"You have to put yourself in a position to be lucky." (Roelof Botha)

Lucky Consequences, November 22–26, 2018, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset
Lucky Consequences starts in 9 days, 12 hours and 29 minutes!

Winning the Peace

You are part of a small group from a Casualty Clearing Station outside Mons, who are on your way back to England following the Armistice. What will England in peace time bring for each of you? Having won the War, will you be able to win the peace? Outside the train the flu epidemic rages, and social change cannot be stopped with the recent announcement of female suffrage.

Author(s):Alison Rider Hill, Heidi Kaye, Michele Minett, Ben Allan, Kevin Jacklin
Game EMail:ibarhis AT gmail DOT com
Heidi Kaye   
Alison Rider Hill   
Lead GM:Alison Rider-Hill
Organization:Peaky Games
Game System:No system
Information for Players:Costuming, for the period Character sheets 4-6 pp Health & safety shouldn't be an issue
Male Players:Min: 6 / Max: 6
Female Players:Min: 4 / Max: 4
Neutral Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Total Players: Min: 10 / Max: 10
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Kaye, Heidi

Generally found on the sofa with a laptop into the wee hours, you are addicted to freeforms and board gaming. Having started on a whim as a last-minute player in Home of the Bold at Convulsion in 1992, your obsession has grown and grown. Beginning by playing freeforms at cons and the occasional game of Settlers of Catan at home, you swiftly moved on to writing, running and playing freeforms at every opportunity and owning a large collection of board games, playing them both in real life and online. As Comfy Chair of Peaky Games, you conduct an annual Spanish Inquisition as to whos working on which freeforms to prepare them for publication, in your mania to spread your passion for freeforming to the whole world.

Your abilities are: existing on little sleep, writing your cats into your games and carrying a big stick.

Your Heart Ability (usable by your True Love) is multi-tasking.

Your goals are: find the six-fingered man who killed your father, the one-armed man who killed your brother's wife and the woman in white who escaped from the asylum. And maybe find some romance on the way....

Rider Hill, Alison

Alison lost count years ago of the number of games she has played; has co- organised some cons; co-written a few games (including Burning Orchard which is running this year), and is responsible for Sinews of Peace and its predecessor, Dulce et Decorum Est which is also running this year.

She may also have written to you about your accommodation here at Consequences.

Alison doesn't often bite so please say hello if you encounter her particularly if you haven't met her in the flesh before.