"The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts." (Henry Miller)

Heroic Consequences, November 20–23, 2014, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Heroic Consequences starts in -3491 days, -5 hours and -13 minutes!

The Great After-Party

Come along to the post-game party after the fantasy LARP Mist Over Goblin Peak! We’re all meeting in a real pub after spending the weekend playing in the forest. Have a beer and share some tales while we all wind down back to our real selves.

The Great After-Party is a meta-game that plays with the stereotypes of larpers, fantasy LARP and post-LARP parties. Players will both create the story of the fantasy LARP they just finished and play out the consequences it has for relationships at the after-party. Did the princess fall in love with the orc? Why did the general steal the magic feather from the bard, and are they kissing in that corner? The LARP belongs to the players; anything can happen, and anything that can happen has already happened in the LARP-within-a-LARP, Mist Over Goblin Peak.

This is a Nordic freeform, in which the players help create their own characters in a workshop process for the first hour of the game, to personalise and give the characters emotional and motivational depth. This leads to a more dramatic and potentially more involving style of play. Nevertheless, The Great After- Party is intended to be played in a spirit of comic realism, rather than intense psychological exploration, so any angst should be fun rather than distressing.

Although the game setting is a pub, no actual alcohol need be involved. However, due to the potential content of the game, which can involve past sexual relationships, it's been rated for over-18s.

Author(s):LARP Design by Erlund Eidsem Hansen and Frida Sofie Jansen, LARP script by Elin Nilsen
Game EMail:heidi DOT kaye AT blueyonder DOT co DOT uk
Heidi Kaye    heidi DOT kaye AT blueyonder DOT co DOT uk
Sue "Queenortart" L   
Lead GM:Heidi Kaye
Organization:Larp Factory
Game System:None
Information for Players:Casting will be in advance and character sheets will be no more than half a sheet of A4. This will be the bare bones indicating which character your larper played in the LARP. As such it will be more like a casting hint in a traditional UK freeform. The rest will be built during the workshop in the freeform. There is no background material for players to read.

Costuming does not need to be elaborate, but ideally should indicate the fantasy character that your larper character will have played in the LARP. The idea is that the larpers have just come along to the pub straight after the end of the LARP and are still in costume.

Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 8 / Max: 14
Total Players: Min: 8 / Max: 14
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Kaye, Heidi

You were born in America, but have spent your entire adult life in Britain. Having been introduced to freeforms at the first Convulsion twenty years ago, you have written quite a few yourself over the past fifteen years. Your secret identity as the Stuart heir to the throne has not yet been revealed, so you must be on your guard against agents of the Germanic line of the family. Your abilities include fast talk, carrying a big stick, and immortalising your cats in games. Your main goal: run The Great After Party to build up your loyal following so that you may at last rightfully take the throne from the usurper.

L, Sue

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