"The library has always been an otherworldly and wondrous space." (A.K. Kuykendall)

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, Otherworldly Consequences will run as an online convention throughout November. More information will be forthcoming as we work out the details.

Club Samsara

What era are you from? Time is a little odd here. The commute from the neon skyscrapers of Hades is killer. Oh, don’t worry! We’re very used to souls like you making their way through Club Samsara. Grab a drink, but skip the pomegranate special. Oh? Your soul? Well, you are here for Reforging and it takes a trip through here. And every dance, every little chat, every drink, flows like ribbons through you. Don’t worry. You are probably here with a friend and I’m sure they’ll keep you on the straight and narrow. Or not.

You should figure out what you want. You want to dance the night away with Styx? Go for it. You want to try to pull a fast one on the old Jackal? Be my guest. But remember, time flows fast for you. And at the end, I’ll be your little exit interview. Don’t worry about that… and have fun!

Club Samsara is a game for 24 players with 10+ NPCs. Game is played through a customized web portal as a set of nightclub video calls and chat spaces for people to interact in addition to a Remo central hub. LARPers who enjoy embodying a character based on a historical figure, improv, and making your own drama/fun will enjoy this more than people looking to win or solve this LARP.

Author(s):Albert L, Dan P, David K, Kathryn G, Kim S, Kristen M, Lori C, Megan C, Santo S, Ted M, and Tom T.
Game EMail:AlbertEQX AT gmail DOT com
David Kapell   
Albert Lin   
Kimberly "Kim" Sward   
Lead GM:Albert Lin
Game System:n/a
Information for Players:Content Warnings The themes of this game involve death, rebirth, clubbing, and a cyberpunk underworld. Club Samsara features a wide range of sexualities, mythologies, vulgar language, dark spaces, and emotional intensity that could include being shouted at.

Content that will be present but can be opted out of includes murder, physical violence, slavery, substance abuse, suicide, and terminal illness. This game is age restricted to 18+.

Participant Communications Club Samsara is a four-hour digital LARP. This LARP includes a character survey, a short character sheet, and uses a customized web portal, chat, and Remo.

Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 18 / Max: 18
Total Players: Min: 18 / Max: 18
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Kapell, David

Lin, Albert

Sward, Kimberly