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Imaginary Consequences, November 19–22, 2015, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

Railways & Respectability

London, 18XX "I have seen the future and it is the railways!"

It is the Prince Regent's Birthday, and celebrations are underway. In honour of the Royal event, Lady Sybil Ffolkes-Porter is hosting a dance at her extensive London home.

It is clear to everyone that railways are the future. Parliament has declared that new routes are needed between London and Bristol, and London and Brighton.

The party gives a chance for interested parties to assemble, and offers an excellent opportunity to discuss the building of Railways across the English countryside. However some members of Society consider Romance and Respectability to be considerably more important.

Present at the dance are a number of eligible young ladies and potential suitors. Lady Sybil is hoping that the evening will result in a number of satisfactory "understandings". There should be ample opportunity for discussing both Romance and Railways.

This game includes (simple) dancing, which will be taught at the start of the game. Actual dancing is not obligatory – there is a “non-physical alternative” – but the dances (a.k.a. “unchaperoned opportunities”) are integral to the game.

Original Peaky versions: N Barnard, P Dall, J Elsmore, S Hatherley, S Lee, T Mitton, D Oddy, M Snowden, J Winnard. Rewritten by AJ Smith, S Lee & J Winter.

Author(s):N Barnard, P Dall, J Elsmore, S Hatherley, S Lee, T Mitton, D Oddy, M Snowden, J Winnard. Rewritten by AJ Smith, S Lee, J Winter
Game EMail:ajathome AT supanet DOT com
Sue "Queenortart" L    queenortart AT gmail DOT com
Tony Mitton    tony AT tonymitton DOT com
Alison Rider Hill    ibarhis AT gmail DOT com
Andrew "AJ" Smith    ajathome AT supanet DOT com
Lead GM:AJ Smith
Game System:N/A
Information for Players:Although the dancing is integrated into the game, there are "non-physical" alternatives (e.g. so X and Y are considered to be dancing together, without either actually needing to stand up).
Male Players:Min: 18 / Max: 18
Female Players:Min: 13 / Max: 13
Neutral Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Total Players: Min: 31 / Max: 31

L, Sue

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Mitton, Tony

Rider Hill, Alison

Alison lost count years ago of the number of games she has played; has co- organised some cons; co-written a few games (including Burning Orchard which is running this year), and is responsible for Sinews of Peace and its predecessor, Dulce et Decorum Est...

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Smith, Andrew

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