"You have to put yourself in a position to be lucky." (Roelof Botha)

Lucky Consequences, November 22–26, 2018, Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset

Victoria Junction - all change please, all change!

Victoria Junction All change please, all change! A Question of Station

The sleepy junction station at Temple Normanton, where the privately owned Woodthorpe Junction Railway meets the North Midlands Railway, has become a hive of activity today as it prepares for the arrival of Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria.

Her Majesty is expected to have a meal at the Railway Hotel prepared by the celebrated chef Alphonso O'Brien before travelling on to lay the foundation stone at Duckmorton Hospital.

Hotel manager Henrietta Loverage is understood to be preparing for the Royal entourage to be accommodated overnight should they be delayed at the Hospital, supported by her outstanding concierge Archibald Albright.

Bernard Perks, Station Master, has spent hours preparing the station gardens for the visit. The floral display of the Royal Crest is particularly splendid.

The General Manager of the North Midlands Railway, Wilbert Vere, arrived this morning to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Local magistrate and landowner Lady Augusta Woodthorpe will greet Her Majesty and welcome her to Temple Normanton.

This is a horde game which will have 6 cast characters who will remain as the same characters throughout the game and then a horde group who will play roles for as little as 30 seconds to several minutes or so, as passengers, hotel guests, and assorted others, who give the railway and hotel staff a few problems to deal with!

This tends to be frenetic, and noisy but splendid fun.

Author(s):Nickey Barnard, Jerry Elsmore, Alex Jones, Sue Lee, Tym Norris, Mark Steedman
Game EMail:queenortart AT gmail DOT com
John "have dice" Amos   
Nickey Barnard   
Abi "AgiBear" Kirby   
Sue "queenortart" Lee   
Lead GM:Sue Lee
Game System:horde
Information for Players:Mild drug use, utter chaos. 6 people will get a character in advance, everyone else will have short paragraphs to read
Male Players:Min: 4 / Max: 4
Female Players:Min: 2 / Max: 2
Neutral Players:Min: 10 / Max: 15
Total Players: Min: 16 / Max: 21
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Amos, John

Have Dice/ The Nice Man/ The old coot in the corner - that's me. Consequences, Contingency and other Cons are what rocks my boat and I've always got time to talk to friends. Retired now, it doesn't seem possible where have the last 39 years gone. If you want tabletop I can usually find something to run, this year I will be trying to tempt any with 5th Edition DnD. We hope people sign up for this and enjoy our offering if you like it there will be more. Pre Gens available or we can create but it will take playing time away.

Barnard, Nickey

Played my first freeform 16 years ago and have been writing them ever since the Peaky writing weekend first began, which was... a while ago now. I like a nice solid traditional freeform but my fellow writers keep making me experiment against my will - they're tricksy like that :) I am neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring, but I do know that Vikings go with everything!

Kirby, Abi

Hugs are awesome, feel free to ask for a hug at any time.

I'm pretty new to writing/GMing games but I've been playing Freeforms since 2008 or so.

For me, coming to Consequences is like coming home. It's where my family are. It's one of the most welcoming, friendly and loving environments ever and is full of wonderful people.

Lee, Sue

Yeah I'll just run one game, this year or maybe two.... Oh of course I'll help you with yours Kate, I really loved playing it.... Oh people want another run of Critical Path, cool.... I spent a lot of money to get set up. What... we need another game on Friday am.....?
Yeah yeah I can run something else.

Alright Enough Already.