"Nothing like a little judicious levity." (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Judicious Consequences, November 17–20, 2016, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

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A Council at Nikea
by Roderick Easton
It is the height of the Great Crusade. The Emperor is at the forefront of the Expansion with his sons, the Space Marine Primarchs. But feuds between Primarachs are spreading. In an attempt to repair relations, The Emperor has summoned them to the planet of Nikea, to discuss their differences.

A Grandiose Disaster - Golden Valley
by Mike Young
Everthing seemed fine but then it happened...

A Grandiose Disaster is a live action roleplaying game where you play out your own character-centric disaster/horror movie! Using a set of structured scenarios, anywhere from 6 to 12 players play archetypical characters run through the wringer of the disaster. Who will you try to save? What choices do you make to survive?

Arsenic and Lies
by Karolina Soltys
You will create characters in an improvised Agatha Christie novel. One of you will die. One of you will be convicted of murder. One of you is the real killer - perhaps even the famous detective himself? Everyone will have a dark secret driving them to act beyond the pale.

Burning Orchid
by Ben Allen, Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Heidi Kaye and Alison Rider Hill
Heated arguments, hidden passions, and bitter regret are the on the menu for the evening at this wrap party for a 1932 Hollywood movie set in the depths of the Guatemalan jungle.

Can you show me the way to Povertee Street?
by CJ, Hugh Wake, Ross
When Prime Minister Kermit Hameron is invited to guest star on The Puppet Show he does not realise that celebrity campaigner Miss Sally Swine has brought the cast of Povertee Street along to confront him about benefit cuts. We provide the sizable puppets you operate for this satirical freeform of life in the contemporary UK.

Carry On Khemet
by Carol Johnson
Sekmet's gone on a murderous bender reducing humanity to a bloody smear. Ra’s embarrassed, Isis is vexed, and Set's…nose...is dripping. Time for a divine re-union to beat out how to remake mankind. Carry On Khemet is an Egyptian gods sex farce where everyone will lend a hand and bang on until you can squeeze out just the right worshipper to tickle your fancy.

Critical Path
by Amanda Brown, Jill Krynicki Dutcher, James Silverstein, Brandon Brylawski, Doug Freedman
Critical Path is a game of intense, interpersonal drama and shifting perspectives set aboard a prototype starship on its maiden voyage. Note: This game contains mature, angst-ridden themes.

Diamond Geezers
by Graham Arnold, Clare Gardner, Sue Lee and Tym Norris
The return of an old favourite: Borrowing heavily from the universe of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Layercake and Snatch, this short and potentially rather silly game gives you the chance to release your inner East London Gangster. Shooters will be provided by the management.

Dynamic Research
by Peter Stewart
Are you interested in making a difference in the world? Do you have ideas that could revolutionise science? Can you help to produce the greatest technological advancement of the century? If so, Dynamic Research is looking for you! A light-hearted pulp action farce game. For science!

Ex Nihilo
by Theo Clarke, Steve Hatherley, Tony Mitton, Tym Norris, Mike Snowden and Karolina Soltys
The goal of the Ex Nihilo project is to create a human-level artificial intelligence, though each of the scientists involved seeks a different outcome for the experiment. Six androids are created, each one a blank slate capable of just a small subset of human emotions. During the game, the androids become more human by interacting with each other and the scientists.

Ghost Court
by Jason Morningstar
In Ghost Court, ghosts bring their mundane problems before a court. If you have haunting rights, but another ghost is trying to evict you; if you're a poltergeist, but someone keeps moving your stuff; if you've found religion, but the Church won't let you across its threshold, then Ghost Court is the place to come. Ghost Court is a freeform for lots of players and an audience. You're welcome to watch, join in if you want to and drop in and out.

Here Comes A Candle
by Laura Wood
In a prison cell together you were offered a deal. If one person confesses to being the leader of the resistance movement, that person will die at dawn. The rest of you will go free. Back to your children. Back to your lives. Back to continue the fight. You didn’t expect it to come to this, not really, so you didn’t think about it. Or maybe you couldn’t think about it. Or maybe you thought of it constantly but you assumed it would be quick and brutal. You never thought you would have to decide. Not between you and them.

In Stitches
by Mel Harper, Wendy Prosser, Mo Holkar
Something sinister is stalking the corridors of Bassethwaite General Hospital, and it's not just the cleaners. Join the harried staff as they battle with NHS cutbacks, the unkillable superbug, trade union disputes, overpriced carpets, a new surgeon visiting from the US, the ghost of Ward 13, and the man who 'slipped in the shower and landed on a carrot'…

It’s Just a Stage
by Karolina Sołtys and Mo Holkar
The Intro|Spective theatre company eagerly/nervously await the performance of their farewell show – an autobiographical piece which looks back at their own dramatic and turbulent history as a performing group. Afterwards, the company will disband. But they haven’t finished writing the show, yet… will it be a triumph or a flop? What secrets will emerge? Will there be noises off?
A co-created larp about performance, in every sense of the word.

Last Flight of the Albatross
by CJ
Easter 1916. A German Zeppelin has crashed on Salisbury Plain, and the war rages over in Flanders. A small group of strangers gather in the London home of a Society medium for a seance, and as the lights are extinguished and they await messages from the Spirit World each has secrets of their own they would rather not uncovered...

Last Stand of the Imperial Guard
by Alex Helm, Rich Wood
War is terrible and deadly. Abandoned by their own side, and beset by enemies on all fronts, the remnants of the imperial regiments must band together and fight for their lives. But do they remain true for this last stand, or do they listen to the whisperings of corruption and the propaganda of the enemy and give in?

Lorenzo's Blessing
by Tony Mitton

A freeform of Art, Intrigue and Diplomacy set at the height of the Italian Renaissance.

Florence, 1492. Some of the most famous and infamous people of the time have come to pay their respects at the funeral of Lorenzo de' Medici. Lorenzo was a banker, a merchant, a great patron of the Arts and the ruler of Florence with the hereditary title of 'First Citizen'. His death has left a great hole at the centre of Florentine and Medici affairs which cannot be filled by a single person.

Love Letter
by Roger Gammons, Elyssia McCormick, Richard Perry, Natalie Curd
A game of love won, squandered or destroyed, set against the background of World War II. A group of friends gather and explore their evolving relationships during the war. This is an episodic game, with three scenes stretching across the War and after.

M*A*S*H*: Brothers in Arms
by Nickey Barnard, Natalie Curd, Allison Rider-Hill, Tony Mitton, Phillipa Dall
The year is 1953. Dolores Day rides high in the movie box office. Nat King Cole croons over the radio. And American GIs and international forces are fighting a war in Korea. Join the staff of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital as they wait for the next batch of injured soldiers from the front line.

Miss Maypole and the Case of the Wretched Admiral
by Graham Arnold, Nickey Barnard, Natalie Curd, Clare Gardner, Abi Kirby and Sue L
From much of the team that brought you Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair we return to Blighty in the 1930s and step back into the world of stiff upper lips, stiff glasses of whisky and the odd stiff.

Murder on Olympus
by Ray Hodson, Dave Collis
Zeus is dead. You don't know who did it or how they committed the atrocity, but you do know it has left a huge power vacuum on Mount Olympus. Hestia has summoned you all to Olympus so that you might elect a new king of the gods and aid her in uncovering Zeus' murderer.

Nakitomi Plaza
by Hanbury Hampden-Turner
Action-film heroes in the face of disaster, light hearted but with some darker themes.

Omega Expedition
by Brian Williams
It was meant to be a simple scientific expedition to Antarctica. Then something went wrong, the storm came in and you had to hunker down. Now the storm has cleared and you need to summon your rescuers. But something happened during the blizzard...

One God to Rule Them All
by Fridrik Jonsson and Solrun Gunnarsdottir
The gods of Valympus scattered ages ago due to various family quarrels, living each in their separate corners of the world with very little communication. But now a new god has arrived on their turf, and he is stealing their followers fast.

The Valympus gods have realised that when they are scattered their powers are very limited. They cannot defeat the new god without uniting. And that means they must elect a new leader …

by .
Come and do an hour or so on Ops, you get to meet lots of people, run the random cake generator (full instructions given) and in the event of an emergency depressurisation you get to choose who gets the oxygen masks

Queen of Denial
by Nickey Barnard and Mo Holkar
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, and Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, is uneasier than most. Rival suitors, envious foreign powers, a dead husband/brother, crafty slaves, a shortage of asses' milk, and to cap it all her infant son's gone missing. How will she cope? Find out in Queen of Denial, where Shakespeare meets the Carry On team, and things are likely to go from bad to very much worse…

Saga of the Lost
by Nick Curd, Alex Jones, Alli Mawhinney, Tony Mitton, Mike Snowden & Traci Whitehead
12 Norse set off five nights ago from Nidaros on the Viking longship Reinen under command of Harkan the Reckless. The aim to raid helpless monasteries on the west coast of Ireland and steal their livestock and gold. Last night an almighty storm hit and the Norse are just venturing out of the hull for the first time…

The Baby Club
by Mo Holkar, James Harper, David Owen
Warning: this larp is about characters who are dealing with childlessness. Please only click through if you're sure you'll be comfortable with reading about that.

The Living Embers
by Karolina Soltys, Patrik Balint, Laura Wood, David Owen
A dysfunctional family, a surreal house. The family can stay together only if the family members throw their individuality into into the hearth. The house will burn. Or has it already?

The Markov Solution
by Tony Mitton and Andrew Smith

A year after the War, thousands of unregistered light freighters ply their trade on the edges of controlled space. Scorpio is just one such craft, taking a few passengers and various small cargo loads from Bethesda to Cordoba. A small celebration is expected during the run, but this aside it’s just another routine trip; just another pay-day.

The Teapot Travesty
by Claire Ryder and Heather Law
A light-hearted game of murder, intrigue, tea and politics in supernatural Steampunk Victorian London.

by Alli & Ric Mawhinney, Rich Perry, Ben Allen
The war has been going on for a while and the enemy have made inroads on conquering the homeworld. Times are desperate and a push is due soon for the glory of the Emperor.

Villains Anonymous
by Dave Cartwright, Jenni Wildman
The Villains of Fable and Myth have been called upon to answer for their crimes, to address their failings and make good for their bad deeds... by attending Court Ordered Therapy.

Will That Be All?
by Graham Walmsley
In the last years of a country house, the servants gather for New Year's Eve. We meet them three times, in 1928, 1931 and 1935, in a story about love, war and the end of an era.

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