"In its wild state, the truth is fluid, slippery, vagrant, scrambled, promiscuous, kalideoscopic and beautiful." (Rob Brezsny)

Kaleidoscopic Consequences, November 23–27, 2017, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Kaleidoscopic Consequences starts in 179 days, 1 hours and 39 minutes!

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Adrift on the Starry Sky
by Jeff Diewald, Tim Lasko, Theresa Sullivan and Gaylord Tang

Adrift on the Starry Sky is a serious scene game with science fiction themes for six players, lasting four hours. Those of you onboard the Alexandria are declared enemies of the planet, some more by accident and circumstance than design. Less than fully prepared, with a limited company and tight resources, you must flee on a barely faster-than-light life raft across space, to find a suitable planet to create a new Earth. This is a LARP that explores what it means to be human, the limits of endurance, and the human will. As a result of generation ship-style technology, characters will change as they progress through several scenes. Some characters will die during the voyage; those players will be given new characters born along the way.

After the Shadow
by Alex Helm, Rich Wood
It is a world of legends, of heroes and villains, of magic and gods, and of an imprisoned Dark Mistress. For thousands of years, war raged between Light and Dark, culminating in the extinction of an entire race. That event brought about peace, but no peace lasts forever. Now, it is time for the Great Conclave, in which ambassadors gather from across the world to celebrate 200 years of peace. However, in the eternal prison deep beneath the citadel, the Dark Mistress is stirring…

Best of the Wurst
by Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Mike Snowden and Julie Winnard
It is the evening of Friday 13th November 1942. You are in Occupied Brittany,in the sleepy town of Quimper, near Brest. In the Castle Quimper Hotel, a Wurst-tasting is being arranged, ably supported by eminent charcutières and the hotel staff. A light-hearted game of farce, innuendo and sausages in the style of 'Allo 'Allo

Black Legacy
by Alex Helm
The Holy Inquisition is the Imperium's most secretive yet powerful organisation. A conclave has been called to pronounce judgement on a former inquisitor turned arch-heretic. It is rare that inquisitors gather in such a way, but how deep does the heretic's web of corruption go...?

BTL - The Director\'s Cut
by Martin Jones
Previously offered by Topher Brink at the "Across The Universe" event to rave reviews, "Better Than Life" is back with new content, and a slightly extended run time.

7 different Sci-Fi "Micro-Larps" with varying themes from Dark Cyberpunk, and Hard SF, through Hitchikers inspired Comedy. Pick the one that appeals to you and sign up for your 30 minutes of fun/angst/problem-solving/action or comedy.

Burning Orchid
by Ben Allen, Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Heidi Kaye and Alison Rider Hill
Steaming rows, hidden passions, and bitter regret are on the menu for the evening at this wrap party for a 1932 Hollywood movie set in the depths of the Guatemalan Jungle. An intensely character-focused, traditional 3-hour freeform with adult themes.

Carry On Khemet
by Carol Johnson
Sekhmet's gone on a murderous bender reducing humanity to a bloody smear. Ra’s embarrassed, Isis is vexed, and Set's nose...is dripping. Time for a divine re-union to beat out how to remake mankind. Carry On Khemet is an Egyptian gods sex farce where everyone will lend a hand and bang on until you can squeeze out just the right worshipper to tickle your fancy.

Closing Doors
by Rei
This is a game about a group of old university friends at a reunion, who find themselves jumping through alternative universes. How differently could their lives have turned out? And what’s causing them to jump? Will they get the chance to choose which door to leave open, and which to shut forever?

Coffee with AlIce
by Roderick Easton
The small online coffee bar called Coffee with AlIce claims to have invented an app which lets people taste coffee through their cyberjack - thought impossible. Now they are hosting an invitation-only event to launch their new product, with Megacorps, Bloggers and Celebrities all going to be present.

Critical Path
by Amanda Brown, Jill Krynicki Dutcher, James Silverstein, Brandon Brylawski, Doug Freedman
Critical Path is a game of intense interpersonal drama and shifting perspectives, set aboard a prototype starship on its maiden voyage. Note: This game contains mature themes. Not for children under 18.

Delta Sector Helter Skelter
by Mo Holkar
The scoutship Deneb has fallen through a wormhole and emerged in the remote Delta Sector – tens of thousands of light years from home. Characters are the officers and crew of the Deneb; doomsaying, blamestorming, and struggling with a wide range of sticky interpersonal issues, as they attempt to deal with the crisis.

Dulce et decorum est
by Alison Rider Hill
It is late September 1938. You are part of the Atherton family, or one their close friends, and have gathered for a dinner party the night before their younger son Bertram celebrates his 21st birthday with the customary Ball for the County and the tenants.

Love Letter
by Natalie Curd,Roger Gammans, Elyssia Mccormick, Richard Perry
A game of love won , lost and squandered set against the background of WW2. Six couples gather and explore their evolving relationship during the war. This is a episodic game, with 3 episodes stretching across the War.

by Graham Walmsley
Every year, the Facelli family come together to cook pasta alla marinara. This is a game about family, food and emigration, in which you'll cook and eat a meal together.

Noble Cause
by Claire Ryder and David Cartwright
A game of Supernatural and Faerie high politics set in modern day England. Queen Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness and Queen of the Winter/Unseelie Court of the Fae, is throwing a Winter Solstice Masquerade ball. This game is set in the universe according to the Dresden Files.

by n/a
Ops Desk

Pirates of Skull Cove
by Mike Nudd
In Pirates of Skull Cove the various pirate captains of the Sunset Isles Confederation are coming together to celebrate the retirement of their Chief, and to select a suitable replacement.

The game is set is a mythical, fantastical version of the past, in some indeterminate time in the late 17th or early 18th Centuries, in a place that may not exist exactly in real life. (As reference points think Black Sails meets Pirates of the Caribbean films.)

Play Date
by Stephanie Marx, Drew Novick, Margaret Simkins, and Susan Weiner
In Play Date, a group of kids have been left with a teenage babysitter for an afternoon. There will be toys, craft time, pizza, and maybe some existential angst. Play Date is a game about children dealing with difficult issues. It asks how we know what is real, and whether that even matters.

Say the Magic Word
by Fiona Lloyd
Say the Magic word This is an extremely simple game.

It's mostly an excuse for some very extravagant frockage but as always players are welcome to play with very minimal costume if they prefer.

It is also an exercise in encouraging players to talk to each other. This is still probably one of the most daunting aspects of Live Role Play. Finding a means to initiate conversation with people you may have never met before can be a huge step to overcome and some players can find they still stick to talking to the same small group of players in game after game for years.

This game gives players a clear reason to get talking to each other and to talk to as many other players as possible over the course of the game.

The Setting

The game is set in the world of Terry Jones and Jim Henson's wonderful tale Labyrinth. Sarah wished for her baby brother to be taken by the Goblins and when her wish was granted she had to try to get to the Goblin Castle at the heart of the Labyrinth and take him back.

The Goblin King, Jareth, tries to trick her at every turn and when she is very close to the castle he drugs her with a poison Peach and transports her to a Ballroom in an attempt to make her forget about her quest. She must get away from the ball and get to the castle before 13 o’clock.

by Nina Runa Essendrop
Strangers is an abstract larp which uses physical methods such as sign language and simple movement routines to create two cultures and the feeling of belonging or not belonging to these. It aims to explore the situation of refugees trying to fit in, and the reactions among the people who they try to fit in amongst.

The Final Cut
by David Townsend & Liz Hayward
On the set of the latest Anvil horror film: 'The Blood-drenched Tears of the Vampire Lovers', it seems that not all the blood is fake. As the fog swirls around the ancient castle in the loch and a scream pierces the night, can the survivors avoid their fates at the jaws of the Beast of Balvinnie Castle?

Volcano's Edge
by Nickey Barnard, Steve Bassett, Dream Cloutman-Green, Sue Lee, Cat Tobin and Janet Young
It is 1930. The world hovers on the brink of disaster, but is it natural or is the villainous hand of Man to be detected? The Society of Investigative Researchers (SIR) has called for the world's best and brightest to attend a symposium to address this pressing issue. Explorers, scientists, spies and adventurers of all kinds have gathered to plot, plan and finally decide once and for all whether the rocket backpack is a better propulsion system than the dirigible airship. Oh yes, and save the world...

Volcano's Edge is a game of politics and intrigue in the world of the classic pulp magazines.

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