"The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts." (Henry Miller)

Heroic Consequences, November 20–23, 2014, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Heroic Consequences starts in -3476 days, -9 hours and -49 minutes!

Rome Must Decide

Set in the Sundered Thunder Roman Steam punk Alternative Reality Universe, you take the part of Senators who all have hidden agendas and perhaps, the future of Rome in your own hands.

In the next few days, the Senate votes on a proposal to increase the annual R&D budget of the 42nd Legion to counter the increased threat from the Germanian tribes in central Europe and the Sarmatians and the Persians in the East.With little support from the classical milites legions in the Senate for the Emperor Diocletian’s new technologies, the forthcoming vote will be vital for the 42nd Legion to develop the new steam and production technologies, else the rest of the Roman military machine could move directly against Diocletian and remove him from power.

Author(s):Simon Butler & John Amos
Game EMail:havedice AT aol DOT com
John "havedice" Amos    havedice AT aol DOT com
Anonymised User    anonymised AT ishtari DOT co DOT uk
Lead GM:Simon Butler
Organization:Sundered Thunder
Game System:Sundered Thunder
Information for Players:As the game takes place in the Roman Senate, which is all male, there are no female characters available. All the player places are neutral so women signing up will be playing a male role.
Home Page:TBA
Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 6 / Max: 12
Total Players: Min: 6 / Max: 12
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Amos, John

Have Dice/ The Nice Man/ The old coot in the corner - that's me. Consequences, Conception and Indiecon are what rocks my boat and I've always got time to talk to friends. Retired now, it doesn't seem possible where have the last 38 years gone. If you want tabletop I can usually find something to run, this year is a 1st for me as we Simon and myself are offering a Freeform game "Rome must Decide"! We hope people sign up for and enjoy our offering if you like it there will be more. Come on Ancient Rome AD285 with Steampunk and friends what more do you want?

User, Anonymised