"The library has always been an otherworldly and wondrous space." (A.K. Kuykendall)

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, Otherworldly Consequences will run as an online convention throughout November. More information will be forthcoming as we work out the details.

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After Dark
by Mo Holkar
An extended family gather online, to exchange final words with each other under the threat of a deadly plague. Play takes place via text chat. Expect an emotionally intense experience.

Alex the Great
by Mo Holkar and Laura Wood
'Alex the Great' is a TV reality show, in which people called Alex compete for the audience's favour. This is a larp about performance and persona; about understanding yourself; and perhaps about finding friendship where you don’t expect it.

by Elisabeth Cohen, Sarah Judd
In Contact, players are elite members of the League Survey. After some time exploring an uncharted planet, the doctor was unknowingly infected with a parasite. The doctor was able to stop the parasite for just long enough to warn everyone, and then all doors shut and outside communications were shut down, which can only be done through override. That means the parasite is still controlling one of you, but who? And even once you figure that out… what do you do about it?

by Patrick Braasch, Sarah Judd
Gleam is a collection of short scenes following the lives and decisions of four characters from different settings. Each player will be in several scenes from their setting. In the scenes that do not take place in their setting, players will play various other characters that are interacting with that setting’s associated character.

These settings are:
Abrana, The Floating Kingdom : A magical kingdom set against the backdrop of a bleak and inhospitable world. Its ruler is Midarin, who raised the islands and created the kingdom.
Runia : A modern Earth-like world with spycraft run rampant. Agent Dana finds themself in the midst of a dangerous conspiracy.
Arcadon : A world where humans and dinosaurs co-exist in relative peace. Liron discovers Abradon and explores its mysteries.
Starship Endeavor : The voyages of the Starship Endeavor. Jean Nimoy becomes captain of the Endeavor.

Pregame reading is about 10 pages, spanning the documents giving context for each of the settings that the player will be existing in, as well as a character sheet for the character associated with their setting.

In-game players have ~1-2 pages per scene to read.

Mirror Mirror
by Megan Coppock, Quinn D, Eva Schiffer
In a reimagining of Snow White, players take on the roles of evil Queen Delara and her scrying Mirror.

More Than Friendship
by Quinn D, Eva Schiffer
Your relationship seems to defy words and conventional cultural understanding. There just isn’t an understood word for it, and options all feel insufficient. But you both understand it, in the ways you’ve connected your lives, in the deep understanding you have of each other, the ways you communicate without words. Your relationship will evolve and grow over time, but you know it will always be there.

More Than Friendship is a contemporary slice of life larp about committed friendships for 2 players. These characters' platonic relationships can be companionate, intimate, loving and are their most important, with any outside romantic or sexual relationships being secondary to them. The character relationships will outlast the larp, with a focus on the growth and evolution of it.

Pillow Talk
by Mo Holkar
A larp to be played in pairs, via audio only. You will play a couple, talking together in bed, at successive stages in their relationship.

Spacetime Convergence
by Elisabeth Cohen, Sarah Judd, Michael VonKorff, Kiara Vincent
Deep in the heart of space exists a wormhole. Some worship it. Others are pained by its power. For others, it’s merely a useful conveyance. Everyone has plans for it, but do they match what the wormhole wants?

The Bathhouse
by Rei England
A group of old friends take a trip to a bathhouse. As protective layers and long held feelings are stripped and encrusted dirt is washed away, who will they become? Will the gods awaken? Players take a real bath together (this bit audio only). [Blanket option available for players without a bath]

The Great St Mary's Staff Meeting
by Ray Hodson
It's never quiet at St. Mary’s Institute of Historical Research but life has slowed down to a gentle hum. And it is that time again. Max has to submit the plans for the next mission to Dr Bairstow. Unfortunately everyone and their goat (Max told Markham to return the goat to R&D) has given her a suggestion. With great trepidation she calls a staff meeting to work out where they should go and what they should do.

A 1 hour larp about historians who investigate major historical events in contemporary time (for god's sake don't call it time travel), tea, explosions and complaints from the Tech, Wardrobe and R&D departments.

Under the Faerie Hill
by Adina Schreiber and Alison Joy Schafer (writers), Julie Diewald (artist)
Come up the airy mountain, under the Faerie Hill! Hear the music playing, feel the building thrill! Come into the secret garden, through the misty grey. See the dryad trees all waiting, in a breathless sort of way. All the stars are smiling; they know that very soon, All will come to celebrate from lands beneath the moon! In the human world of Ravinia, sorcery is banned. Instead go to where magic thrives, go to Fairyland! At the Summer Solstice, a festive crowd does draw, Mages come to duel, far from the reach of law. Anything can happen while you laugh and sing, dance and run, Come to where everything is different, everything is fun! The Midnight Market bustles, The Fairy Fountain glistens, Wondrous tales and quests await, for those who give a listen. Fairy folk and human mages, conversing all together. Green jacket, red cap, and those of a different feather! Come up the airy mountain, under the Faerie Hill. Hear the music playing, feel the building thrill!

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