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UK Freeforms and Mike Young Proudly Present: 

30th January - 1st February 2015

On Boxing Day afternoon, did you sit with your granny watching films filled with Pirates fighting Lost Boys, Questing Knights, Magical Events, Prim Nannies, and Atrocious Cockney Accents?  Did you long to overthrow (or be) the Baron or Baroness of Vulgaria?

Did you want to go Over the Rainbow whilst sitting in the stalls of the West End stage, thrilling to the swoop of a mechanical car, and shuddering (or revelling) in the call of “Lollipops”?  Would you join the Quest for the Holy Grail, armed with a sword from a Watery Tart, searching Into the Woods for the cow as white as milk?  Was your mother a hamster and did your father smell of elderberries?

 A game by Mike Young (with added Britishness)

A weekend long Freeform game for around 65 players