"The imaginary world has always been the most fun place for me to be." (Clare Forlani)

Imaginary Consequences, November 19–22, 2015, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

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by Mik Reed
12Light30 is a game about the people who make the decisions. The Agency has a black ops mission and you play the politicians and military personnel tasked with choosing how the mercenaries on planet proceed, while pursuing your own secret agendas.

by Graham Charles, Natalie Curd, Nick Curd and Tony Mitton
A year after a tragic fire, you and your friends meet up to commemorate those you lost, and face the horror of what happened. Perhaps you will even set things right.

8 x 40
by Graham Walmsley
You are in a shipping container, with seven strangers. Where are you going? What are the noises outside? What do you do now?

An Ecumenical Matter
by Nickey Barnard, Matt Bull, Philippa Bull, Mike Grace and Steve Hatherley
There are rumblings in the little diocese of Peaky-in-the-Sea, and it's not the Battenberg. With the recent tragic demise of Father Francis, the Archbishop Corleone visiting, and the various ecumenical disagreements between the local priests and nuns, will anyone be able to get a nice cup of tea? (A Father Ted inspired freeform)

Antarctic Station 13
by Rich Perry & Alli Mawhinney
Deep in the frozen Antarctica lies Station 13. Over the six months of winter AS13 is cut off from the outside world. The bored researchers argue about D&D and who took who's whatever. But this morning disaster struck. Two are injured, one dead. What has happened? Help is on its way. But how will the tired, tense crew deal with it. Who is to blame?

Behind The Chalet
by Chris Jensen Romer
When FBI Special Investigators Tell & Marian of the X Files section investigate the disappearance of a child at a British seaside holiday camp they find themselves immersed in a world that is grotesque, bizarre and quintessentially English. Can they trust their allies, and what is the meaning of the strange lights seen in the sky, and sinister piping music heard echoing from the woods?

Burning Orchid
by Ben Allen, Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Heidi Kaye and Alison Rider Hill
Steaming rows, hidden passions, and bitter regret are on the menu for the evening at this wrap party for a 1932 Hollywood movie set in the depths of the Guatemalan Jungle.

An intensely character-focused, traditional 3-hour freeform with adult themes.

Come Hel or Hiawatha
by Nickey Barnard, Tym Norris, Mike Snowden and Janet Young
Vikings have made their way over the seas to the west and discovered Vinland. But Vinland already has its own native peoples - tensions and feuds abound, but there is also the tantalising possibility of peace here at the final Pow-Wow.

Critical Path
by Amanda Brown, Jill Krynicki Dutcher, James Silverstein, Brandon Brylawski, Doug Freedman
Critical Path is a game of intense, interpersonal drama and shifting perspectives set aboard a prototype starship on its maiden voyage. Note: This game contains mature, angst-ridden themes.

Eternal War: Conclave
by Alli Mawhinney & Ric Mawhinney
The Archangels and the Prime Fallen have started to contemplate the unthinkable, that the War in Heaven could end. A conclave has been called, the Arbitrator will oversee it, and representatives from both sides will try to come up with a peace treaty that all could agree to.

Flight of the Acerbus Terminus
by Daniel Taylor, Claire Ryder
The world is doomed. Heretics have overrun one of the Empire's most productive planets. To contain the threat, the cruiser Acerbus Terminus will bombard the surface into rubble before departing. One last shuttle carries the planet's most senior officials, and surviving troops, clear of the destruction to come. They've survived the death of their world. But can they survive the journey?

A light-hearted freeform in the Warhammer 40k setting. No setting knowledge required.

by Mo Holkar, Traci Whitehead
Set in the side show of a travelling fair. Wall of Death and fairground boxing. Acrobats and tattooed ladies. All human life is here and you're a part of it. This is where you've made your home, this is how you make your living. Explore what it means to be an insider in a world of outsiders.

Goldilocks, Frocks and Two Stinking Barrels
by Marc Blumberg, Sue Lee, James Silverstein, Anita Szostak
King Edward of England was recently killed in the Hundred Year’s War of the Roses between England & France. His son and heir Prince Charming has returned victorious from the war, with money, hostages and glory to be crowned King and the populace are gathered for his coronation and the accompanying tourney. His stepmother the Queen, who has acted as regent for the years of the war, is scheduled to hand over the reins this evening.

Hello, You Must Be...
by Brian Williams
"Hello, You Must Be..." is an eight-player game where the players are cast in pairs. It's character-driven, intense, funny and touches on diverse subjects such as suicide, identity, friendship and the moral consequences of choices. It asks questions about good vs evil, order vs chaos, security vs freedom.

I Say A Little Prayer
by Tor Kjetil Edland
I Say a Little Prayer follows the lives of 5 young gay men during the early years of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. We play out the story of how their friendship and their romantic and sexual relationships evolve over the course of several years in a community hard hit by the epidemic.

Jury Duty
by Fiona Lloyd
Have you ever thought, after an argument that you wish you had said something you didn’t say at the time? Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had done something differently? Have you ever wished you could have stopped someone doing or saying something? Imagine if you could go back thirty seconds and change one thing?

Keep it in the Family
by Mo Holkar
All families have secrets. Some families are very good at keeping them… But when one comes out, others may follow. What will happen when you’re dragged out into the light? Will you Keep it in the Family?
This is a tightly-structured and emotionally-intense larp set in the contemporary real world. It’s about family secrets and the tensions that they put upon relationships. Will contain angst!

LARPers Anonymous
by Mik Reed, Margaret Simkins, Drew Novick, David Cave
LARPers Anonymous is a LARP by LARPers for LARPers about LARPers. It is also about life beyond the LARP in all its complexities, including failed relationships, life altering changes, friendship, family, and coping with dying.

Love Letter
by Natalie Curd,Roger Gammans,Eylssia Mccormick, Richard Perry
A game of love won , lost and squandered set against the background of WW2. Six couples gather and explore their evolving relationship during the war. This is a episodic game, with 3 episodes stretching across the War.

Mars Attracts
by Graham Arnold, Kath Banks, Steve Hatherley, Mo Holkar, Graham Walmsley
"Mars Needs You" Are you ready to take the next giant leap for mankind? the Mars Mission is looking for Colonists to make the Red Planet their home. Have you got what it takes? This is a Nordic Romance Game

Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair
by Graham Arnold, Nickey Barnard, Jon Cloutman-Green, Dream Cloutman-Green, Clare Gardner,Sue Lee
It's December 24th 1933 and tonight is the traditional Christmas Eve party which has been hosted by the Asquith-Jones family of Cerne Abbas, Dorset for at least three generations. Their next door neighbour and guest Theodore St- John Smythe had the audacity to die last night and it's thrown the seating arrangements for dinner right out.

by Dave C
We live in the ruins of Titans. We found our way through the burning chamber along the dark path and up the Great stair. We are the Mus, we are the people of this land. To the north the Weasels of Garnath hold sway, to the south the Otters of Rebma lay claim to the beaches and shorelines, to the east the old things in the Wild wood of Arden deep run amok. Finally to the west, there is the sea to where the sun dies and nothing lives.

We hold the walls against the things that fly in the dark and those that stalk in the day. Our towns and villages number a double dozen or so and we must hold or be destroyed. The Músnihtweard are our finest, our best, they are those who guard the mice. In early Spring we sent three patrols out to find truths, to find things, to find… to find hope. Unless something changes, we cannot hold, we cannot last, we will die. One of those patrols must have brought something back, something to save us all.

Last night the beacon fire at Jones’ Falls went up and then a second signal was lit and finally a third. The patrols had returned and yet none had come along the Long Path and through the walls. What stops them returning to us? What stops them bringing hope?

by Alex Helm, Rich Wood
In the heart of an infinite dark forest, there is a city of darkness; a city of bones where the dead outnumber the living. Night rules eternal here and the people live in fear of what might exist beyond the boundary of the city walls. Yet their safety from the shadow is under threat. A mysterious evil stalks the forest, and its incursions into the city have become ever more frequent. The people gather and call for action, but is anyone or anything listening?

by .
Come and do an hour or so on Ops, you get to meet lots of people, run the random cake generator (full instructions given) and in the event of an emergency depressurisation you get to choose who gets the oxygen masks

Pearls Before Swine
by Mel Harper, Mo Holkar, Graham Harper
Travel with us to the mysterious East, and explore the lands of crouching tigers and hidden dragons, towering skyscrapers, honourable warriors, bloody inter-clan rivalries and inscrutable elderly gentlemen. Some seek money; some seek fame; some seek power and still others struggle for the chance to lead a peaceful life in harmony with the elements. But all have heard of the Pearl of Heavenly Peace, and its sudden disappearance has thrown the city into chaos...

Railways & Respectability
by N Barnard, P Dall, J Elsmore, S Hatherley, S Lee, T Mitton, D Oddy, M Snowden, J Winnard. Rewritten by AJ Smith, S Lee, J Winter
Lady Sybil Ffolkes-Porter is hosting a dance in honour of the Prince Regent's birthday. Present are a number of eligible young ladies and potential suitors, including rail barons, politicians and the landed gentry. There should be ample opportunity to discuss both Romance and Railways.

Saga of the Lost
by Nick Curd, Alex Jones, Alli Mawhinney, Tony Mitton, Mike Snowden & Traci Whitehead
13 Norse set off five nights ago from Nidaros on the Viking longship Reinen under command of Harkan the Reckless. The aim to raid helpless monasteries on the west coast of Ireland and steal their livestock and gold. Last night an almighty storm hit and the Norse are just venturing out of the hull for the first time…

Sinews of Peace
by Alison Rider Hill
Set ten years after Dulce et Decorum Est, Sinews of Peace explores what the intervening years have cost the family and friends of the recently deceased Earl of Linslade. There are new characters and old - you don't need to have played Dulce et Decorum Est to play Sinews of Peace.

Small World
by Martin L Jones
It's a Small World...

Two million five hundred thousand tonnes of gently spinning rock and ice... all alone in the night. Sounds a lot... but really it's not – a freezing rock less than two hundred meters in its longest dimension, it's barely big enough to snug alongside to mask your mass profile from the Feds.

An old League listening post reworked into a smuggler's den, it's a pretty spartan bolt-hole – and it's not even your bolt-hole. But word is that 'Mack the Spanner' went out last month in a blaze of glory... or at least a rapidly expanding ball of gas and wreckage. So he's not about to argue ownership.

The Annual Assizes at Ankori\'is
by Su Jolly, Tym Norris, Heather Law, Michele Minett, Daniel Taylor
All is fair at the Annual Assizes! This is a land of strange vistas, ruined marvels, crafty swindles, preposterous claims, heated protests, strange customs, weird magic, exotic viands, and above all foppish apparel, where every citizen worthy of respect sports a flamboyant hat.

A game set in the world of Jack Vance's Dying Earth. Familiarity with the Dying Earth tales is by no means essential.

The Constanta Blockade
by Tony Mitton & AJ Smith

Seven years after the war the Federation’s grip on the once-rebellious Outer Worlds ratchets ever tighter. But the Second Fleet’s sudden, total blockade of Constanta Station is unprecedented. What is it about the station or its current occupants that could be so vital?

The Dying of the Light
by Nickey Barnard, Tym Norris, Ray Hodson, Richard Evans, Mike Snowden, Alli Mawhinney
The earth is teetering on the brink of ecological disaster and only the corporations who de facto rule the world are able to do anything to save it. But in this high powered atmosphere of shifting allegiances, AIs, clones, cults, pleasure houses and ruthless mercenaries, is the fate of the world an important enough reason to be able to work together?

The Night Before Agincourt
by Ray Hodson, Ben Harvey
It's October 24th, 1415 and Henry V and his army has been marching for days, trying to escape the French. At Agincourt, they look in fear at the assembled French host that they will have to fight to get home.

What happened during the night before one of the greatest battles of the Hundred Years War?

The Prime Directive
by Rei Hampden-Turner
Your presence is required for a Starfleet Court Martial of a Starship crew. Together, the witnesses and their questioners will use collaborative storytelling techniques to reconstruct the events that led them here What happened on the planet? Who violated the prime directive? Was there a mutiny? Where are the missing scientists? Or did something else happen entirely?

by Joanna Piancastelli
You were superheroes, the saviours of Herotopia, though you don’t remember it. The whole world was changed, and the history that you used to know no longer exists, and never existed. But it’s trying to reassert itself. What happened to the world? And what happens if history comes back?

Will That Be All?
by Graham Walmsley
In the last years of a country house, the servants gather for dinner. We meet them three times, in 1928, 1931 and 1935, as their feelings for each other grow and change.

Women on the Verge...
by Mo Holkar
Six young women arrive at university and meet for the first time. Their lives and relationships will be shaped and explored by the players over a thirty year period. A Nordic style participant created freeform about the evolution of female friendships over time.

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