"Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by the day." (C. G. Jung)

Mythic Consequences, November 21–24, 2019, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Mythic Consequences starts in 209 days, 15 hours and 52 minutes!

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21st Century Fake News
by Malcolm Campbell and Mo Holkar
Much to the surprise of The Party and The Opposition, a new President with no political experience has been elected. They’re a celebrity who campaigned on populist ideas – nominally as a member of The Party, although The President’s policies aren’t always well aligned, or even consistent. But through The President, The Party is in power, and they’d like to stay that way. The characters are The President’s spin team, working hard to make the government acceptable to the people by putting a favourable take on a succession of news stories.

A Cosmic Class Reunion
by Diana Ostrat
In the middle of chaos, dystopia and more planets and alien species than the Universe could, indeed, hold, there is this one planet, one school and one class with a bunch of awesometastic individuals. One day, they graduate. They are young, they dream and hope. The Universe is their cherry to pop. They swear that no matter what, but in every ten years, they will come together and have one hell of a reunion. And so it shall be..

by Nickey Barnard
In a dark future, a galaxy riven by interstellar war must find a means to rebuild. Will the existing totalitarian regime find a way to remain in power? Or are the rebel forces strong enough to prevail? One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter, after all - which side will you be on? Or are you just happy enough to pillage the corpses? Set in a Blake's 7 alternative universe.

Arsenic & Lies
by Karolina Soltys
It is 31 December 1919 and the party at Weatherby Manor is in full swing. The guests exchange furtive whispers of intrigue, blackmail and forbidden love. At midnight, a glass of poisoned champagne shatters, dropped from a dying hand. The family has to find – or frame – the killer before the police start looking too closely into their secrets.

Bon Appétit
by Kol Ford
A high class post apocalyptic dining experience about diplomacy, society and cannibalism. Players take on the roles of the directors of the Hotel Excelsior as they prepare to vote on Hotel Policy for the upcoming winter.

Born This Way
by Rei England
Six young LGBT+ people arrive at university and meet for the first time. Their lives and relationships will be shaped and explored by the players over a thirty year period. A participant created freeform about the evolution of queer friendships and identities over time.

Bottom of the Garden
by Ben Llewellyn
Comic freeform set in Fairyland gone emo. Fairyland is worse, the world is worse, and it's all your fault. So saith the angel that appeared while you were listening to headbanging music and thrashing around at your last fairy revel. It's up to YOU to fix it!

Fallen Stars
by Vilde Herning, Nils Hiorth, Magnar Grønvik Müller, Martin Nielsen and Linn Eik Pilskog
Fallen Stars is a game about old things, once beloved by their owners, but now discarded and no longer cared for. As they languish at a flea market, the items dream back to their glory days, and hope to find new lives with new owners. They also worry about the uncertain future of those whom buyers will not rescue.

Grandma’s Resting Place
by Quinn D, Kathleen De Smet, Katie Giacomini, Eva Schiffer, and Gaylord Tang
It’s been three years since Grandma Dot’s cancer diagnosis, and the last two annual family beach parties have been centered on her long—and happy—goodbyes. Now she’s passed away in a hospital far from home. Rather than turn her body over to the usual pipeline of hospital to funeral home to cemetery, the family took it and drove off in their RV to take her home and decide what to do.

It's Everybody's War
by Michela Aschan, Natalie Curd, Kevin Jacklin, Heidi Kaye, Sue Lee, Alison Rider-Hill,
September 1940, the village hall in Cropstone, Leicestershire. In the midst of the Blitz, England endures. The Ministry of Information Film Unit has sent a cast and crew to the heart of the countryside to make a wartime propaganda movie to keep up people’s spirits on the home front. Even in this quiet corner of England, we are all very much aware that no one is untouched by the current crisis, because It’s Everybody’s War.

Love Letter: The Crusade
by Elyssia McCormick, Richard Perry, Steve Hatherley, Graham Arnold
Love Letter: The Crusade Similar in style, but altogether different to the original Love Letter game, the players find themselves in the summer of 1190. The locally cherished May Day festivities have recently come and gone. King Richard has called a Crusade, and the goodly noblemen of Watling shall answer the call. With what promises to be a lengthy separation, friends and beloveds may have only their written missives and final moments to say all that must be said.

by Dave C
When the Fire came our grandparents ran back to the darkness beneath Kolvir. Hidden safe under the mountain the Mus survived. Our land now bound on one side by the limitless lake of salt water that ebbs and surges and the ever- burning wall on the other behind which we can see the rubble that blocks the stair. Our lands are now always in semi-darkness beneath the mountain.

Now two generations on Mus must look to stretch their paws and expand their domain lest they run out of food and turn dark like the Weasels of the North or the Shrews of deep Arden forest. Time then to explore and once more be brave. Perhaps those that didn't flee to beneath the mountain have prospered in the burning world outside. Tales of Gerard Great Thews and Finndo Bad Bones run amongst the younger Mus and some have whispered that Alfhidr Twice Cursed may have shucked her bad luck and once more stand as a proud member of the guard in some foreign land.

Decisions have to be made, and Mus have to be saved.

New Life
by Laura Wood, Ruth Trenery-Leach ( with additional input from Maria Makarova and Jonathan Goldsmith)
The larp aims to portray a realistic view of becoming a first time mother. It explores the difficulties and challenges of adapting to the responsibilities of parenthood, as well of the joys. Players will play first time mothers who become friends, and the larp follows their life journeys over the next 5 years. How will their lives change?

One Night in the Wires
by Ray Hodson and Matt Freeman
Mx Johnson will see you now. They have the creds if you have the skills. You are runners, a group of disparate people trying to scratch out a living in a dangerous world filled with tech and magic. Set in a universe very similar to Shadowrun.

Reading Between the Lines
by Cat Tobin and Mo Holkar
It's World Book Night at Casterham branch library, and there's a gala party. Locals and dignitaries are celebrating the joy of reading: although some are uneasily aware that the future of the library itself hangs in the balance.
Meanwhile, in the fabled Booklands, beloved characters have been weakening, thinning, even dissipating out of existence. What's causing this curse? And why does stopping it depend upon the events of tonight in one small, impoverished branch library?

Sins of the Others
by Alex Helm
After a bitter galactic-wide civil war against the forces of the Revolution, the victorious Terran Empire's flagship is returning to Earth with a collection of prisoners of war and political captives.

by Nina Runa Essendrop
Strangers is an abstract, non-verbal larp which uses physical methods such as sign language and simple movement routines to create two cultures and the feeling of belonging or not belonging to these. It aims to explore the situation of refugees trying to fit in to a different culture, and the reactions among the people who they try to fit in amongst.

The Cabalistic Conclave of Carnage.
by Chris Robinson
The World Monster Association (WMA) have convened for their annual general meeting, let’s just hope it goes better than last year! Almost everyone agrees that new members are needed, but are these new ‘movie monsters’ really the best candidates? This year’s proposed new members are Chucky the Possessed Doll and, erm, Robert the Psychokinetic Tyre?

The Story of Tonight
by Jamey Patten
A scene-framing larp inspired by the musical 'Hamilton' and following the intertwined lives of Alexander Hamilton, Marquis de Lafayette, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan and Elizabeth Schuyler.

Winter Fayre
by Vicky Harris (Bettelheim) and Mike Nudd
A Mid Winter Fayre in 15th Century England. A group of villages are gathering at the local Duke's lands for the bi-annual Fayre. Which village will gain the highest status this time? But unfortunately there is a cloud hovering over the Fayre as it is rumoured that the girl who won the prettiest contest at the last one died within a week......

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