"The library has always been an otherworldly and wondrous space." (A.K. Kuykendall)

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, Otherworldly Consequences will run as an online convention throughout November. More information will be forthcoming as we work out the details.


The Earth was dying. The last remaining stable government created two colony ships, and sent them on a 2000-year voyage, in a desperate attempt to save humanity. You, the crew of these ships, were carefully selected for your skills, and for your loyalty to the government.

2000 years have passed at last, and it is time to wake up. But what will you find upon waking? Have your loved ones on the other ship survived? Have you arrived safely at Kepler-452b, or somehow lost your way? Have both the colony ships made it through to the end of the journey? And, if all else is well... what now?

Awakening is a relatively hard-SF game with a focus on angst and interpersonal conflict.

Author(s):Megan Jones, Alli Mawhinney, Nick Curd, Malcolm Campbell, Natalie Curd
Game EMail:mej AT sabreit DOT co DOT uk
Megan Jones   
Alli "Alli" Mawhinney   
Lead GM:Megan Jones
Organization:Peaky games
Game System:N/A
Information for Players:Pre-game reading consists of a character sheet (3-5 sides of A4), up to two background sheets (half a side of A4 each), and one guide to the discord server we will be using (two sides of A4).

This game deals with the loss of loved ones, but the content should otherwise be innocuous.

Vaguely near-future-SF costuming is appreciated, but not required.

Players will spend some of their time in one group, and the rest in separate groups.

Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 10 / Max: 10
Total Players: Min: 10 / Max: 10
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Jones, Megan

Raised since infancy by feral roleplayers, I actually started playing freeforms about five years ago. Since then, I’ve got sucked into this writing and GM-ing thing, and it seems like fun so far! Having had a lot of fun co-writing “Mean Street”, I’ve decided to give it another go with “Awakening” and “Four Gods and a Funeral”.

Mawhinney, Alli

I've been freeforming for a hmmmm ... few years now and have been writing Freeforms games for the last 8 years mostly through the Peaky weekend! Happy to chat to anyone in and out of game!