"The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts." (Henry Miller)

Heroic Consequences, November 20–23, 2014, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Heroic Consequences starts in -3491 days, -5 hours and -8 minutes!

Dr. Nefarious and the Paradise Project

“Welcome to the Paradise Island resort! A deluxe hotel resort set on an exotic Caribbean island, with discreet and capable staff ready to attend to your every need. Don’t miss visiting the Paradise Casino, the world’s premier destination for the rich and beautiful with time on their hands.”

Deep beneath Paradise Island lies the secret lair of the infamous villain, Dr. Nefarious. From this command centre he gives the orders that make Presidents tremble. Here he commands the terrible weapons that will bring the free world to its knees. Here his forces train to tread the nations of the Earth beneath their polished black boots.

Well... he will when it’s finished. The lair was relocated to Paradise Island after the Swiss mountain chalet had a slight self-destruct-device accident. And the tunnels aren’t all finished, because that CIA agent slipped in through the casino and blew up the M.O.L.E. Machine. And some of the superweapons haven't actually been built yet.

Still, the revised plans are more or less on schedule.

Dr. Nefarious is currently enjoying his regular anniversary holiday.

And the satellite death ray had better be ready when he gets back.

Dr. Nefarious is a horde game written at Peaky 2013, and first run at Gothic Consequences. It's now returning in a new, improved version - with more minions, more weapons of world domination, more spies, more random explosive death, more jewellery, more sharks, and even shinier technology.

Unlike most horde games, there is little distinction between cast and horde. Ambitious minions can be promoted to officers, and the coveted position of Dr. Nefarious's right-hand-lieutenant is up for grabs. Of course, it's also possible for officers who fail to be... demoted.

Author(s):Daniel Taylor, Su Jolly, Mike Snowden, Nick Curd, Clare Gardner
Game EMail:taylor DOT df AT gmail DOT com
Su "Su" Jolly    r4venqueen AT gmail DOT com
Heather "Celebgil" Law    heatherlaw1986 AT gmail DOT com
Mike "Mike(y)" Snowden    mike DOT snowden AT btinternet DOT com
Daniel "Tynam" Taylor    taylor DOT df AT gmail DOT com
Lead GM:Daniel Taylor
Organization:Peaky games
Game System:Highly specific to the game; skill based
Information for Players:No significant health and safety issues - props include badges, sashes, really obvious toy guns, and a buzzer.

Adult content is at the "Bond movie" level - lots of name-based-innuendo, no on-screen sex, no relationship drama. Weapons of mass destruction are common, and often ridiculous.

There is a very high death rate, often weird and comical (superscience accidents, death by CIA agent, mutant shark).

Home Page:http://uk-freeforms.wikidot.com/peaky
Male Players:Min: 2 / Max: 2
Female Players:Min: 2 / Max: 2
Neutral Players:Min: 18 / Max: 32
Total Players: Min: 22 / Max: 36
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Jolly, Su

Law, Heather

Mrs Heather Law, a most peculiar specimen of the female species. Doused in tea, half pickled in gin, and worryingly obsessed with aspidistras...

Snowden, Mike

I'm the one with beard, glasses and an armful of props, and hopefully a pint. OK, that's half of the con. Replace "prop" with "PA", and I'm more easily identifiable.

I'm an experienced writer and player; Previous games include "Come Hel or Hiawatha", "Small Town Folks", "Veterans Day" and "Carry on at Camp David". "Dr. Nefarious and the Paradise Project" is my last offspring from the Peaky writing weekend.

Taylor, Daniel

A long-standing gamer and tabletop GM, Daniel recently made a triumphant return to his favourite hobbies: freeform writing and crushing the nations of the world beneath his stylish yet practical black leather boots.

Join his coalition of terror now, and you will be rewarded when the new order rises.