"Often she felt as though she had been picked up and turned about like a kaleidoscope, that all her complacent assumptions had been shaken up and reassembled in a different order." (Judith Lennox)

Kaleidoscopic Consequences, November 23–27, 2017, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

Carry On Khemet

Sekhmet's gone on a murderous bender reducing humanity to a bloody smear. Ra’s embarrassed, Isis is vexed, and Set's…nose...is dripping. Time for a divine re-union to beat out how to remake mankind.

Fifteen gods and goddess will wrestle with their desires and each other to create a new Egypt using every last scheme, every last wile, every last phallus, and every last milky lettuce leaf to get their way. Carry On Khemet is a no-holds-barred, Egyptian gods sex farce where everyone will lend a hand and bang on until you can squeeze out just the right worshipper to tickle your fancy.

This game features explicit adult situations and sexual innuendo, heavily skewed to bawdy and “naughty”. This is a light silly game played straight for laughs in the vein of Carry On films. Intimate congress will be simulated with Christmas crackers, and phalli with very long balloons.

Note: Physical contact is not necessary to enjoy this LARP.

Author(s):Carol Johnson
Game EMail:anubisgrrl AT gmail DOT com
Mathew Freeman   
Carol Johnson   
Lead GM:Carol Johnson
Information for Players:This game features adult situations so over 18 only, please. Activity will include explicit language and simulated sexual activity among men and women, same sex partners, family members (parents and children, siblings, etc.) without judgment or shame--such things were natural in Egyptian mythology. No personal touching is necessary--all intimate congress is done via christmas crackers and phalli are simulated using long balloons. There will be loud popping sounds during the game. This game is appropriate for any level of experience and no prior knowledge of Egyptian mythology is needed. All players will be given the option to wear a GM-supplied headband with a paper Egyptian god head or symbol, though individual costuming is encouraged.
Male Players:Min: 5 / Max: 8
Female Players:Min: 4 / Max: 5
Neutral Players:Min: 1 / Max: 2
Total Players: Min: 10 / Max: 15
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Freeman, Mathew

Having attended Consequences for quite a few years now as a player, Matt has gone completely mad and is Assistant/Co-GMing multiple games. At some point he intends to actually play in something, but if all else fails can be found in the boardgames area encouraging yet more gaming.

Johnson, Carol

Carol Johnson has been tiptoeing through the tu-LARPs for nigh upon 25 years now. Theater-style is her métier, but the lure of experimental is now upon her (she has not answered it quite yet, but expects to soon). 1897 was her first weekend-long writing project, after that came Roswell Asylum, and re-writes for Cafe Casablanca and King's Musketeers, among others. A former member of Cruel Hoax, she has run many weekend and short LARPs, and played in many more. To pay the bills and because she can, she edits. The glamour is never ending.