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Love Letter: The Crusade

It is the summer in the year-of-our-lord 1190. The County of Watling sits quietly in the south of England in the heart of medieval Europe. The Baron and Baroness of Watling preside over a happy, pleasant court, filled with beautiful ladies and charming courtiers. Monthly feasts, holiday festivals, and tournaments help break up the monotony of daily life. The Baron and Baroness are generous, fair, and a shining example of a medieval marriage.

Today’s festivity is a great feast to celebrate the coming Crusade! The Pope has called for a third Crusade to reclaim Jerusalem, and the Baron and his brave men-at-arms leave tomorrow to fulfil their holy duty. Although they will be missed, the air is merry, as the men are anxious to prove themselves in a real battle!

Love Letter is light-hearted in nature, but does have some serious themes mixed in, so please be as honest as you can about what will or won't add or detract from your enjoyment. The characters are a group of friends, some are closer than others - but of course, everyone's got their secrets and there's sure to be some drama in the past, present, and future. Do jot us a note at the end if you think there's something positive or negative we might have missed among our questions.

The game will be played in three stages, with a gap in between for brief feedback from the players which will be reintroduced into the game, including the chance for you to write Love Letters of your own, for better or for worse, as you explore the many relationships in the lives of this small group of friends.

Costuming is, of course, early medieval.

"Love Letter - The Crusade" is a game which is similar in style to the "original" Love Letter game. It will be played in three episodes, and players will have a chance in-between these scenes to write letters from their character to other characters in the game. The game is still "plot-free" and all about relationships (romantic and friendships). That said, we've tried to make this new game as different as possible. There is an all-new setting/genre, all-new characters, new dilemmas for the new characters to face (we won't say all-new, but as new and different as possible), and even a possible new perspective on romance for some of the characters. If you enjoyed Love Letter, we think (we hope) you will enjoy our new edition which should feel different but the same.

Author(s):Rich Perry, Elyssia McCormick, Graham Arnold, Steve Hatherley
Game EMail:rperry80 AT sky DOT com
Elyssia McCormick   
Rich "Gladiator" Perry   
Lead GM:Rich Perry
Male Players:Min: 5 / Max: 5
Female Players:Min: 5 / Max: 5
Neutral Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Total Players: Min: 10 / Max: 10
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McCormick, Elyssia

Perry, Rich

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