"Often she felt as though she had been picked up and turned about like a kaleidoscope, that all her complacent assumptions had been shaken up and reassembled in a different order." (Judith Lennox)

Kaleidoscopic Consequences, November 23–27, 2017, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

Pirates of Skull Cove

The centre of pirate activity in the Sunset Isles is Skull Cove, the name for a natural bay surrounded by the high hills on Skull Island, a landmass situated in the centre of the Sunset archipelago. Skull Cove is also the name of a large town independent of any sovreign rule that sits at the heart of the bay, and which caters to every need of any pirate.

Piratical operations based in the Sunset Isles are highly successful because the greatest captains of the area have formed a guild dedicated to piracy, and have declared a compact of neutrality towards each other. The Sunset Isles Confederation also ensures that competition is stamped out, and that every acknowledged member is treated with some measure of respect. The organisation adheres to a Code, and is ruled and led by a Chief who is nominated by all the assembled captains, who has the final say on pirate law and any disputes that might arise from time to time (which is quite a lot of the time).

The pirates of the Confederation are coming together tonight to celebrate the retirement of Chief 'Black Tooth' Flannigan, who has decided to weigh anchor and cash in his share to live a life of luxury on a beach somewhere. Before he can retire however he must hand over his title to a successor, who will be chosen from the assembled captains by vote, following the tenets of the Code.

Of course, such a splendid gathering of pirates is a great excuse for debauchery, tale-telling, gambling and intrigue. Many of the captains and their crews have been at sea for months and are looking forward to their shore time. There are plenty of scores to settle and treasure to find.

(OOC: This is a very narrative heavy, rules-lite game that is going for tone over any historical accuracy. All characters are written gender-neutral with multiple goals, and will be cast on a best-fit basis according to a survey that will be sent in advance of the game. This is a race and gender blind alternate history)

Author(s):Mike Nudd
Game EMail:consequences AT darkness DOT org DOT uk
Mathew Freeman   
James Goodman   
Mike "mikelosaurus" Nudd   
Lead GM:Mike Nudd
Game System:Freeform/homebrew
Information for Players:Reading the character background prior to time-in will be mandatory, and necessary. Costuming notes: the usual pirate tropes, period dress is also good. Players may carry their own weapons, but their use will be predicated on written character ability. All conflict will be non-contact and will be resolved in a GM-moderated manner. Drinking of alcohol is welcomed, in moderation only. Obviously drunk players will be ejected from the game by the GMs prematurely.
Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 20 / Max: 20
Total Players: Min: 20 / Max: 20
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Freeman, Mathew

Having attended Consequences for quite a few years now as a player, Matt has gone completely mad and is Assistant/Co-GMing multiple games. At some point he intends to actually play in something, but if all else fails can be found in the boardgames area encouraging yet more gaming.

Goodman, James

First time at Consequences having finally succumbed to the sales pitch that the silver-tongued Matt Freeman has been plying me with for a while. First played in a LRP in 2002, was hooked, and then actually got round to writing one a few years later, with the current tally at ten, including co- authorships.

Otherwise, you'll find me board-gaming in any spare moments. (Well, or drinking, and to be entirely fair, probably both simultaneously.)

Nudd, Mike