"Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by the day." (C. G. Jung)

Mythic Consequences, November 21–24, 2019, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Mythic Consequences starts in 209 days, 15 hours and 37 minutes!

A Cosmic Class Reunion

In the middle of chaos, dystopia and more planets and alien species than the Universe could, indeed, hold, there is this one planet, one school and one class with a bunch of awesometastic individuals. One day, they graduate. They are young, they dream and hope. The Universe is their cherry to pop. They swear that no matter what, but in every ten years, they will come together and have one hell of a reunion.

And so it shall be..

...the reunion that has survived a nuclear explosion, birth of a new Black Hole and the annihilation of three planets. The reunion which is held on a neutral territory, with weapons put aside and arguments solved fencing with cocktail glasses and shouting at everybody or getting so wasted that all conflicts, political or otherwise, one's own or that of others, is forgotten.

Author(s):Diana Ostrat
Game EMail:mithgariel AT gmail DOT com
Malcolm "Calum" Campbell   
Diana "Die" Ostrat   
Lead GM:Diana Ostrat
Information for Players:All genders, sexual preferences, belief systems etc much welcome, we will speak of possible triggers during the workshop and work out the themes we want to involve and do NOT want to involve depending on the group. There will be little to no written materials and some writing ( a short role), but this can be altered to recording your ideas with, say, a phone and having the other person listen to it. I will also read out all the written materials that might become important. This game is very newbie friendly. There is no combat (except some mock-fight perhaps, but we will also speak of that during the workshop) and the rules are super light (pretty much just some agreements we make before the game).

You will create a character and develop them through several scenes and many in-game years; expect many changes in both the character and their relations with others

Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 8 / Max: 25
Total Players: Min: 8 / Max: 25

Campbell, Malcolm

I've been playing and running freeform games since the '90s, mostly with groups of friends, and friends-of-friends, in old historical buildings from the Scottish Highlands to a Palladio Villa in Italy. I like trying new things, both as a player and a game writer. And I like meeting new people too. Just as well, as I've never been to Consequences before, and know almost no-one. So, that'll be me hooked, then.

Ostrat, Diana

English Major from Estonia, wannabe novelist and photographer who used to do theatre and a couple of films before getting forever hooked by LARP. Been running different games for 14 years now, but still quite new to the international scene. Love fantasy and drama, Russian rock music, hugging, my friends and above all, my cat.