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Due to the current Covid-19 situation, Otherworldly Consequences will run as an online convention throughout November. More information will be forthcoming as we work out the details.

Family Recipes

Family Recipes is a game about how food and food culture change over time and yet stay the same. It is a game about the joy and connection of sharing a meal together.

Your family recipes have been passed down through the generations, telling a story of your family’s history. Its origins in another place, growing and sharing food together until a change in circumstance prompted the family to leave. Its time in transit, when ingredients were limited and mutual nourishment brought a struggling family together. And finally, the family’s arrival and settlement in a new home, discovering new cuisine and growing a new future.

There is a letter-writing portion to the game in the weeks leading up to Consequences. Over the course of three play blocks, players send letters to each other as different generations and branches of a family creating and altering three family recipes. They will then come together at the con to cook and eat the recipes they created and roleplay the current generation of the family sharing a meal together.

The players will determine beforehand what sort of cuisine they want to base the recipes on, and what sort of setting they want to play. They could play a historical story of a family fleeing a war; an exodus across the stars in a generation ship seeking a new planet; a family in a magical land escaping the dark lord; or even rabbits seeking a new safe haven!

Author(s):Rei England & Anne Ratchat
Game EMail:solitude_saiyajin AT hotmail DOT com
Rei England   
Lead GM:Rei England
Game System:Letters and cooking
Information for Players:Requires both some letter writing beforehand (minimum two short letters a week for 3 weeks) and a willingness to cook and eat a meal during the convention slot. Don’t worry if you have particular dietary requirements: players will agree on the food parameters and what type of cuisine you’re designing beforehand, and you can create variations on the recipes to accommodate particular individual needs and tastes. Have fun with it and try out new combinations if you like, but don’t force yourself to eat food you can’t stand. The food should be a joyful experience – so no shame for personal tastes or dislikes! Please remember to think about cultural sensitivity when designing your story. If you want to play with cuisines that come from a culture your are unfamiliar with, we would strongly suggest choosing a setting in another world and designing a different culture
Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 3 / Max: 8
Total Players: Min: 3 / Max: 8
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England, Rei

Rei was born in a vast industrial wasteland where the sky glowed burnt orange at night and the odd explosion rocked the nearby houses. Rei is descended on one side from a mysterious orphaned farm boy, which may explain the suspiciously hobbit-like traits, and on the other side from a fierce war veteran matriarch. Rei's early diet consisted almost entirely of books, and later years involved being inducted into a mysterious local group listed in the phone directory only as a satanic cult, where Rei learned to wage war and perform magic while hordes of people insisted on giving Rei expensive pieces of cardboard. Rei finally escaped, and ran away to spend the next few years in an ivory tower to study the workings of imaginary universes, thankfully well populated with books and fellow cult members. Rei now spends weekdays disguised as a mild-mannered insurance risk mathematician, and evenings and weekends learning how to fly, poledancing, climbing silks, studying whichever subject seems fascinating this month, making music, sailing, riding, diving, and occasionally hitting people with things, although sometimes Rei gets confused and turns up at work in silly costumes. Rei uses a time machine to fit in freeform writing into this busy schedule, which is the only explanation for the 5 theatre style LARPs, several combat LARPs, a couple of tabletops, and a number of play-by-e-mail games that Rei has nevertheless managed to churn out. Rei's concentration span is often ooh shiny.