) for a quiet dinner party to mark his retirement and to reveal his will. Tonight's menu will feature deceit, duplicity, murder, mystery, passion and pasta, with a side helping of sci-fi ...

Antarctica Station 13
by Richard Perry, Alli Mawhinney
Deep in the frozen Antarctic lies station 13. The bored researchers argue about D&D and who stole who's whatever. But this morning disaster struck. Two are injured, one dead. What has happened? Help is on its way. But how will the tense crew deal with it. Who is to blame?

Bitter Tears at Sad Mary's Bar and Girl
by Scott Beattie, Tonia Walden,Thorin Tabor
Tonight is New Year's Eve, and far off on the bizarre little Mediterranean island of Al Amarja - the sort of place frequented by all manner of strangeness, loonies and confused American tourists - ten customers have gathered in the seedy little establishment of Sad Mary's Bar & Girl to enjoy a quiet night away from the rampant celebrations, thefts and violent crime that usually comes with the New Year's celebrations on the island. It looks like it is going to be a quiet night. Wrong. Bitter Tears at Sad Mary's Bar & Girl is a LARP about strange happenings in a strange place, where little is as it seems, potentially even reality itself.

Class of '83
by Nick Huggins
Hair spray, legwarmers, Boy George, John Hughes - The time you spent before hitting real life or university was great. Sure, there were cliques and gangs, but everyone forgave everyone else in the end…you thought. But it looks like one of your classmates at this reunion isn’t quite over it, and they plan to make someone pay.

Dr. Nefarious and the Paradise Project
by Daniel Taylor, Su Jolly, Mike Snowden, Nick Curd, Clare Gardner
Deep beneath Paradise Island lies the secret lair of the infamous villain, Dr. Nefarious. From this underground base he commands the orbital superweapons that will bring the world to its knees.

If you can get them built in time.

Hello, You Must Be...
by Brian Williams
You're going to a party. That's all I can tell you. Honestly.

Hollywood Lives: Seventies' Subversion
by Kevin Jacklin and Reiner Knizia
Hollywood Lives: Seventies' Subversion is a game of making movies in the dark decade of the 1970's. Despite the long shadow of Vietnam and the height of the Cold War there sprang a wave of great films... but plenty of duds too. So put on your platform heels/ripped T-shirt and get ready to make trailers for those movies that - once seen - will be seared on your memory. Oh, and get ready to vote for your favourites!

K300: Nyet SOS!
by Mike Young and Moira Parham
Greetings Comradski. Welcome to the Soviet Submarine. Here we will have happy adventure beneath the waves as absolutely nothing goes wrong. (And by that, we mean that everything will go wrong.)

Murder on Olympus
by Rachael Hodson
Zeus is dead. You don't know who did it or how they committed the atrocity, but you do know it has left a huge power vacuum on Mount Olympus. Hestia has summoned you all to Olympus so that you might elect a new king of the gods and aid her in uncovering Zeus' murderer.

by Rei Hampden-Turner & Judy
Neverland. Land of action and adventure; of daring deeds and mischief; and of magic and wonder. Tonight is a special night; the Summoning of the Never Spirit, which happens every one hundred years. Five people will stand in the summoning circle tonight at the appointed time, and their stories and character will determine the dreams and daydreams of the human race for the next hundred years. To be asked to do so is considered a high honour, and the lucky five will doubtless smugly lord it over everyone else when they get home.

None but the Brave
by Mo Holkar and Traci Whitehead
It's been a quiet night so far in the Elmridge fire station. The members of Red Watch are chatting, playing cards, drinking tea and attempting to relax. But the peace won't last…

Oh dear! We seem to have run out of time.
by Jean-Philippe André Caquet and Tore Svanemsli
Once upon a time in the future, humanity has finally mastered the art of time travel. A new era of peace, love, harmony and glory to mankind has… unfortunately not arrived, as the world is about to end. This larp consists of a meeting of the Royal Society of Time Travelling Ladies and Gentlemen (RSOTTLAG), which will discern which members are behind the paradox that has doomed the universe. The twist is that, of course, ALL of the time-travellers are responsible for some paradox or another. But which one is relevant? The clock is ticking…

Old Nick's Game
by Charlie Paull, Alan Paull, Roger Gammas, Nick Hollingsworth
A light hearted and irreverant look at a normal day in Hell, a day when Satan is bored. Losely based on the Radio 4 satire series Old Harry's Game.

by Sue
The Ops Desk. A place to come and feel welcome

Queen of Denial
by Nickey Barnard and Mo Holkar
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, and Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, is uneasier than most. Rival suitors, envious foreign powers, a dead husband/brother, crafty slaves, a shortage of asses' milk, and to cap it all her infant son's gone missing. How will she cope? Find out in Queen of Denial, where Shakespeare meets the Carry On team, and things are likely to go from bad to very much worse…

Rome Must Decide
by Simon Butler & John Amos
Set in the Sundered Thunder Roman Steam punk Alternative Reality Universe, you take the part of Senators who all have their own agendas and perhaps, the future of Rome itself is in your hands.

by Shoshana Kessock
You have been drafted into the worst war humanity has ever known, but have the chance to escape. A game of personal and group drama, of moral choices and questions, of whose life is worth more and why.

Star Wars: Chains of the Sith
by Alex Helm, Rich Wood
A Star Wars game set during the Old Republic era, during a time of fragile peace between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Representatives of all groups converge on the war-torn planet of Corellia, while a mysterious starship heads on rna collision course...

Sunset On The Umpire
by Mel Dymond Harper, Graham Harper
The biennial visit of the Maharajah's Eleven to Bassethwaite Cricket Club has been hotly anticipated, especially with the rumours that India may soon field their own Test team. Bassethwaite captain Doug Garden is tipped to score, but the visitors' infamous spin bowler Yessu Khan may yet bamboozle the local lads. However, when top match official Howard Zatt is found dead on the eve of the match - and Bassethwaite Constabulary declare themselves "stumped" - the whole tour looks like it might be on a bit of a sticky wicket...

The Curse
by Lizzie Stark
Would you remove healthy body parts if you thought it might save your life? Rita and Elle bear a legacy: a mother who died of ovarian cancer and a genetic error in their DNA. Will they change their bodies? How will it change them? And how will it change their relationships? A scenario about bodies, relationships and love, where nothing is sure.

The Great After-Party
by LARP Design by Erlund Eidsem Hansen and Frida Sofie Jansen, LARP script by Elin Nilsen
It’s the post-game party after the fantasy LARP Mist Over Goblin Peak. We’re all meeting in the pub after spending the weekend camping and playing in the forest. Have a beer and share some tales while we all wind down back to our real selves.

The Kouros Intercept
by Tony Mitton and AJ SMith

"So what's the gig, Cap?”

"RV with a small luxury liner under cover of a passenger drop. Break into the military-grade safe in the captain's quarters. Get out clean. Same as usual."

The Prison
by Aleksandra Danilenko, Mariya Grubaya, Sergey Kolesnikov; Adapted by Christopher Amherst

The governments of the world have united against the terrorist menace, and established a new social order, where the people are divided into classes.

You are a criminal, guilty of capital crimes under the new laws. One by one, you or your fellow prisoners will be taken away to be executed.

How much is your life worth fighting for? And who will survive?

The Tales of Irnh
by Jeff Diewald, Jordan Diewald, Susan Giusto, Tim Lasko, Charlie McCutcheon and Barry Tannenbaum
The Irnh built sentient biocybernetic servant androids to do the mundane and dangerous work of civilization - accounting, farming, mining, factory work, and more. They built them in their image (some more than others), with clever thoughts and impressive skills, capable of emotions and dreams, as companions and helpers. The androids were programmed to be part of society, to mix with the biologicals seamlessly, wherever possible. The Irnh even gave the androids free will and decision-making capabilities, but with important limitations, because even with their rationality, the biologicals were afraid of losing control.

And then the biological Irnh died. These are the biocybernetic androids' Tales.

The Tales of Irnh is a dark, philosophical Tale-telling LARP set in the universe of Across the Sea of Stars. This is a character-driven, low-mechanic, little-to-no combat LARP, telling the story of the Irnh androids in a series of Tales. There are no gendered pronouns in the game, which means same sex relationships may occur in Tales. The Tales are small; every player is expected to drive the action. Players will play a variety of roles during the game, good and evil, protagonist and antagonist - but all critical to the Tale. This is not a LARP for beginners.

The Teapot Travesty
by Claire Ryder and Heather Law
A lighthearted game of murder, intrigue tea and politics in supernatural Steampunk Victorian rnrnLondon.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Ferret
by Mel Dymond Harper, Graham Harper
Bassethwaite's glory days as a code-cracking hub during the Second World War have come and gone, but the tentacles of the current Cold War have reached even as far as this sleepy Northern town (called by some "the Vienna of the North"). Is the mysterious Karola, rumoured to have left Russia for the first time, here to recruit agents? What about their British counterpart 'Control': does he -- or she -- know enough to stop a betrayal? Secrets, lies and double-crossing abound.

Veterans Day
by Clare Gardner/Mike Grace/Alex Helm/Martin Jones/Adrian Smith/Mike Snowden
Twenty five years ago an army of superheroes, created to save the Earth from an alien fleet bent on humanity's destruction, drove the alien invaders from our world.

Today we gather to celebrate the end of the war, and honour their sacrifice.

A reception is being held to present medals to the few remaining veterans. You are cordially invited to attend. Formal dress is advised.

White Bear and Red Moon: The Hero Wars Begin
by Carol Johnson
Join the Red Emperor, demigod son of the Red Moon and his Lunar cohort, who with the rebel king Argrath and his outlaw heroes, will enact a New Year’s ritual to reinforce the World of Glorantha against Chaos. What could go wrong?

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