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Judicious Consequences, November 17–20, 2016, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

The Teapot Travesty

The game is loosely based in a fantasy/alternate history Victoriana setting, inspired by the Parasol Protectorate books. (Absolutely no knowledge of the books is required to play.)

All of the players have been invited to, or somehow persuaded their way into, the unveiling of an amazing technological development: the Aetheric Sphere, which will allow supernatural beings to enjoy the benefits of the modern dirigible.

The unveiling will take place on the dirigible "Queen of the Skies", anchored above London. Society's brightest stars have fought tooth and nail for invitations to this prestigious event. There are even rumours that Duchess Marionberg-Thyme, of the prestigious Kensington vampire hive, will be in attendance to grace the new invention with her approval.

A wide range of character roles are available in this game. This event has attracted members of all echelons of society: from engineers to debutantes. Military officers from well-known werewolf packs will rub shoulders with members of the clergy and the most dashing of vampire socialites.

Depending on their inclinations, characters in this game may gather information, solve (or commit) crimes, make and break alliances, and fight to defend their nation - or their honour. They may fall in love, or arrange society weddings - conceivably even both at once. There could be afternoon tea, scurrilous gossip, poisonings, or piratical activity. We cannot possibly comment about the likelihood of zombies.


About the world:

It is 1875, the height of Queen Victoria's illustrious reign. Vampires, werewolves and ghosts are not only real, but made the British Empire the global wonder that it is today. They are not merely accepted in society, they are á la mode. Vampire Hives dominate the fashion and social scene of the great cities. They have the queen’s ear, and as such it is not wise to overtly dismiss them. Fashion and the social scene are very important to the populace of London, and a person lives or dies by their reputation. Among society, the pen of the notorious gossip columnist "Inkwell" is mightier than any sword.

However, the situation in Britain is not reflected throughout the world. Countries such as Italy and the USA are notably anti-supernatural, and still have laws in effect which allow them to be legally hunted.

It is also a time of technological wonder; the scientists of the day have created marvels from dirigibles to aetheric communication devices. People can ‘float’ to Scotland, or Europe, or go on pleasure floats over London by day.

‘London hours’ is a fashionable day cycle to keep, especially during the high season. This means being awake when the supernatural are, generally rising at around midday and go to bed in the wee small hours.

As vampires are unable to travel, the might of Britain's armies depends on the werewolves. Tethered to each other rather than a physical location, the Packs are the unyielding spine of Her Majesty's forces.

While humans can become vampires or werewolves, it is not a privilege lightly offered. Not only must you be a person with excess soul (usually demonstrated through artistic or creative tendencies), but you must have something to offer the Hive or Pack. It is customary to work as a Drone or Claviger (respectively) for up to a decade before you prove yourself worthy. Of course there are other reasons than transcendence to become a Drone or Claviger. Supernatural beings are great patrons of the sciences and arts, and will accept your service (or several of your early patents) in order to support you and further your career. The turning process is risky, and if it fails, invariably fatal.

Ghosts are generally created by accident. A person with excess soul who dies suddenly may become a ghost, but none would willingly choose this existence. Ghosts are tethered to a small geography, and suffer slow insanity as they begin to dissipate over a few short decades. They can also be accidentally or purposely exorcised.

And then there are preternaturals, the natural hunters of the undead - humans born without a soul. Rumour has it that a supernatural touched by one of the soulless completely loses their powers, being rendered temporarily human and vulnerable. Needless to say a preternatural's touch can immediately exorcise a ghost.

Beyond these changes, Victorian England is very much the same. A lady is never seen without her gloves, hat and parasol. A gentleman is never seen without his hat. The military have status, and politeness is absolutely mandatory. As is tea; in copious amounts.

Author(s):Claire Ryder and Heather Law
Game EMail:heatherlaw1986 AT gmail DOT com
Ray "Ray" Hodson   
Heather "Celebgil" Law   
Ian Law   
Claire Ryder   
Daniel "Tynam" Taylor   
Lead GM:Heather Law
Information for Players:Contains undead, intrigue and murder. Victorian frockage preferred for atmosphere, but not required to be elaborate. There may be physical contact requirements for some characters, but mainly nothing more than hand shaking/hand holding. Some in-character 'spiking' of drinks may occur with need to play drunkenness.
Male Players:Min: 13 / Max: 15
Female Players:Min: 9 / Max: 9
Neutral Players:Min: 1 / Max: 2
Total Players: Min: 23 / Max: 26
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Hodson, Ray

Law, Heather

Mrs Heather Law, a most peculiar specimen of the female species. Doused in tea, half pickled in gin, and worryingly obsessed with aspidistras... Also her hats are always most fabulous and foppish! Her wheelchair is known as the Chaos Chair, it may be heretical, please avoid purging it!

Law, Ian

Ryder, Claire

By reading this description you are inciting the wrath of the Chaos Gods.
There are hats. There are bustles and petticoats. There is a Clockwork Tea Party. My cover is as a ministorum worker for the Administratum. And now you know.

Taylor, Daniel

A long-standing gamer and tabletop GM, Daniel recently made a triumphant return to his favourite hobbies: freeform writing and crushing the nations of the world beneath his stylish yet practical black leather boots.

Join his coalition of terror now, and you will be rewarded when the new order rises.