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Imaginary Consequences, November 19–22, 2015, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

The Prime Directive

Your presence is required for the Starfleet Court Martial of a Starship crew. Together, the witnesses will reconstruct the events that led them here, with prompting from the questioners.

What happened on the planet? Who violated the prime directive? Was there a mutiny? Where are the missing scientists? Or did something else happen entirely?

This is an improvised game which uses collaborative storytelling techniques to tell a story of the conflicts experienced by a Star Trek crew on a mission. The tone is not intended to be too ‘dark’; think of a typical Star Trek episode. The theme is that of conflicting ideals and cultures, and the dilemmas that can arise from the clash of different yet valid points of view.

The game uses a court martial scenario as a framework, and witnesses will need to defend their actions for the questioners as they make use of holodeck reconstructions of the events. Witnesses may remember some things differently; some may even be lying.

Author(s):Rei Hampden-Turner
Game EMail:solitude_saiyajin AT hotmail DOT com
Hanbury Hampden-Turner    hanbury DOT ht AT zen DOT co DOT uk
Rachael "Rei" Hampden-Turner    solitude_saiyajin AT hotmail DOT com
Lead GM:Rei Hampden-Turner
Game System:Story and characters created by players during play
Information for Players:Players should have a general familiarity with the notions of the Star Trek universe, although detailed knowledge is not required. The episode created by the players need not be related to the existing Star Trek timeline!

Unlike a standard UK freeform, players will create their own characters and interrelationships, in a workshop before the game proper starts. The workshop stage will be actively guided by the GMs.

This game essentially creates two different player experiences: the Questioners do something close to writing and GMing a game, while the Crew experience is more more similar to a standard LARP where they develop their own characters and react to events.

Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 9 / Max: 14
Total Players: Min: 9 / Max: 14

Hampden-Turner, Hanbury

Hanbury was born, at an early age, in California. He was stolen from a medical research laboratory to live in an earthquake zone, where he promptly developed an interest in entymology, rocketry, and positive thinking. He then moved to Europe, where he was carefully trained in riding, fencing, glass blowing, firearms, aerial navigation, the double bass, survival, and unarmed combat and began infiltrating the british aristocracy. Cunningly disguised as a TV celebrity, he has brought down six companies into bankruptcy or takeover, and continues his mission by posing as a writer of freeforms. He is believed to be partly responsible for at least six freeforms, and a number of rubbersword LARPs and tabletop games.

Hampden-Turner, Rachael

Rei was born in a vast industrial wasteland where the sky glowed burnt orange at night and the odd explosion rocked the nearby houses. Rei is descended on one side from a mysterious orphaned farm boy, which may explain the suspiciously hobbit-like traits, and on the other side from a fierce war veteran matriarch. Rei's early diet consisted almost entirely of books, and later years involved being inducted into a mysterious local group listed in the phone directory only as a satanic cult, where Rei learned to wage war and perform magic while hordes of people insisted on giving Rei expensive pieces of cardboard. Rei finally escaped, and ran away to spend the next few years in an ivory tower to study the workings of imaginary universes, thankfully well populated with books and fellow cult members. Rei now spends weekdays disguised as a mild-mannered insurance risk mathematician, and evenings and weekends learning how to fly, poledancing, climbing silks, studying whichever subject seems fascinating this month, making music, sailing, riding, diving, and occasionally hitting people with things, although sometimes Rei gets confused and turns up at work in silly costumes. Rei uses a time machine to fit in freeform writing into this busy schedule, which is the only explanation for the 5 theatre style LARPs, several combat LARPs, a couple of tabletops, and a number of play-by-e-mail games that Rei has nevertheless managed to churn out. Rei's concentration span is often ooh shiny.